Currently Sample Clauses

Currently. Qwest’s BHC Status Tool and amendments to Appointment Scheduler to account for the BHC process are scheduled for deployment on October 18, 2004. Such tools will not be available before that date. The BHC process will not be available as a provisioning option until these tools are deployed.
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Currently. Crude Oil is out of purview of GST. Xxxxx agrees to pay full GST from the date Crude oil is brought under GST.
Currently in order to accomplish the above-mentioned goals, it is possible that BCR transfers certain categories of personal data outside Romania, in EU/EEA countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, and outside the EU/EEA to the United States of America (for the transfers through SWIFT). For transfers outside the EU/EEA, BCR will base its transfer of personal data on the standard contractual clauses adopted at European Commission level or other guarantees recognized by law.
Currently there is no retrospective of use of force as part of the medical quality improvement process but such a process should be put in place.
Currently the conversion rate we use for a transaction in a foreign currency is no greater than (a) the highest official conversion rate published by a government agency, or (b) the highest interbank conversion rate identified by us from customary banking sources on the conversion date or the prior business day. This conversion rate may differ from rates in effect on the day of your transactions.
Currently less than 1% of all NHS111 referrals result in a direction to a community pharmacy. Calls are normally referred to other primary care locations such as GP (in hours and out of hours), walk-in centres and sometimes A&E. These appointments block access to GP appointments for patients with greater clinical need.
Currently the Office of Catholic Schools and the Confederation recognize two negotiation models:
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Currently the Company provides me with six (6) Sick Time days during my Working Year. The Sick Time accrues at one-half day per each two consecutive pay periods. At the end of any Working Year, all accrued unused Sick Time is transferred to the next concurrent Working Year. No more than six (6) Sick Time days may be used in any Working Year. If unused Sick Time days are carried over from one Working Year to the next concurrent Working Year, then the amount of Sick Time days I can accrue in that next concurrent Working Year shall be limited to the difference between the unused Sick Time days carried forward to the next concurrent Working Year and six (6) days.
Currently the Pledgors, as Party D’s shareholders, duly hold 100% equity interest in Party D;
Currently the Borrower is in default of several provisions of the Credit Agreement, and the Borrower has requested that the Banks and the Agent waive the existing defaults and provide certain other financial accommodations. C. The Banks and the Agent are willing to grant the Borrower’s requests subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Agreement ACCORDINGLY, in consideration of the premises and for other good and valuable consideration, the Borrower, the Banks and the Agent agree as follows: 1.
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