Provision of the Services Sample Clauses

Provision of the Services. B1 The Services
Provision of the Services. We will: (a) provide you with access to the Services as described in this MSA and any applicable Order Forms with reasonable skill and care; (b) use Smart Data and Threat Data to provide insights, advice and reporting to you and Users; and (c) provide you with Premium Support (or enhanced 24/7 Support if you have purchased it) in accordance with the document available at (a copy may be attached to an Order Form but will still be subject to change in accordance with this URL); and (c) create a single account for your organisation within Our ‘Egress Secure Infrastructure’ Software (Your Account). We grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, non-sub- licensable right: (a) to permit Users to access and use the Services during a Subscription Period; and (b) to install 1 copy (in object code format) of the Plug-Ins on User devices. If you are subscribing to an on-premise or partially hosted Service, We also grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable licence to download, install and use 1 copy of the On-Premise Software (in object code format) on your private infrastructure during your Subscription Period. Access and use to and of the Services are generally permitted for your and your Group’s business purposes only, however access and use of and to any reports and reporting Software is for your and your Group’s internal business purposes only. Access and use for personal or private use, or for the benefit of any third party, is not permitted. Rights in and to the Software and Services are licensed (not sold). We reserve the right to insert the words “This email is protected by Egress” into the footer of outbound emails which are scanned or encrypted using the Services.
Provision of the Services. The Supplier acknowledges and agrees that the Customer relies on the skill and judgment of the Supplier in the provision of the Services and the performance of its obligations under this Call Off Contract. The Supplier shall ensure that the Services: comply in all respects with any description of the Services in Call Off Schedule 2 (Services) or elsewhere in this Call Off Contract; and are supplied in accordance with the provisions of this Call Off Contract or the Tender. The Supplier shall perform its obligations under this Call Off Contract in accordance with: all applicable Law; Good Industry Practice; the Standards; the Security Policy; the ICT Policy (if so required by the Customer); the Supplier's own established procedures and practices to the extent the same do not conflict with the requirements of Clauses 7.1.3(a) to 7.1.3(e) and, where necessary the provisions of xxxxx://, or equivalent. The Supplier shall: at all times allocate sufficient resources with the appropriate technical expertise to supply the Deliverables and to provide the Services in accordance with this Call Off Contract; subject to Clause 22.1 (Variation Procedure), obtain, and maintain throughout the duration of this Call Off Contract, all the consents, approvals, licences and permissions (statutory, regulatory contractual or otherwise) it may require and which are necessary for the provision of the Services; ensure that any products or services recommended or otherwise specified by the Supplier for use by the Customer in conjunction with the Deliverables and/or the Services shall enable the Deliverables and/or the Services to meet the requirements of the Customer; ensure that the Supplier Assets will be free of all encumbrances (except as agreed in writing with the Customer); and ensure that the Services are fully compatible with any Customer Property or Customer Assets described in Part B of Call Off Schedule 4 (Implementation Plan, Customer Responsibilities and Key Personnel) (or elsewhere in this Call Off Contract) or otherwise used by the Supplier in connection with this Call Off Contract; minimise any disruption to the Sites and/or the Customer's operations when providing the Services; ensure that any Documentation and training provided by the Supplier to the Customer are comprehensive, accurate and prepared in accordance with Good Industry Practice; co-operate with the Other Suppliers and provide reasonable ...
Provision of the Services. 2.1 The Budget Proposal shall be valid for a period of ninety (90) calendar days from the date on which it is forwarded to the Client by Bilendi.
Provision of the Services. OVHcloud undertakes to provide the Service to the Client within the time provided during the Order, or lacking the information or agreement on the provision’s date of the Service within fifteen (15) days following the confirmation of the Order. If the Service is not provided with the aforementioned time, the Client may request the cancellation of the transaction by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by creating a ticket through its Management Interface by precising in the subject messageTermination for default in the Provision of the Services”. Sums already paid by the Client are reimbursed within fourteen (14) days following the cancellation of the Order.
Provision of the Services. 15.1. The Contractor agrees to provide the Services to JOGMEC and JOGMEC agrees to engage the Contractor to provide the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Provision of the Services. 2.1 An offer is made by ReallyB2Bfor the provision of the Services and Deliverables when ReallyB2B provid es a completed Order Form to the Client. The Client can accept these terms (at which point the Order will become binding) by either: (i) signing the Order Form and emailing a scan of the signed form to Re allyB2B; or (ii) confirming by email that the Client accept the terms of the Order Form and attaching the Order Form to such email.