District Representative definition

District Representative means the Superintendent of the District, or any other person authorized by the Governing Board of the District to act on behalf of the District under or with respect to this Facilities Lease.
District Representative means Michelle Hamilton, Director of Purchasing, or her designee.
District Representative means the District’s Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance, or his/her designee, acting either directly or through properly authorized agents, such as agents acting within the scope of the particular duties entrusted to them. Also sometimes referred to as the “District’s Representative” or “Representative” in the Contract Documents.

Examples of District Representative in a sentence

  • District Representative: District shall identify a District Representative authorized to act on its behalf on all Project matters.

  • A Contract is not created until the Offer is accepted in writing by an authorized School District Representative of the Offer and Acceptance Form.

  • The Contractor shall not assign any right nor delegate any duty under this Contract without the prior written approval of the authorized School District Representative.

  • Protests shall be in writing and be filed with the District Representative.

  • Report: Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Representative Kelsey Page, LMCD UpdateE.

More Definitions of District Representative

District Representative means Choose an item. or such other person as the District may appoint in writing.
District Representative means a district employee or the governing board acting within the limits of the district representative’s authority. There may be more than one appointed for different purposes and different procurements.
District Representative means Director of Business Services, or his/her designee.
District Representative means the Superintendent, the Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer, the Clerk of the Board, or any other duly appointed officer of the District authorized by resolution of the Board to act as a representative of the District hereunder.
District Representative means the Chancellor of the District, the Deputy Chancellor, or any other person authorized by resolution of the Board to act on behalf of the District with respect to this Resolution and the Series D Bonds.
District Representative means a member of a school district staff or other agent authorized to serve as “District Representative” to execute and file an application with the Board on behalf of the district and/or act as liaison between the Board and the district.