No Chargebacks Sample Clauses

No Chargebacks. The Client will not, under any circumstances, issue or threaten to issue any chargebacks to the Company or to the Client’s credit card and/or form of payment (ie, Stripe, PayPal) for any reason whatsoever related to the Program. In the event of a chargeback, the Company reserves its right to report it to the credit bureaus as a delinquent account.
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No Chargebacks. Participating Colleges will not pay chargebacks to one another with respect to WIOA Approved Students.
No Chargebacks. To the extent that Landlord has performed, or will perform, any extra or other work in or for the benefit of the Premises which is not specifically called for by the Approved Working Drawings, except in the case where such work is not required hereunder to be performed by Landlord and Tenant requests Landlord to perform such work, such work shall not be charged to Tenant or deducted from the Tenant Improvement Allowance. Unless otherwise approved in writing by Tenant, neither Tenant nor Contractor shall be required to use any materials or supplies prestocked or otherwise furnished by Landlord.
No Chargebacks. Participating Colleges will not pay chargebacks to oneanother with respect to America's Promise Grant - IMEC Approved Students.
No Chargebacks. Notwithstanding anything else herein or in the Lease to the contrary, Tenant shall not be liable to Landlord for any payment or performance bonds, security deposits, construction deposits, barricade fees, impact fees, advance rentals, architectural review fees, water or sewer tap-in fees, or construction chargebacks (except that Tenant shall repay to Landlord all construction costs in excess of $35.00 per square foot of the Premises). LANDLORD: Two Rivers Corporate Centre, L.P. By: RS Development, LLC , its General Partner By: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx TENANT: Xxxxxxxx’x, Inc. By: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Title: Senior Vice President EXHIBIT CCOMMENCEMENT DATE AGREEMENT This Agreement is made and entered into as of the day of , 2007 between Two Rivers Corporate Centre, L.P. (“Landlord”) and Xxxxxxxx’x, Inc., (“Tenant”), and shall be attached to and made a part of that certain Lease between Landlord and Tenant dated , 2007 (the “Lease”). Pursuant to the provisions of the Lease, Landlord and Tenant intending to be legally bound hereby, agree to the following:
No Chargebacks. Customer agrees and understands that the charges on a credit card or for any check for the machine and any items purchased for the machine through EnvistionTEC are irrevocable, undisputable and may not be charged back, contested or challenged now or in the future, doing so is a material breach of this agreement for which EnvisionTEC would be entitled to attorney fees, costs and fees associated with addressing a chargeback in addition to the amount challenged. Should Customer not pay the amount submitted to by EnvisionTEC for the cost of the chargeback within 30 days after EnvisionTEC has submitted its amount of cost due to Customer contesting a charge, the charges will be turned over to a collection agency. EnvisionTEC shall have at its sole disposal any other legal remedy it independently chooses to pursue any collection against Customer for the cost of the chargeback. Customer further agrees that proof of purchase by EnvisionTEC is all that is necessary to establish to the credit card agency or banking institution to deny a chargeback to Customer.

Related to No Chargebacks

  • Chargebacks You are responsible for all checks you cash or deposit into your account. If we cash a check for you or accept it for deposit to your account, and it is returned to us unpaid, we will charge any of your accounts for the amount of the unpaid check. We may, at our option, resubmit the returned check without notification to you.

