Credit Extension Sample Clauses

Credit Extension. The Lenders will not be required to make any initial Credit Extension unless:
Credit Extension. The effectiveness of this Agreement, and the obligation of the Lenders to make the Loans, are, in addition to the conditions precedent specified in Section 12.2 subject to satisfaction of the following conditions precedent, it being agreed that the request by Borrower Representative for the making of the Loans on the Closing Date will be 91 deemed to constitute a representation and warranty by Borrowers that the conditions precedent set forth in this Section 12.1 will be satisfied at the time of the making of those Loans (unless waived in writing by the Required Lenders):
Credit Extension. The effectiveness of this Agreement and the obligation of the Lenders to make the Credit Extension on the Closing Date hereunder shall be subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions precedent and, if applicable, the delivery by the Borrower to the Agent of sufficient copies for the Lenders of:
Credit Extension. The obligation of any Lender to make the Credit Extension hereunder is subject to the further conditions precedent that, as of the date of the Effective Date and after giving effect thereto and the intended use of the Credit Extension:
Credit Extension each of (a) a borrowing of a Revolver Loan and (b) the issuance of, extension of the expiry of or increase in the amount of a Letter of Credit. Credit Judgment: Agent’s judgment exercised in good faith, (i) to reflect events, conditions, contingencies or risks in each case, arising or becoming known to Agent after the date hereof which, as reasonably determined by Agent in good faith, adversely affect, or could have a reasonable likelihood of adversely affecting, either (a) the Collateral, its value or the amount that might be received by Agent from the sale or other disposition or realization upon such Collateral, or (b) the assets or business of any Credit Party or (c) the security interests and liens and other rights of Agent or any Lender in the Collateral (including the enforceability, perfection and priority thereof), (ii) to reflect Agent’s good faith belief that any collateral report or financial information furnished by or on behalf of any Credit Party to Agent is or may have been incomplete, inaccurate, misleading or not in accordance with the terms hereof, to the extent thereof, or (iii) in respect of any Default or an Event of Default. The amount of any Reserve established by Agent (x) shall have a reasonable relationship to the event, condition or other matter which is the basis for such Reserve as determined by Agent in good faith and (y) shall not be duplicative of other Reserves then in effect. The imposition of any new reserves or change in a reserve after the Closing Date shall not be effective until three (3) Business Days after notice thereof (which may be oral notice, promptly confirmed in writing) to the Borrower Agent (unless a Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or the reserve or change in reserve is the result of a Lien that is senior in priority to Agent’s Lien that has attached to Collateral included in the Borrowing Base, in which case such reserve or change in reserve shall be effective immediately); provided further that during the period from such notice until such new or changed reserve is effective, the aggregate amount of all outstanding Loans and LC Obligations as of the date of the receipt of notice may not be increased to the extent such increase would not be permitted by virtue of the Borrowing Base as adjusted after giving effect to such modification. Upon delivery of a notice described above, the Credit Parties may take such action as may be required so that the event, condition, circumstance o...
Credit Extension. The obligation of Lenders to make the Closing Date Term Loans and to continue to extend Revolving Loans and issue Letters of Credit hereunder is, in addition to the conditions precedent specified in Section 4.2, subject to the following conditions precedent, each of which shall be satisfactory in all respects to Agent: