With Proof of Purchase Sample Clauses

With Proof of Purchase. Class Members who have a proof of purchase for all of their Infants’ Acetaminophen during the Class Period will be entitled to a refund of $1.70 for every 1 fl. oz. bottle of Infants’ Acetaminophen and 2 fl. oz. bottle of Infants’ Acetaminophen for which they have a valid proof of purchase, for each and every bottle without limitation. A valid proof of purchase means a receipt or other documentation, produced by a third-party commercial source that reasonably establishes the fact and date of purchase of Infants’ Acetaminophen during the Class Period in the United States. Class Members will be restricted to 1 claim per household.
With Proof of Purchase. Settlement Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form, along with Proof of Purchase establishing purchase of the Covered Products, and revealing the actual price paid for the Covered Products, will receive a full refund of the purchase price for up to six (6) Unit purchases of the Covered Products during the Class Period. Settlement Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form, along with Proof of Purchase that does not reveal the actual price paid for the Covered Products will receive a refund of $7.00 for each such Unit up to six (6) Units.
With Proof of Purchase. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the approval of the Claims Administrator, Settlement Class Members who, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, submit a timely, valid, and approved Claim Form for more than ten (10) Products purchased per household during the Settlement Class Period are entitled to a payment in the amount of One and No/100 Dollars ($1.00) per Product purchased, subject to the adjustments set forth in Section IV.B.7, provided, however, that such Settlement Class Members furnish to the Claims Administrator valid Proofs of Purchase for all Products claimed that exceed ten (10). The Claims Administrator shall have the right to inspect submitted Proofs of Purchase and evaluate their authenticity, adequacy and trustworthiness.
With Proof of Purchase. For Settlement Class Members who provide proof of purchase of the Product during the Class Period, Defendants will pay $3.00 per Product purchased up to a limit of 10 bones per household. “Proof of purchase” must be a store receipt or such other financial records as will identify the Product and the price at which the Claimant purchased the Product, and contain evidence that the amount was paid by the Claimant.
With Proof of Purchase. Each Claimant who submits sufficient Proof of Purchase may claim $1.25 per Godiva Chocolate Product purchased during the Class Period, up to a maximum recovery of $25.

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  • Terms of Purchase The closing of the transactions contemplated by Section 10.6 (the "Purchase Closing") shall occur (a) on the Termination Date if this Agreement expires pursuant to the terms of Sections 10.1 and 10.2, or (b) on a date mutually acceptable to the parties hereto that shall be within 180 days after receipt of a Termination Notice. The parties shall enter into an asset purchase agreement containing representations, warranties and conditions customary to a transaction of this size involving the purchase and sale of similar businesses. Subject to the conditions set forth below, at the Purchase Closing, Administrator and/or its Affiliates, as the case may be, shall transfer and assign the Purchase Assets to the Group, and in consideration therefor, the Group shall (a) pay to Administrator, Parent and/or their Affiliates an amount in cash or, at the option of the Group (subject to the conditions set forth below), Parent Common Stock (valued pursuant to Section 10.6(c) hereof), or some combination of cash and Parent Common Stock equal to the Purchase Price and (b) assume the Practice Related Liabilities. The structure of the transaction set forth in this Section 10.7 shall, if possible, be structured as a tax-free transaction under applicable law. Each party shall execute such documents or instruments as are reasonably necessary, in the opinion of each party and its counsel, to effect the foregoing transaction. The Group shall, and shall use its best efforts to cause each shareholder of the Group to, execute such documents or instruments as may be necessary to cause the Group to assume the Practice Related Liabilities and to release Administrator, Parent and/or their Affiliates, as the case may be, from any liability or obligation with respect thereto. In the event the Group desires to pay all or a portion of the Purchase Price in shares of Parent Common Stock, such transaction shall be subject to the satisfaction of each of the following conditions:

  • Closing of Purchase (a) Upon any purchase by the Company of the Shares pursuant to the Agreement, the Company shall give to Holder and you a written notice specifying the number of Shares to be purchased, the purchase price for the Shares, as determined pursuant to the Agreement, and the time for a closing hereunder (the “Closing”) at the principal office of the Company. Holder and the Company hereby irrevocably authorize and direct you to close the transaction contemplated by such notice in accordance with the terms of said notice.

  • Notice of Purchase In the case of a Mandatory Purchase, the Liquidity Provider shall be obligated to purchase all Outstanding VRDP Shares.

