License Certificate definition

License Certificate means the document issued by the department to an applicant or licensee that contains the information on a license, and includes the name of the administrator, the type(s) of services authorized, and the number of beds for which the hospital is licensed.
License Certificate means evidence of a license provided by Licensor to Licensee in electronic or printed form.
License Certificate means a document included with the Software that may provide, among other things, specific information regarding Capacity, name of specified licensee and location where the Software is licensed for use, Device identification and Named Users (as applicable).

Examples of License Certificate in a sentence

  • Scanned copy of EMD, PAN card, Shop Act License, Certificate of Incorporation, GST Registration Certificate, Annual Income Tax Return filed for last three years, copy of work experience of similar nature with requisite proof and scanned copy of the tender acceptance letter duly signed by authorised representative of the firm as a token of acceptance of the terms & conditions in pdf format.

  • Shop Act License/ Certificate of Incorporation/ Certification of Company Registration6.

  • Based on documents submitted by the Reseller, Trend Micro will reject or accept the Order, which acceptance is signified by Trend Micro’s issuance of its License Certificate.

  • The English language version of this Agreement prevails over any other language version..6 If Company is located (as evidenced by the License Certificate) in the People’s Republic of China, this Agreement is governed by the laws of China, without regard to its principles of conflicts of law.

  • Manufacturers will have to submit a copy of their Manufacturing License/ Certificate/ complete Photocopy of registration with NSIC/DGS&D/SSI/DIC/ Registrar of Companies/ ISO Certificate etc.

More Definitions of License Certificate

License Certificate means the document issued by the State Board of Health and signed by the State Health Officer that constitutes rebuttable evidence of the facility's legal authority to operate.
License Certificate means the evidence of the privilege issued under this chapter to drive a motor vehicle.
License Certificate means the evidence of the privilege issued under this chapter
License Certificate means an written (electronic or otherwise) acceptance/entitlement confirmation issued by Trend Micro to Company with the license/purchase of Products that confirms to Company the Products purchased by Company, including the applicable Licensed Capacity where applicable. The License Certificate and this Agreement forms the entire agreement between Trend Micro and Company with respect to each Order of Products that is accepted by Trend Micro. Company is advised to retain the License Certificate as proof of its entitlement to such Products.
License Certificate means any document issued by the commissioner as evidence that a person is licensed with the commissioner.
License Certificate means an electronic evidence of the License provided to Licensee.
License Certificate means a document issued by the licensing agency which signifies that a residence is entitled to operate.