Designated Lenders Sample Clauses

Designated Lenders. (i) Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 12.1.2, any Lender may from time to time elect to designate an Eligible Designee to provide all or any part of the Loans to be made by such Lender pursuant to this Agreement; provided that the designation of an Eligible Designee by any Lender for purposes of this Section 12.1.2 shall be subject to the approval of the Agent (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed). Upon the execution by the parties to each such designation of an agreement in the form of Exhibit F hereto (a “Designation Agreement”) and the acceptance thereof by the Agent, the Eligible Designee shall become a Designated Lender for purposes of this Agreement. The Designating Lender shall thereafter have the right to permit the Designated Lender to provide all or a portion of the Loans to be made by the Designating Lender pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the making of such Loans or portion thereof shall satisfy the obligations of the Designating Lender to the same extent, and as if, such Loan was made by the Designating Lender. As to any Loan made by it, each Designated Lender shall have all the rights a Lender making such Loan would have under this Agreement and otherwise; provided, (x) that all voting rights under this Agreement shall be exercised solely by the Designating Lender, (y) each Designating Lender shall remain solely responsible to the other parties hereto for its obligations under this Agreement, including the obligations of a Lender in respect of Loans made by its Designated Lender and (z) no Designated Lender shall be entitled to reimbursement under Article III hereof for any amount which would exceed the amount that would have been payable by the Borrowers to the Lender from which the Designated Lender obtained any interests hereunder. No additional Notes shall be required with respect to Loans provided by a Designated Lender; provided, however, to the extent any Designated Lender shall advance funds, the Designating Lender shall be deemed to hold the Notes in its possession as an agent for such Designated Lender to the extent of the Loan funded by such Designated Lender. Such Designating Lender shall act as administrative agent for its Designated Lender and give and receive notices and communications hereunder. Any payments for the account of any Designated Lender shall be paid to its Designating Lender as administrative agent for such Designated Lender and neither the Borrowers n...
Designated Lenders. Each of the Administrative Agent, the L/C Issuer and each Lender at its option may make any Credit Extension or otherwise perform its obligations hereunder through any Lending Office (each, a “Designated Lender”); provided that any exercise of such option shall not affect the obligation of such Borrower to repay any Credit Extension in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Any Designated Lender shall be considered a Lender; provided that in the case of an Affiliate or branch of a Lender, all provisions applicable to a Lender shall apply to such Affiliate or branch of such Lender to the same extent as such Lender; provided that for the purposes only of voting in connection with any Loan Document, any participation by any Designated Lender in any outstanding Credit Extension shall be deemed a participation of such Lender.
Designated Lenders. A Lender may designate its Designated Lender to fund a Competitive Bid Loan on its behalf as described in Section 2.16(d)(ii)(e). Any Designated Lender which funds a Competitive Bid Loan shall on and after the time of such funding become the obligee under such Competitive Bid Loan and be entitled to receive payment thereof when due. No Lender shall be relieved of its obligation to fund a Competitive Bid Loan, and no Designated Lender shall assume such obligation, prior to the time such Competitive Bid Loan is funded.
Designated Lenders. Seller has a list of designated lenders for the Project. Buyer may obtain a copy of the list of designated lenders from Seller’s Sales Office. Buyer may obtain from the designated lenders information regarding interest rate ceilings, rate locks and mid-locks. If, as a condition to purchasing the Unit, Seller requires that Buyer obtain a loan pre-approval from a designated lender, Buyer understands and acknowledges that Buyer is not obligated to apply for a loan with a designated lender. Buyer may choose any lender that Buyer desires, and Xxxxx has no obligation to obtain a loan from a designated lender; provided, however, that if Buyer utilizes the services of a lender other than a designated lender, Buyer will be charged an additional escrow fee, will be responsible for any additional charges by Xxxxx’s lender, and Buyer will not receive a closing costs credit. A designated lender shall have no obligation to extend a loan to Buyer unless Xxxxx meets the designated lender’s requirements for a loan.
Designated Lenders. I understand that you place loans primarily with three or fewer lenders as designated below:
Designated Lenders. (a) With the written consent of the Administrative Agent (which will not be unreasonably withheld), a Revolving Lender (the “designating Lender”) may designate one of its Affiliates or another Revolving Lender or an Affiliate thereof (the “designated Lender”) for the purposes of making available its Commitment in respect of Tranche B. Upon its acceptance of the designation and as long as such designation has not been terminated, the designated Lender (if not already a Revolving Lender) will be deemed to be a Revolving Lender for all purposes of the Credit Documents, with a Commitment (or an additional Commitment if it is already a Revolving Lender) corresponding to the portion of the applicable Tranche to be made available to it and with the designating Lender’s Commitment under the Revolving Facility being reduced accordingly. No such designation will reduce the obligations of the designating Lender under Tranche A, including as a result of an increase in its Commitment due to a reallocation made pursuant to Section 2.1(b).
Designated Lenders. Each Lender at its option may make any Credit Extension to any Borrower by causing any domestic or foreign branch or Affiliate of such Lender (each a “Designated Lender”) to make such Credit Extension (and in the case of an Affiliate, the provisions of Sections 3.01 through 3.05 and 10.04 shall apply to such Affiliate to the same extent as to such Lender); provided that any exercise of such option shall not affect the obligation of the relevant Borrower to repay such Credit Extension in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; provided, however, if any Lender or any Designated Lender determines that any Law has made it unlawful, or that any Governmental Authority has asserted that it is unlawful, for any Lender or its applicable Designated Lender to issue, make, maintain, fund or charge interest with respect to any Credit Extension to either Borrower who is organized under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the United States, a State thereof or the District of Columbia then, on notice thereof by such Lender to the Company through the Administrative Agent, and until such notice by such Lender is revoked, any obligation of such Lender to issue, make, maintain, fund or charge interest with respect to any such Credit Extension shall be suspended. Upon receipt of such notice, the Loan Parties shall take all reasonable actions requested by such Lender to mitigate or avoid such illegality.
Designated Lenders. 57 SECTION 9.08. Collateral.....................................................58 SECTION 9.09. Governing Law; Submission to Jurisdiction......................58 SECTION 9.10. Counterparts; Integration......................................58 SECTION 9.11.
Designated Lenders. For any Lender which is a Designating Lender, any Advance to be made by such Lender may from time to time be made by its Designated Lender in such Designated Lender's sole discretion, and nothing herein shall constitute a commitment to make Advances by such Designated Lender; provided that, if any Designated Lender elects not to, or fails to, make any such Advance, its Designating Lender hereby agrees that it shall make such Advance pursuant to the terms hereof. Any Advance actually funded by a Designated Lender shall constitute a utilization of the Commitment of the Designating Lender for all purposes hereunder.
Designated Lenders. 72 12.2. Participations.............................................................................73 12.2.1. Permitted Participants; Effect....................................................73 12.2.2. Voting Rights.....................................................................73