  • Conditions of Purchase 4.1 The Purchaser acknowledges that the Issuer’s obligation to sell the Units to the Purchaser is subject to, among other things, the conditions that:

  • EXECUTION OF PURCHASE AND SALE ORDERS In connection with purchases or sales of portfolio securities for the account of the Fund, it is understood that you will arrange for the placing of all orders for the purchase and sale of portfolio securities for the account with brokers or dealers selected by you, subject to review of this selection by the Board from time to time. You will be responsible for the negotiation and the allocation of principal business and portfolio brokerage. In the selection of such brokers or dealers and the placing of such orders, you are directed at all times to seek for the Fund the best qualitative execution, taking into account such factors as price (including the applicable brokerage commission or dealer spread), the execution capability, financial responsibility and responsiveness of the broker or dealer and the brokerage and research services provided by the broker or dealer. You should generally seek favorable prices and commission rates that are reasonable in relation to the benefits received. In seeking best qualitative execution, you are authorized to select brokers or dealers who also provide brokerage and research services to the Fund and/or the other accounts over which you exercise investment discretion. You are authorized to pay a broker or dealer who provides such brokerage and research services a commission for executing a Fund portfolio transaction which is in excess of the amount of commission another broker or dealer would have charged for effecting that transaction if you determine in good faith that the amount of the commission is reasonable in relation to the value of the brokerage and research services provided by the executing broker or dealer. The determination may be viewed in terms of either a particular transaction or your overall responsibilities with respect to the Fund and to accounts over which you exercise investment discretion. The Fund and you understand and acknowledge that, although the information may be useful to the Fund and you, it is not possible to place a dollar value on such information. The Board shall periodically review the commissions paid by the Fund to determine if the commissions paid over representative periods of time were reasonable in relation to the benefits to the Fund. Consistent with the Rules of Fair Practice of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., and subject to seeking best qualitative execution as described above, you may give consideration to sales of shares of the Fund as a factor in the selection of brokers and dealers to execute Fund portfolio transactions. Subject to the provisions of the 1940 Act, and other applicable law, you, any of your affiliates or any affiliates of your affiliates may retain compensation in connection with effecting the Fund's portfolio transactions, including transactions effected through others. If any occasion should arise in which you give any advice to clients of yours concerning the shares of the Fund, you will act solely as investment counsel for such client and not in any way on behalf of the Fund. Your services to the Fund pursuant to this Agreement are not to be deemed to be exclusive and it is understood that you may render investment advice, management and other services to others, including other registered investment companies.

  • Conditions Precedent to Obligation of Purchaser The obligation of Purchaser to consummate the transaction hereunder shall be subject to the fulfillment on or before the Closing Date of all of the following conditions, any or all of which may be waived by Purchaser in its sole discretion:

  • Acceptance of Purchase Order Agreement by Seller to furnish the materials, parts, and products (“goods”) or services, including the products resulting from such services, or its commencement of such performance, or acceptance of any payment, shall constitute Seller’s unqualified acceptance of this Purchase Order. Any prices or delivery schedule to which Buyer has not specifically agreed to in writing, or any other terms or conditions proposed by Seller inconsistent with or in addition to the terms and conditions herein, shall be void. Modifications or additions to these Purchase Order terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by Buyer’s Purchasing Representative. These terms and conditions, together with all supplements, documents, exhibits, attachments, and any other agreements incorporated by reference into this Purchase Order, constitute the entire agreement between Buyer and Seller (collectively “the Parties” and singularly a “Party”) with respect to the subject matter of this Purchase Order, and supersede any prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements pertaining thereto.

  • Exercise of Purchase Option and Closing (a) The Company may exercise the Purchase Option by delivering or mailing to the Participant (or his estate), within 90 days after the termination of the employment of the Participant with the Company, a written notice of exercise of the Purchase Option. Such notice shall specify the number of Shares to be purchased. If and to the extent the Purchase Option is not so exercised by the giving of such a notice within such 90-day period, the Purchase Option shall automatically expire and terminate effective upon the expiration of such 90-day period.

  • CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO OBLIGATIONS OF PURCHASER The obligation of Purchaser to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement is subject to the fulfillment, on or prior to the Closing Date, of each of the following conditions (any or all of which may be waived by Purchaser in whole or in part to the extent permitted by applicable Law):

  • Terms of Purchase and Sale 2 Section 1.2 CLOSING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Section 1.3