Voluntary Employee RRSP Contribution Sample Clauses

Voluntary Employee RRSP Contribution. The employer agrees to participate in the Teamster Local Union 847 Voluntary Group RRSP to the extent of collecting payroll contributions made by employees. The employees will provide the employer with authorization to make deductions from their payroll by way of completing RRSP enrolment form. The employer will collect the enrolment forms for the purpose of capturing the payroll deduction amount and forward the forms and the payroll deductions to the Pension Plan Insurance Carrier or to the Teamsters Local Union 847 Pension Plan administrative agent. The employer will make the payroll deductions from the member’s gross, pre-tax pay. The contributions remittance will be handled in the same manner as the contributions made to the Teamsters Local Union 847 Pension Plan as described in Schedule 2 herein.

Related to Voluntary Employee RRSP Contribution

  • Employer Contribution (a) An Employer contribution for health and dental benefits will only be made for each active employee who has at least eighty (80) paid regular hours in a month and who is eligible for medical insurance coverage, unless otherwise required by law.

  • Eligibility for Employer Contribution This section describes eligibility for an Employer Contribution toward the cost of coverage.

  • Maintaining Eligibility for Employer Contribution The employer's contribution continues as long as the employee remains on the payroll in an insurance eligible position. Employees who complete their regular school year assignment shall receive coverage through August 31.

  • Retirement Contribution 1. The County will pay the employee's portion of the retirement contribution under the employer-pay contribution plan in the manner provided for by NRS Chapter 286. Any increase in the percentage rate of the retirement contribution above the rate set forth in NRS Chapter 286 on May 19, 1975, shall be borne equally by the County and the employee and shall be paid in the manner provided by NRS Chapter 286. Any decrease in the percentage rate of the retirement contribution will result in a corresponding increase to each employee's base pay equal to one-half (1/2) of the decrease. Any such increase in pay will be effective from the date the decrease in the percentage rate of the retirement contribution becomes effective.

  • Full Employer Contribution - Basic Eligibility Employees covered by this Agreement who are scheduled to work at least seventy-five (75) percent of the time are eligible for the full Employer Contribution. This means:

  • Amount of Employer Contribution The Employer Contribution amounts and rules in effect on June 30, 2017 will continue through December 31, 2017.

  • Employee Contribution Eligible employees shall contribute one percent (1%) of their salary on a per pay period basis to the HCSP.

  • Voluntary Contributions Effective for Plan Years beginning after the Plan Year in which this Plan is adopted by the Employer, Employee contributions shall not be permitted under this Plan. Employee contributions for Plan Years beginning after December 31, 1986 shall be limited so as to meet the nondiscrimination test of section 401(m) of the Code.

  • Partial Employer Contribution - Basic Eligibility The following employees covered by this Agreement receive the full Employer Contribution for basic life coverage, and at the employee's option, a partial Employer Contribution for health and dental coverages if they are scheduled to work at least fifty (50) percent but less than seventy-five (75) percent of the time. This means: