District Committee Sample Clauses

District Committee. When participating as a member of a building/District 109 committee, presentations made during working hours or to the Board of Education are a continuation of the work of the committee. Therefore, no pay or board credit will be given for such work. Re-certification credit for committee participation is earned through certificate issue.
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District Committee. A jointly appointed District Committee with a minimum of six members, co chaired by an Associa- tion and District representative, shall meet regularly to review class size and related issues.
District Committee. The Chair of the HMHA 22 District Committee This role will be appointed by the committee for a 2-year rotation and/or be shared by two co-Chairs who alternate chairing meetings. Chair/Co-Chair responsibilities include: • Leading the HMHA 22 District Committee and serving as its spokesperson or representative if and when required • Preparing agendas in consultation with the Secretariat • Chairing regular meetings of the HMHA District structure and ensuring effective and respectful deliberations • Writing correspondence and signing off on reports of the HMHA District Committee as and when required.
District Committee. If the concerns expressed through a Building Committee cannot be resolved at the building level, or if they transcend the building level, they shall be taken to the District Committee. The District Committee shall consist of the Superintendent, the Principals, and two (2) staff members to be elected by the Association of each of the buildings involved. The chairmanship shall alternate annually between the Association representatives and the Administrative representatives. The District Committee shall meet within ten
District Committee. The Board of Directors may appoint a District Committee consisting of the Local League President as chairman and two (2) other Directors. The Committee shall assist the District Administrator in interleague district functions including the selection of members of the District Administrator’s Advisory Committee and the selection of tournament sites and area tournament directors.
District Committee. The Association and the Board agree that the District Committee, which will be comprised of the Superintendent, an additional administrator, and four (4) Association representatives (one representative from each district building), will meet a minimum of two (2) times per school year to discuss topics such as staff development, workplace efficiency, and other relevant issues. This committee will function as a vehicle to facilitate action on any issues identified for change by both parties. Such meetings will occur on dates mutually agreed upon by the Association President and the Superintendent, but neither party is required to exceed four (4) such meetings per year.

Related to District Committee

  • Oversight Committee The Oversight Committee will resolve all issues arising out of the implementation of the wage structure and any unresolved issues arising out of the implementation committee review of the collective agreement and any other agreements between the parties. This committee will be comprised of two (2) senior level representatives from the Company and two (2) senior level representatives from the PWU. Should the Oversight Committee reach an impasse on an issue the matter may be remitted to mediation/arbitration using the same mediator/arbitrator as agreed to in Article 8.4.4.

  • The Joint Committee 1. A Joint Committee is hereby established in which each Contracting Party shall be represented.

  • Calendar Committee The District agrees to establish a joint calendar committee composed of an equal number of district representatives, association representatives and other stakeholder representatives appointed by their respective groups. The size of this Committee shall be determined by mutual agreement of all Parties. The purpose of this Committee shall be to develop a multi-year instructional master calendar which includes traditional and single-track year-round schedules, non-paid holidays and other non-paid days. This Committee shall present the calendar to the Board of Education one (1) year prior to its implementation.

  • Joint Committee 1. The Contracting Parties shall establish a Joint Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) with a view to accomplishing the objectives of this Agreement. The functions of the Committee shall be:

  • Committee The Hospital agrees to recognize a Negotiating Committee comprised of representatives of the Union for the purpose of negotiating a renewal agreement. The number of nurses on the Negotiating Committee is set out in the Appendix of Local Provisions. The Hospital agrees to pay members of the Negotiating Committee for time spent during regular working hours in negotiations with the Hospital for a renewal agreement up to, but not including, arbitration. Central Team In central bargaining between the Ontario Nurses' Association and the Participating Hospitals, a nurse serving on the Union's Central Negotiating Team shall be paid for time lost from the nurse's regularly scheduled straight time working hours at her or his regular rate of pay, and without loss of leave credits, for attending central negotiating meetings with the Hospitals' Central Negotiating Committee up to, but not including, arbitration. Central Negotiating Team members shall receive unpaid time off for the purpose of preparation for negotiations. The Union will advise the Hospitals concerned, as far in advance as possible, of the dates for which leave is being requested. Upon reference to arbitration, the Central Negotiating Team members shall receive unpaid time off for the purpose of attending arbitration hearings. Time spent on such meetings will not be considered leave under Article Leave for Union Business. The maximum number of Central Negotiating Team members entitled to payment under this provision shall be ten (IO), and in no case will more than one (1) full-time nurse and one (1) part-time nurse from a hospital be entitled to such payment. The Union shall advise the Hospitals' Central Negotiating Committee as far in advance as possible, of the names of the nurses to be paid under this provision. The Hospitals' Central Negotiating Committee will make such request known to the affected hospitals. For any unpaid leave of absence under this provision, a full-time nurse's salary and applicable benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital, and the Union agrees to reimburse the Hospital in the amount of the full cost of such salary. For any unpaid leave of absence under this provision, a part-time nurse's salary and percentage in lieu of fringe benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital, and the Union agrees to reimburse the Hospital in the amount of the full cost of such salary and percentage in lieu of fringe benefits. Part-time nurses will be credited with seniority and service for all such leave.

  • Benefits Committee As per LOA#10, a benefits committee comprised of the employee representatives and the employer representatives, including the Crown, shall convene upon request to address all matters that may arise in the operation of the OSSTF ELHT.

  • Union Committee The Union shall appoint and maintain a Committee comprising persons who are employees of the Employer, and/or the Senior Union Official, or her/his representative, which shall be known as the Union Committee. The Union at all times shall keep the Employer informed of the individual membership of the Committee.

  • LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 1. A Statewide Labor Management Committee consisting of not more than five (5) members selected by the VSEA from among bargaining units represented by VSEA and not more than five (5) members selected by the State shall meet periodically to discuss a mutually agreed agenda which may include methods of improving labor relations, productivity, safety, and health problems of a continuing nature, or other problems which have an impact on conditions of employment; provided, however, these sessions are not for the purpose of discussing pending grievances or for collective bargaining on any subject.

  • Development Committee As soon as practicable, the Parties will establish a joint development committee, comprised of up to [**] representatives of Verve and up to [**] representatives of Acuitas (the “JDC”). One such representative from each Party will be such Party’s Workplan Leader. Each Party may replace its Workplan Leader and other JDC representatives at any time upon written notice to the other Party, provided, however, that each Party shall use reasonable efforts to ensure continuity on the JDC. With the consent of the other Party (which will not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed), each Party may invite non-voting employees and consultants to attend JDC meetings, subject to their agreement to be bound to the same extent as a permitted subcontractor under Section 3.1(i).

  • LIAISON COMMITTEE 8.01 A Liaison Committee shall be established which shall meet on an informal basis at the call of any of the parties signatory hereto, to discuss matters of mutual interest pertaining to the Project and/or this Agreement, with the objective of promoting and maintaining beneficial relations and cooperation between the parties, and of ensuring the achievement of the purposes of this Agreement. The Liaison will meet at least twice per year.

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