  • CONTRACT CHARGES The Contract Charges for the Services shall be structured using any of the following pricing mechanisms (as may be agreed by the Parties and set out in an SOW); Capped Time and Materials; Price per Story; Time and Materials; Fixed Price (to be used only for Services that are ancillary to software development services); or using such other pricing mechanism or combination of pricing mechanism thereof as may be agreed by the Parties. In consideration of the Supplier’s performance of its obligations under this Contract and in consideration of the specific services that are set out in an applicable SOW, the Customer shall pay the undisputed Contract Charges in accordance with the relevant SOW for the Release and the payment provisions set out at Clause 14 (Payment and VAT). The Customer shall, in addition to the Contract Charges and following delivery by the Supplier of an Invoice, pay the Supplier a sum equal to the VAT chargeable on the value of the Services supplied in accordance with this Contract. If at any time during this Contract Period the Supplier reduces its framework Prices for any Services which are provided under the framework Agreement (whether or not such Services are offered in a catalogue (if any) which is provided under the framework Agreement) in accordance with the terms of the framework Agreement, the Supplier shall immediately reduce the Contract Charges for such Services under this Contract by the same amount. The Supplier shall in any event ensure that the Contract Charges are at all times compliant and consistent with the charging structure set out in framework Schedule 8 (Charging Structure) and do not exceed the prices set out therein. Contract Charges:

  • Minimum Gain Chargeback Except as otherwise provided in Regulations Section 1.704-2(f), notwithstanding the provisions of Section 6.2 hereof, or any other provision of this Article 6, if there is a net decrease in Partnership Minimum Gain during any Partnership Year, each Holder shall be specially allocated items of Partnership income and gain for such year (and, if necessary, subsequent years) in an amount equal to such Holder’s share of the net decrease in Partnership Minimum Gain, as determined under Regulations Section 1.704-2(g). Allocations pursuant to the previous sentence shall be made in proportion to the respective amounts required to be allocated to each Holder pursuant thereto. The items to be allocated shall be determined in accordance with Regulations Sections 1.704-2(f)(6) and 1.704-2(j)(2). This Section 6.4.A(i) is intended to qualify as a “minimum gain chargeback” within the meaning of Regulations Section 1.704-2(f) and shall be interpreted consistently therewith.

  • Bank Charges Borrower shall pay to Agent, on demand, any and all fees, costs or expenses which Agent or any Lender pays to a bank or other similar institution arising out of or in connection with (i) the forwarding to Borrower or any other Person on behalf of Borrower, by Agent or any Lender, of proceeds of Loans made to Borrower pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the depositing for collection by Agent or any Lender of any check or item of payment received or delivered to Agent or any Lender on account of the Obligations.

  • Direct Charges To the extent Cash-based Expenses are incurred by the Contractor, the Contractor shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary actual direct costs incurred (e.g., equipment, supplies, travel and other costs directly associated with the performance of the Agreement) to the extent required in the performance of the Work and to the extent such costs are anticipated in the Budget. Travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary costs incurred. Costs shall not exceed the daily per diem rates published in the Federal Travel Regulations. Reimbursement for the use of personal vehicles shall be limited to the Internal Revenue Service business standard mileage rate in effect at the time the expense was incurred.

  • Payment of Charges All amounts chargeable to Borrower under Section 6 hereof shall be Obligations secured by all of the Collateral, shall be payable on demand and shall bear interest from the date such advance was made until paid in full at the rate applicable to Revolving Credit Loans from time to time.

  • Service Charges No service charge shall be made for any exchange or registration of transfer of Warrants.

  • Third-Party Charges Customer may incur charges from third party service providers that are separate and apart from the amounts charged by Comcast. These may include, without limitation, charges resulting from accessing on-line services, calls to parties who charge for their telephone based services, purchasing or subscribing to other offerings via the Internet or interactive options on Public View Video, Video, or otherwise. Customer agrees that all such charges, including all applicable taxes, are Customer’s sole responsibility. In addition, Customer is solely responsible for protecting the security of credit card information provided to others in connection with such transactions.

  • Transportation Charges The cost of transporting Employees and Material necessary for the Mining Operations.

  • Maximum Charges In no event whatsoever shall interest and other charges charged hereunder exceed the highest rate permissible under law. In the event interest and other charges as computed hereunder would otherwise exceed the highest rate permitted under law, such excess amount shall be first applied to any unpaid principal balance owed by Borrowers, and if the then remaining excess amount is greater than the previously unpaid principal balance, Lenders shall promptly refund such excess amount to Borrowers and the provisions hereof shall be deemed amended to provide for such permissible rate.