Publication Date definition

Publication Date means an Ordinary Publication Date or an Extraordinary Publication Date, as the case may be.
Publication Date means the date of the posting on the ISO website (in a workable Excel format with cell formulas and links intact) of the Annual Update. The Publication Date shall be no later than July 1st, provided, however, that if July 1st should fall on a weekend or a holiday recognized by FERC, then the posting or filing shall be due no later than the next business day, and the Publication Date shall correspond to the actual posting or filing date.
Publication Date means the inscribed date of the bulletin.

Examples of Publication Date in a sentence

  • Publication Date: Sunday, January 23, 2000To reserve your booth, or for further information, please callOSHAWA ¥ WHITBY ¥ CLARINGTON ¥ PORT PERRYTHIS WEEK576-9335Pickering 683-0707Toronto 798-7259NO ADMISSION CHARGEMarket BasketFARM CHICKENS, no chemi- cals fed.

  • Sawicka-Powierza aa Department of Family Medicine and Community Nursing, Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland Online Publication Date: 01 March 2009 To cite this Article Rogowska-Szadkowska, D., Chlabicz, S., Oltarzewska, M.

  • Miltonaa Department of Geography, University of Southampton, Southampton, England Online Publication Date: 01 December 1987 To cite this Article Milton, E.

  • NESI research data on HIV among PWID was fed in prospectively to the NHS GGC HIV PWID Outbreak Incident Management Team.• [S8] Implementation of HIV Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Scotland: Minimum Dataset Reporting, 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2019, Publication Date: 23 June 2020.

  • Fe sibility Stage A Reliable Way to Validate Planned NetworkChanges without Breaking the Bank Publication Date: December, 2011 Author: Ian Hobkirk Table of Contents Contemplating Change 3Contraction 3Expansion 3Realignment 3Validating a “Gut Feeling” 4Traditional Approaches 5Method #1: The Spreadsheet Method 5Method #2: Network Optimization Tools 6A Third Option 7Method #3: The Hybrid Method 7How the Hybrid Method Works: 13 Steps.

More Definitions of Publication Date

Publication Date shall have the meaning specified in subsection 9.2(a).
Publication Date means the date on which this Business Rescue Plan is published to Affected Persons in terms of section 150(5) of the Companies Act, being 1 March 2021;
Publication Date means three Business Days after the Auction Date next preceding such Redemption Date.
Publication Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 9.2(a).
Publication Date means 29 June 2018, being the date on which SIHNV's 2018 half-year results for the 2018 financial year were released;
Publication Date means the date on which the publication of the Newspaper Notice in all of the Designated Newspapers has been completed;
Publication Date means the date on which this Business Rescue Plan is published in accordance with terms of Section 150(5) of the Companies Act, being 30 August 2019;