IBM definition

IBM means the Iowa board of medicine.

Examples of IBM in a sentence

  • Product service and warranty informationFor technical support, support hours, and warranty terms and conditions, see the enclosed inserts (flyer or diskette), or contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative.

  • At the University of Kent at Canterbury we provide support for Unix platforms, while at the University of Lancaster there is support for microcomputers, primarily, although by no means solely, the IBM Personal Computer.

  • Statistical analyses For statistical analyses, we used IBM SPSS for Windows 22.0. We computed means, standard deviations, and internal reliability indices (Cronbach αs) for the measured variables.

  • West (2003) studies the shift in IBM, Apple and Sun’s strategies from proprietary platforms from development of proprietary operating systems to hybrid, Linux and Solaris-based platforms in response to increasing R&D costs and competitive pressure from software and hardware producers.

  • In January 2005, IBM released 500 of its software patents for the use of OSS developers.

More Definitions of IBM

IBM shall have the meaning specified in the initial paragraph of the Warrant.
IBM means International Business Machine Corporation, including its affiliates;
IBM s ASIC development checklists shall document the development of each of Buyer's Product design(s).
IBM means IBM Svenska AB;