New Manager definition

New Manager shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.15 hereof.

Examples of New Manager in a sentence

  • This civilian course must be taken every three years, following completion of the New Manager Course.

More Definitions of New Manager

New Manager is defined in Section 7.03(d)(iii)(B)(4).
New Manager means Fossil Operating Inc.
New Manager s Undertaking” means, in respect of each New Ship, a letter of undertaking executed or to be executed by the Approved Manager in favour of the Security Trustee in the terms required by the Security Trustee agreeing certain matters in relation to the Approved Manager serving as the manager of that New Ship and subordinating the rights of the Approved Manager against that New Ship and the New Owner thereof to the rights of the Creditor Parties under the Finance Documents, in such form as the Lenders, may approve or require and, in the plural, means both of them;
New Manager shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.1(e).
New Manager means any Person first engaged to manage the Property (or any portion thereof) after the date hereof and, thereafter, any Person replacing or becoming the assignee of the then current Manager, in each case, in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions hereof.