Security Procedures Sample Clauses

Security Procedures. With respect to all funds transfer instructions that are given pursuant to this Agreement (other than in writing at the time of execution of this Agreement), whether in writing, by facsimile or otherwise, the Depositary is authorized to seek confirmation of such instructions by telephone call-back to the person or persons designated on Schedule II hereto (“Schedule II”), and the Depositary may rely upon the confirmation of anyone purporting to be the person or persons so designated. Each funds transfer instruction shall be executed by an authorized signatory, a list of such authorized signatories is set forth on Schedule II. The persons and telephone numbers for call-backs may be changed only in a writing actually received and acknowledged by the Depositary. If the Depositary is unable to contact any of the authorized representatives identified in Schedule II, the Depositary is hereby authorized to seek confirmation of such instructions by telephone call-back to any one or more of Escrow Agent’s executive officers (“Executive Officers”), as the case may be, which shall include the titles of Assistant Vice President or Vice President, as the Depositary may select. Such “Executive Officer” shall deliver to the Depositary a fully executed incumbency certificate, and the Depositary may rely upon the confirmation of anyone purporting to be any such officer. The Depositary and the beneficiary’s bank in any funds transfer may rely solely upon any account numbers or similar identifying numbers provided by the Escrow Agent to identify (a) the beneficiary, (b) the beneficiary’s bank, or (c) an intermediary bank. The Depositary may apply any of the funds for any payment order it executes using any such identifying number, even when its use may result in a person other than the beneficiary being paid, or the transfer of funds to a bank other than the beneficiary’s bank or an intermediary bank designated. The Escrow Agent acknowledges that these security procedures are commercially reasonable.
Security Procedures. The Customer agrees to comply, and to cause its Authorized Designees to comply, with remote access operating standards and procedures and with user identification or other password control requirements and other security devices and procedures as may be issued or required from time to time by State Street or its third-party vendors for use of the System and access to the Remote Access Services. The Customer is responsible for any use and/or misuse of the System and Remote Access Services by its Authorized Designees. The Customer agrees to advise State Street immediately in the event that it learns or has reason to believe that any person to whom it has given access to the System or the Remote Access Services has violated or intends to violate the terms of this Addendum and the Customer will cooperate with State Street in seeking injunctive or other equitable relief. The Customer agrees to discontinue use of the System and Remote Access Services, if requested, for any security reasons cited by State Street and State Street may restrict access of the System and Remote Access Services by the Customer or any Authorized Designee for security reasons or noncompliance with the terms of this Addendum at any time.
Security Procedures. The Fund shall comply with data access operating standards and procedures and with user identification or other password control requirements and other security procedures as may be issued from time to time by State Street for use of the System on a remote basis and to access the Data Access Services. The Fund shall have access only to the Fund Data and authorized transactions agreed upon from time to time by State Street and, upon notice from State Street, the Fund shall discontinue remote use of the System and access to Data Access Services for any security reasons cited by State Street; provided, that, in such event, State Street shall, for a period not less than 180 days (or such other shorter period specified by the Fund) after such discontinuance, assume responsibility to provide accounting services under the terms of the Custodian Agreement.
Security Procedures. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary as set forth in Section 10, any instructions setting forth, claiming, containing, objecting to, or in any way related to the transfer or distribution of funds, including but not limited to any such funds transfer instructions that may otherwise be set forth in a written instruction permitted pursuant to Section 4 of this Agreement, may be given to the Escrow Agent only by confirmed facsimile and no instruction for or related to the transfer or distribution of the Fund, or any portion thereof, shall be deemed delivered and effective unless the Escrow Agent actually shall have received such instruction by facsimile at the number provided to the Parties by the Escrow Agent in accordance with Section 10 and as further evidenced by a confirmed transmittal to that number.
Security Procedures. The Client acknowledges that the selected Security Procedures were selected by the Client from Security Procedures offered by SSB. The Client shall restrict access to confidential information relating to the Security Procedures to authorized persons as communicated in writing to SSB. The Client must notify SSB immediately if it has reason to believe unauthorized persons may have obtained access to such information or of any change in the Client's authorized personnel. SSB shall verify the authenticity of all instructions according to the selected Security Procedures.
Security Procedures. ALPS may, but shall not be required to, modify the security procedures with respect to interactive client services provided by ALPS to the Trust under this Agreement set forth in Appendix G and from time to time to the extent it believes, in good faith, that such modifications will enhance the security of the ALPS’s interactive client services. All data and information transmissions via the ALPS’s interactive client services are for informational purposes only and are not intended to satisfy regulatory requirements or comply with any laws, rules, requirements or standards of any federal, state or local governmental authority, agency or industry regulatory body, including the securities industry, which compliance is the sole responsibility of the Trust.
Security Procedures. You understand that the financial institution at which an Account is maintained may contact us to verify the content and authority of funds transfer instructions and any changes to those instructions. You understand that, as your agent, we may provide to such financial institution such information as may be required to verify the instructions and may constitute a valid security procedure under the rules governing such Account.
Security Procedures. SSA and VA will comply with the requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), 44 U.S.C. Chapter 35, Subchapter II, as amended by the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 (Pub. L. 113-283); related OMB circulars and memoranda, such as Circular A-130, Managing Information as a Strategic Resource (July 28, 2016) and Memorandum M-17-12, Preparing for and Responding to a Breach of Personally Identifiable Information (January 3, 2017); National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) directives; and the Federal Acquisition Regulations, including any applicable amendments published after the effective date of this agreement. These laws, directives, and regulations include requirements for safeguarding Federal information systems and personally identifiable information (PII) used in Federal agency business processes, as well as related reporting requirements. Both agencies recognize and will implement the laws, regulations, NIST standards, and OMB directives including those published subsequent to the effective date of this agreement. FISMA requirements apply to all Federal contractors, organizations, or entities that possess or use Federal information, or that operate, use, or have access to Federal information systems on behalf of an agency. Both agencies are responsible for oversight and compliance of their contractors and agents.
Security Procedures. The Client will comply with reasonable security procedures designed by the Service Provider to verify the origination of Instructions (the “Security Procedures”). The Service Provider’s sole obligation will be to comply with what is contained in the Security Procedures to establish the identity or authority of any Authorized Person to send any Instruction. The Service Provider is not responsible for errors or omissions made by the Client or resulting from fraud or the duplication of any Instruction by the Client. The Service Provider may act on an Instruction if it reasonably believes it contains sufficient information.
Security Procedures. We may require you to follow a security procedure to execute a payment order or certain electronic funds transfer transactions. We will notify you of any such security procedures. Unless we permit you to establish a different security procedure, you agree that the security procedures contained in the Credit Union’s policies are commercially reasonable verification of payment orders and other electronic funds transfers. If we permit you to establish a different security procedure, you agree that procedure is a commercially reasonable method of verifying electronic funds transfers.