Statistics Sample Clauses

Statistics. The Parties agree to promote, in accordance with their existing activities of statistical cooperation between the European Union and ASEAN, statistical capacity-building, the harmonisation of statistical methods and practice including the gathering and dissemination of statistics, thus enabling them to use, on a mutually acceptable basis, statistics on, inter alia, national accounts, foreign direct investments, information communications and technology trade in goods and services and, more generally, on any other area covered by this Agreement which lends itself to statistical processing collection, analysis and dissemination. TITLE VII INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK
Statistics. 1. Each Party shall provide to the other Party statistics that are required by domestic laws and regulations, and, upon request, other available statistical information as may be reasonably required for the purpose of reviewing the operation of the air services.
Statistics. 1. The aeronautical authorities of one Party may require a designated airline of the other Party to provide statements of statistics related to the traffic carried by that airline on services performed under this Agreement.
Statistics. The aeronautical authority of each Contracting Party shall provide the aeronautical authorities of the other Contracting Parties, upon request, with periodic statistics or other similar information relating to the traffic carried on the agreed services.
Statistics. 1. Each Party shall provide the other Party with available statistics related to air transport under this Agreement, as required by its laws and regulations, on a non-discriminatory basis, and as may reasonably be required.
Statistics. Upon written request submitted at least ten (10) working days in advance, the Employer shall provide the Union with data relevant to the negotiations and administration of this Collective Agreement. With regard to any information provided to the Union concerning its members, either individually or collectively, the Union shall save the employer harmless from any and all claims, actions, or proceedings that may otherwise result from the release of such information. The Union agrees to maintain all information as confidential information to be used with discretion and solely for the purpose of representing its members.
Statistics. The Parties agree to cooperate in this field. The cooperation will be geared mainly to the harmonisation of statistical methods and practice to enable processing, according to mutually agreed bases, of data on trade in goods and services and, more generally, on any field covered by the Agreement lending itself to statistical treatment.
Statistics. 1. The Parties agree to promote cooperation in harmonising and developing statistical methods including statistical collecting, processing, analysing, and disseminating.
Statistics. 1. The Parties agree to cooperate in order to develop better statistical methods and programmes in accordance with internationally accepted standards, including gathering, processing, quality control and dissemination of statistics, aimed at generating indicators with enhanced comparability between the Parties, thus enabling the Parties to identify the requirements of statistical information in the fields covered by this Agreement. The Parties acknowledge the usefulness of bilateral cooperation to support these objectives.
Statistics. 1. The Parties shall develop and strengthen their cooperation on statistical issues, thereby contributing to the long-term objective of providing timely, internationally comparable and reliable statistical data. It is expected that sustainable, efficient and professionally independent statistical systems shall produce information relevant for the Parties' citizens, businesses and decision-makers, enabling them to take informed decisions. The Parties shall, inter alia, exchange information and expertise and develop cooperation taking into account the already accumulated experience. Cooperation shall aim at: