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count. The purpose of the trust shall be as defined by the fund trustees and particularly to provide insurance benefits on behalf of participating unit members. The District shall have the right to annually audit the books and records of the trust. The trustees shall indemnify and hold harmless the District and reimburse the District’s reasonable attorney’s fees for any litigation brought against the District regarding the Association’s Welfare Benefit Trust, except to the extent that such litigation arises from the District’s obligation to make monetary payments to the Trust, as referenced above.
count. Upon the full execution of this Amendment, Horizon shall issue a Purchase Order for the calendar year 2014, for [...***...] 90 ct bottles of Product.
count. Count the number of Absconders in the Operating Month and not the number of Incidents (or events).
count. Count the number of times that any critical position was not fully staffed by a suitable alternative after [5] days. If any critical position was not fully staffed by a suitable alternative after [5] days then less than 100% was achieved for this KPI. Part of a day will be counted as one full day. Operation and Maintenance of the Young Adults FacilityAppendix 2 to Schedule 6 15. KPI 15 – The percentage of prisoners in employment or training upon release Definitions The following definitions apply in respect of KPI 15. Employment means that a Prisoner, post release, has an offer of employment accepted by both the Prisoner and an employer for at least 20 hours of work; or been accepted for enrolment at a registered education institution, with commencement of course at the next available opportunity of release of the Prisoner; or been accepted and enrolled at a registered trainee institution offering qualifications that are formally certified and nationally recognised. (eg TAFE or equivalent). The following institutions, authorities or bodies will be regarded as registered education institutions: an organisation that is registered by the relevant State or Territory training recognition authority in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework to provide one or more vocational education and training programs; and/or an organisation defined as such in the Student Assistance Act 1973, as amended from time to time. Course has the meaning as defined in the Student Assistance Act 1973. Mitigation Mitigation will be considered in the following circumstances: Prisoners not able to be employed due to medical conditions, as certified by a medical practitioner; Prisoners not able to be employed due to offence type as agreed 1 month in advance of the release date with the Principal, for example some sex offenders; or
count. You must then check a box to indicate if you have proof of purchase or not. Each qualifying purchase will receive a payment of 30% of the MSRP price (as defined in the Settlement Agreement), subject to the following limit: (1) Those with proof of purchase deemed valid by the Claims Administrator and the parties must submit it with the claim form and may obtain reimbursement up to $70.00 per Class Member; and (2) Those with no proof of purchase may obtain reimbursement up to $12.00 per Class Member.

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  • Year of Service An Employee must complete at least Hours of Service during a Vesting Computation Period to receive credit for a Year of Service under Article V. [Note: The number may not exceed 1,000. If left blank, the requirement is 1,000.]

  • Classification Review Grand Valley State University and APSS shall jointly determine the review assessment survey instrument to be used at Grand Valley State University. The parties shall maintain a Joint Review Committee, composed of three members appointed by the Human Resources Office and three members appointed by the Alliance. Bargaining unit members questioning the assigned classification of their position may do so by using the following procedure:

  • PERIOD OF SERVICE The Consultant shall complete the Services on or before December 31, 2019 (the “Deadline”), unless the Authority agrees to extend the Deadline for good reason; provided, however, that the Authority may terminate this Contract at any time in accordance with Section 14. Time is of the essence in performance of this Contract. There will be no obligation established between Authority and the Consultant for performance of the Services until Authority provides the Consultant execution of this Contract and receipt by the Authority of appropriate Certificates of Insurance and other documentation as may be required herein. The term of this Contract (“Term”) shall begin on the Effective Date and shall end on the first to occur of the following: (1) the Deadline, as the same may have been extended by the Authority, (2) the date on which, in the opinion of Authority, all of the Services have been rendered, (3) the date on which this Contract is terminated by the Authority pursuant to Section 14, or (4) the date on which this Contract is terminated by the Consultant pursuant to Section 14.

  • Hours of Service The minimum number of Hours of Service an Employee must complete during a vesting computation period to receive credit for a Year of Service is: (Choose (c) or (d)) [X] (c) 1,000 Hours of Service.

  • Alternate Billed Calls 1.1 The Parties will engage in settlements of intraLATA intrastate alternate-billed calls (e.g., collect, calling card, and third-party billed calls) originated or authorized by their respective Customers in accordance with an arrangement mutually agreed to by the Parties.

  • Utilization Review We review health services to determine whether the services are or were Medically Necessary or experimental or investigational ("Medically Necessary"). This process is called Utilization Review. Utilization Review includes all review activities, whether they take place prior to the service being performed (Preauthorization); when the service is being performed (concurrent); or after the service is performed (retrospective). If You have any questions about the Utilization Review process, please call the number on Your ID card. The toll-free telephone number is available at least 40 hours a week with an after-hours answering machine. All determinations that services are not Medically Necessary will be made by: 1) licensed Physicians; or 2) licensed, certified, registered or credentialed health care professionals who are in the same profession and same or similar specialty as the Provider who typically manages Your medical condition or disease or provides the health care service under review. We do not compensate or provide financial incentives to Our employees or reviewers for determining that services are not Medically Necessary. We have developed guidelines and protocols to assist Us in this process. Specific guidelines and protocols are available for Your review upon request. For more information, call the number on Your ID card or visit Our website at

  • Annual Leave Loading (a) In addition to their ordinary pay, an employee, other than a shiftworker, will be paid an annual leave loading of 17.5% of their ordinary pay on a maximum of 152 hours/four weeks annual leave per annum.

  • Overtime Meals Employees will not be required to work more than three (3) hours (unless the overtime was not scheduled at least one day in advance, in which case it will be two hours) after an eight hour shift, or one (1) hour after a ten hour shift, without a meal period intervening. If more than one meal occurs in the period worked by the employee the Employer shall provide the extra hot meal at no expense to the employee. The employee will be paid for the time spent consuming the meal at the applicable hourly rate of pay or alternatively the xxxxxxx can designate a one-half hour meal period at straight time rates. If no meal and time to consume it is provided, the Employer will provide a thirty ($30.00) dollar meal allowance in lieu of both. In the event of the employees bringing their meals, they will be allowed one-half hour to consume the meal and will be paid for the said time at the applicable hourly rate of pay. Examples of the four options for overtime meal breaks:

  • Scope of Service Interconnection Service shall be provided to the Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection (a), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Generation Interconnection Customer, up to the Maximum Facility Output, and (b), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Transmission Interconnection Customer, up to the Nominal Rated Capability. The location of the Point of Interconnection shall be mutually agreed by the Interconnected Entities, provided, however, that if the Interconnected Entities are unable to agree on the Point of Interconnection, the Transmission Provider shall determine the Point of Interconnection, provided that Transmission Provider shall not select a Point of Interconnection that would impose excessive costs on either of the Interconnected Entities and shall take material system reliability considerations into account in such selection. Specifications for the Customer Facility and the location of the Point of Interconnection shall be set forth in an appendix to the Interconnection Service Agreement and shall conform to those stated in the Facilities Study.

  • Leave Pay Leave pay for employees detailed to a higher level position will be administered in accordance with the following: Employees working short term on a higher level assignment or detail will be entitled to approved sick and annual paid leave at the higher level rate for a period not to exceed three days. Short term shall mean an employee has been on an assignment or detail to a higher level for a period of 29 consecutive work days or less at the time leave is taken and such assignment or detail to the higher level position is resumed upon return to work. All short term assignments or details will be automatically canceled if replace- ments are required for absent detailed employees. Long term shall mean an employee has been on an assignment or detail to the higher level position for a period of 30 consecutive workdays or longer at the time leave is taken and such assignment or detail to the higher level position is resumed upon return to work. Terminal leave payments resulting from death will be paid at the higher level for all employees who are assigned or detailed to high- er level assignments on their last workday.