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Data Documentation. The Data Provider will provide MDRC with all available and necessary documentation regarding the data files shared. Examples of documentation include course catalogs, data dictionaries, explanations of codes, and copies of survey instruments. Data Transfer Procedures To ensure that data files are transferred securely, MDRC uses a secure file transfer site that is easy to use and does not require the Data Provider to make any purchase or install any software. MDRC will email instructions on setting up a secure account to data contacts at the Data Provider, enabling those contacts to log on to the site and upload data files as needed. To ensure that all data are transmitted in a confidential and secure manner, data contacts at the Data Provider will only transmit data to MDRC via MDRC’s secure file transfer site. Data contacts at the Data Provider will not transmit any data to MDRC via email or any method other than MDRC’s secure file transfer site nor provide any other unsolicited data of any kind. The primary data contact at the Data Provider will be Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Bakersfield College Xxxx of Institutional Effectiveness. This person or his or her designee will be responsible for sending files to MDRC. The primary data contact at MDRC will be Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx. Data Transfer Schedule The Data Provider will transfer data to MDRC according to the schedule listed in the table below. The Data Provider will start transfer data to MDRC throughout the duration of the Project, according to the schedule described below. The initial data transfer for each cohort will include data for 2 years prior to September 1, 2019; subsequent transfers will be for the term(s) since the prior transfer, with at least one overlapping semester. Transfer Schedule Data Type(s) Student Transcript Data SUCCESS Financial Incentive, Coaching & Other Participation Data Twice annually on a date that the Data Provider and MDRC mutually agree upon Data Type(s) Transfer Schedule Course Catalogs Student Degree Data Student Placement Test Data Student Financial Aid Disbursement Data Student FAFSA Data Student Contact Information Once annually on a date that the Data Provider and MDRC mutually agree upon Redacted Schoolwide Admissions and Demographic Data Once per cohort Other Data Schedule to be decided if or when Data Provider and MDRC agree to transmit other data.
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Data Documentation. A summary sheet for all sound level measurements shall be completed and signed by the person making the measurements. At a minimum, the summary sheet shall include:
Data Documentation. Each regulatory report will include documentation describing the source of all analytical data used to generate conclusions. Documentation will be sufficient to allow the reader to locate a copy of any source document used, including its full title, author, publication date, publisher, document number, and revision number if applicable. Data that must be documented include, but are not limited to, all information regarding the following: Sampling Protocols include station locations and collection methods Analytical Protocols include analytical method used, laboratory Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) data, source(s) for analytical uncertainties, or excessive detection limits Geographic Data include base maps, meteorological data, soil type maps, surface water bodies, and roads, buildings and other anthropogenic alterations Geologic Data include both surface and subsurface structure and properties, and hydrologic properties, such as groundwater flow rates and direction of flow Contaminant Data include both contaminant fate and transport properties Historic Data include process knowledge, relevant operations, and construction activities Ecological Data include surveys of both flora and fauna
Data Documentation. In this section we describe how data will be documented to help future users to understand and reuse it. We use a simple file identification system to upload files to the back system of the project website and to communicate on files amongst consortium partners. We also intend to use this identification for files that are uploaded to the EU network. For usage of public files there are more options for documentation. First of all, public deliverables will be accessible through the EU system. Presentations and publications on conferences (and other public media used for dissemination) will be made public through the system of the organisers of the event or the medium that is publishing it. In that case also the university systems will publish the data, using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), to make retrieval for potential users even easier. Public data is also available through the Space@Sea website. Public data describes the types of documentation that accompanies the data to help secondary users to understand and reuse it. This should at least include basic details that will help people to find the data, including who created or contributed to the data, its title, date of creation and under what conditions it can be accessed. Documentation may also include details on the methodology used, analytical and procedural information, definitions of variables, vocabularies, units of measurement, any assumptions made, and the format and file type of the data. Consider how you will capture this information and where it will be recorded. We are using the following methodology for uploading the documents: NAMING and UPLOADING FILES Please save your documents in the relevant category. Always start the name of your document with the date yyyymmdd,and use a version number. As a document may be changed a number of times before it’s agreed on and even afterwards, you can differentiate by naming the draft version of documents always with a ‘zero’ and final documents with a ‘number’. For example, a first draft could be saved as “20171114-ReportM1-V0.1”. Once this document is final the name would change to: “20171121-ReportM1-V1.0”. In case the agreed version is later updated it would become V2.0.

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  • Licensed Documentation If commercially available, Licensee shall have the option to require the Contractor to deliver, at Contractor’s expense: (i) one (1) hard copy and one (1) master electronic copy of the Documentation in a mutually agreeable format; (ii) based on hard copy instructions for access by downloading from the Internet

  • Product Documentation You should review the policy documents carefully to ensure they accurately reflect the cover, conditions, limits, and other terms that you require. Particular attention should be paid to policy conditions and warranties as failure to comply with these could invalidate your policy. It is important that you retain and keep safely all documents associated with your policy so that you can refer to them in the event of a claim.

  • Source Documentation Accounting records must be supported by such source documentation as canceled checks, bank statements, invoices, paid bills, donor letters, time and attendance records, activity reports, travel reports, contractual and consultant agreements, and subaward documentation. All supporting documentation should be clearly identified with the Award and general ledger accounts which are to be charged or credited.

  • Project Documentation All documentation provided to the City other than Project drawings shall be furnished on a Microsoft compatible compact disc.

  • Technical Documentation Prior to commencement of the Tests on Completion, the Contractor shall supply to the Engineer the technical documentation as specified in the Employer’s Requirements. The Works or Section shall not be considered to be completed for the purposes of taking- over under sub-clause 10.1 [Taking Over of the Works and Sections] until the Engineer has received the technical documentation as defined in this sub-clause 5.7, the "history file" including design calculations and certain certification as well as any other documents required to meet the CE Marking requirements.

  • Service Documentation The “Service Documentation” includes;

  • Supporting Documentation Upon request, the HSP will provide the LHIN with proof of the matters referred to in this Article.

  • Tax Documentation Xxxxxx agrees to provide a completed IRS 1099 for its payments to, and Xxxxxxx agrees to provide IRS W-9 forms for, each of the following payees under this Settlement Agreement:

  • Medical Documentation The teacher must supply a letter from a medical 3 doctor, who treated the patient, stating that in his/her opinion, there is a strong 4 probability that the illness was contracted at school.

  • Software and Documentation Licensee may make as many copies of the Software necessary for it to use the Software as licensed. Each copy of the Software made by Licensee must contain the same copyright and other notices that appear on the original copy. Licensee will not modify the Documentation. Documentation may: (a) only be used to support Licensee’s use of the Software; (b) not be republished or redistributed to any unauthorized third party; and (c) not be distributed or used to conduct training for which Licensee, or any other party, receives a fee. Licensee will not copy any system schema reference document related to the Software.

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