Directions Sample Clauses

Directions. After a written notice of termination has been given under this Article IX, the Company may direct the Manager to undertake any actions necessary to transfer any aspect of the ownership or control of the assets of the Company to the Company or to any nominee of the Company and to do all other things necessary to bring the appointment of the Manager to an end, and the Manager shall comply with all such reasonable directions. In addition, the Manager shall, at the Company’s expense, deliver to any new manager or the Company any books or records held by the Manager under this Agreement and shall execute and deliver such instruments and do such things as may reasonably be required to permit new management of the Company to effectively assume its responsibilities.
Directions. All Directions shall be given in one of the methods authorized by Section 18.4 below and shall be given by an authorized officer, person or other representative of the Manager or the Investment Advisor, as the case may be. The Manager and each Investment Advisor shall, from time to time, provide to the Trustee a certificate, substantially in the form set out in Schedule “D” hereto, signed by the President, a Vice- President or the Secretary of the Manager or the Investment Advisor, as the case may be, stating the name(s)and title(s) of the authorized officer(s), person(s) or representative(s) authorized to act on behalf of the Manager or the Investment Advisor, as the case may be, together with specimen signatures of all such authorized officers, persons or representatives. The Manager and each Investment Advisor shall keep the Trustee informed as to any changes in its authorized signatories, and the Trustee shall be entitled to rely upon the identification of such persons as specified in each such certificate as the persons entitled to act on behalf of the Manager, and such Investment Advisor for the purposes of this Master Trust Agreement until a later certificate respecting the same is delivered to the Trustee.
Directions. If you know your website is compliant with ADA requirements, you may want to consider including the following language: W ebsite Accessibility The owner of this Website is committed to providing individuals with disabilities access to goods, services and privileges offered on the website and is in the process of improving the accessibility of
Directions. (a) Where Employee misconduct is alleged, the Employer may do any of the following:
Directions. The Department may issue a written direction to Providers in relation to the Services (a 'Direction'), including to give effect to: any change in Government policy that has, or has the potential to have, without limitation, an impact on the scope of the Services or the manner in which the Services are to be performed; or any adjustment to the Fees (including under clause 143 [Adjustment of Fees]). The Provider must perform the Services (or any other obligation under this Agreement) in accordance with and within any timeframe specified in any Direction given from time to time. To avoid doubt, a Direction may effect a variation to this Agreement as relevant to the scope and performance of the Services. Any other variation to the terms and conditions of this Agreement will be given effect in accordance with clause 73. Provider’s conduct The Provider must, in relation to this Agreement, at all times, act: in good faith towards the Department and Customers; and in a manner that maintains the good reputation of the Services. The Provider must not engage in, and must ensure that its Personnel, Subcontractors, Third Party IT Providers and agents do not engage in, any practice that: dishonestly; or improperly, as determined by the Department, manipulates Records, Outcomes or the Services with the effect of maximising payments to, or otherwise obtaining a benefit for, the Provider or any other person. If, after investigation, the Department determines that the Provider has been engaged in activity described in clause 15.2, the Department may: take action under clause 59 [Remedies for breach]; or immediately terminate this Agreement under clause 61 [Termination for default], by providing Notice to the Provider. The Provider must advise its officers and employees: that they are Commonwealth public officials for the purposes of section 142.2 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth); that acting with the intention of dishonestly obtaining a benefit for any person is punishable by penalties including imprisonment; disclosures of disclosable conduct under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth) can be made directly to their supervisors within the Provider, or to an authorised officer of the Department, and where a disclosure of disclosable conduct is made to a supervisor within the Provider, the supervisor is required under section 60A of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth) to pass information about the conduct to an authorised officer of the Department; and th...
Directions. See §14.14.
Directions. 1. Complete Section A of the agreement. Be sure to sign.
Directions. The Principal may give reasonable directions to the Supplier to deliver the Goods in a particular manner or at a particular time. The Supplier must make all reasonable efforts to comply with any such directions provided that the Supplier will be fairly compensated in the event that it incurs significant additional cost or delay as a consequence.
Directions the employee follows the directions of the supervisor to perform tasks in an acceptable manner.