Currently Sample Clauses

Currently. Qwest’s BHC Status Tool and amendments to Appointment Scheduler to account for the BHC process are scheduled for deployment on October 18, 2004. Such tools will not be available before that date. The BHC process will not be available as a provisioning option until these tools are deployed.
Currently less than 1% of all NHS111 referrals result in a direction to a community pharmacy. Calls are normally referred to other primary care locations such as GP (in hours and out of hours), walk-in centres and sometimes A&E. These appointments block access to GP appointments for patients with greater clinical need.
Currently there is no retrospective of use of force as part of the medical quality improvement process but such a process should be put in place.
Currently the Company provides me with six (6) Sick Time days during my Working Year. The Sick Time accrues at one-half day per each two consecutive pay periods. At the end of any Working Year, all accrued unused Sick Time is transferred to the next concurrent Working Year. No more than six (6) Sick Time days may be used in any Working Year. If unused Sick Time days are carried over from one Working Year to the next concurrent Working Year, then the amount of Sick Time days I can accrue in that next concurrent Working Year shall be limited to the difference between the unused Sick Time days carried forward to the next concurrent Working Year and six (6) days.
Currently the conversion rate we use for a transaction in a foreign currency is no greater than (a) the highest official conversion rate published by a government agency, or (b) the highest interbank conversion rate identified by us from customary banking sources on the conversion date or the prior business day. This conversion rate may differ from rates in effect on the day of your transactions.
Currently. PERA prohibits Graduate Assistants from being required as a condition of employment to financially support a labor organization or bargaining representative. Should PERA be amended such that the terms of this Article are affected, the parties to this Agreement shall, within thirty (30) days of notice each to the other, convene to negotiate mutually acceptable alterations to this Article. If the PERA amendment does nothing more, or less, than restore language replaced by the December, 2012 amendment, the parties to this Agreement shall replace the language of this Article with that of Article 5 of the 2010-2013 Agreement.
Currently. Medicare does not provide reimbursement for cryosurgical ablation of the prostate, one of the approved uses of the Company's eight probe CRYOcare System. The Company believes that to become and remain competitive, it will need to continue to develop third party distribution channels and/or a substantial direct sales force for its new and other products. Establishing marketing and sales capabilities sufficient to support sales in commercial quantities will require significant resources, and there can be no assurance that the Company will be able to recruit and retain direct sales personnel, or that the Company will succeed in establishing and maintaining any third party distribution channels, or that the Company's future sales and marketing efforts will succeed at all. In addition, under the current distribution agreement, Boston Scientific has a right of first refusal to match any offer received by the Company from a third party to purchase the assets related to the CRYOcare System for urological applications, and a right to buy
Currently the Agreement provides only for cash redemptions. This amendment to the Agreement will permit VIT to make in-kind redemptions in addition to cash redemptions, to the extent permitted by law and as described in the VIT Prospectus. The amendment is principally intended to permit in-kind redemptions in the event of large- scale redemptions, such as those in connection with substitutions. As such, Article I, Section 1.4 of the Agreement is amended to read as follows: