Labor-management committee definition

Labor-management committee means any existing or newly created labor-management committee, which meets the following criteria:
Labor-management committee. This section creates an open communication procedure for the purpose of mutual problem-solving, planning and initiating discussions regarding matters of general concern to employees of the Sheriff’s Office as opposed to grievances. It is understood that any matter which has been made the subject of a formal grievance under the terms of this Labor Agreement shall be excluded from consideration by the labor-management committee under this procedure. It is further understood that the work of the parties under this communications procedure shall in no way add to, subtract from, alter or amend the labor agreement unless reduced to writing and mutually agreed to by the parties. Either the Association or the County may initiate discussions on subjects of a general nature affecting the employees of the Sheriff’s Office. The coordinators of the communication procedure will be the Association President (or his designee) and the Sheriff (or his designee). The make-up of the committee and a written agenda shall be determined at the time the parties agree to initiate discussions regarding a particular subject or matter. One Association representative shall be considered on-duty during these meetings and shall not lose time or pay and benefits for time spent in these meetings.
Labor-management committee. The parties shall form a Labor Management Committee (“LMC”) which shall not exceed three (3) representatives from each party. Each party shall select its representatives. The Committee shall meet at the request of either party, with additional meetings scheduled if necessary. Both parties shall submit its agenda to the Superintendent at least three (3) calendar days prior to the meeting. The meeting shall be chaired on an alternating basis, with the Union chairing the first meeting. The meetings shall be held at the Administrative Offices. The meetings shall not exceed two (2) hours and shall deal only with subjects pertaining to the concerns that either party may have relative to overall operations of the School District. Generally, issues affecting the employees should be addressed at the lowest level in order to avoid unnecessary escalation of a concern. The LMC is not intended to serve as a substitute for negotiations and any issue that involves wages, hours, or other terms or conditions of employment or the modification of the terms of this Agreement shall be referred to the negotiating teams at the time of negotiations.

Examples of Labor-management committee in a sentence

  • Implementation of such pilot programs is subject to the review and approval of the Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health Plans.

  • However, actuarial reductions in the level of HMO coverages effective during the term of this Agreement, including increases in copayments, require approval of the Joint Labor/Management Committee on Health Plans.

  • The Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health Plans shall develop a program which provides incentives for employees who participate in a health promotion program.

  • Coverage offered through health maintenance organization plans is subject to change during the life of this Agreement upon action of the health maintenance organization and approval of the Employer after consultation with the Joint Labor/Management Committee on Health Plans.

  • There shall be a Labor/Management Committee concerning the safety of State Buildings.

  • The Union may raise issues and concerns about the University’s parking program at Joint Labor/Management Committee meetings or at ad hoc Labor Management Committee meetings.

  • The parties agree to establish a Labor-Management Committee to consult on personnel practices.

  • The State Employee Health Commission may also conduct the work of the Labor/Management Committee for Employee Assistance Program.

  • If no agreement is reached within five (5) working days, the Employer and the Joint Labor/Management Committee on behalf of all of the exclusive representatives shall submit a list of providers/provider groups in dispute to a mutually agreed upon neutral expert in health care delivery systems for final and binding resolution.

  • Labor/Management Committee meetings shall be conducted in good faith.

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Labor-management committee means a committee voluntarily
Labor-management committee. The Union and the Medical Center agree to the continuation of a Labor/Management Committee. This Committee shall consist of representatives from the Union (not to exceed ten (10) and representatives from the Medical Center (not to exceed ten (10)). The Committee shall meet up to twelve (12) times per year to discuss mutual problems and concerns to the Union and to the Medical Center. One (1) week prior to the scheduled meeting, the Union and Medical Center will submit an anticipated agenda to each other. Committee members will be afforded time, with no loss of pay, during their work day to attend such meetings, as approved by their manager and subject to staffing needs and patient care requirements. New legislation affecting members of the bargaining unit may be an agenda item presented by either party. • For each of the following committees, the Union may appoint up to six (6) members to participate in the activities of these committees (may be different individuals to each committee) and may request additional individuals to attend a meeting to discuss unit specific issues. Appointed members of these committees shall not suffer loss of pay for attendance and shall be paid regular pay for time attending committee meetings. o Safe Patient Handling Committee o Violence Prevention Committee o Blood Borne Pathogen Committee
Labor-management committee. During the 2014-2016 school years, the School District and Education Minnesota – OSSEO Nurses shall form a Labor-Management Committee to develop a performance review process for all employees, which will include developing applicable forms, appropriate lines of authority, and other relevant factors. The parties intend to utilize this performance review process no later than the 2016-2017 school year if the performance review system can be developed prior to the 2016-17 school year.
Labor-management committee. A committee of three (3) representatives of iy the union and three (3) representatives of the Employer shall be established for the purpose of studying and attempting to resolve union-industry problems \ as they occur. The committee shall meet for the purpose of setting up rules of procedure.

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