Project Cost Sample Clauses

Project Cost a. The estimated cost of the Project is $1,107,778.00. This amount is based upon the Schedule of Financial Assistance in Exhibit "B", attached and incorporated in this Agreement. The Schedule of Financial Assistance may be modified by execution of an amendment of the Agreement by the Parties.
Project Cost. An updated cost spreadsheet reflecting the current forecasted cost vs. the latest approved budget vs. the baseline budget should be included in this section. One way to track project cost is to show: (1) Baseline Budget, (2) Latest Approved Budget, (3) Current Forecasted Cost Estimate, (4) Expenditures or Commitments to Date, and (5) Variance between Current Forecasted Cost and Latest Approved Budget. Line items should include all significant cost centers, such as prior costs, right-of-way, preliminary engineering, environmental mitigation, general engineering consultant, section design contracts, construction administration, utilities, construction packages, force accounts/task orders, wrap-up insurance, construction contingencies, management contingencies, and other contingencies. The line items can be broken-up in enough detail such that specific areas of cost change can be sufficiently tracked and future improvements made to the overall cost estimating methodology. A Program Total line should be included at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Narratives, tables, and/or graphs should accompany the updated cost spreadsheet, basically detailing the current cost status, reasons for cost deviations, impacts of cost overruns, and efforts to mitigate cost overruns. The following information should be provided:
Project Cost. The reasonable cost of the Project is estimated to be $<insert Project Cost>.
Project Cost. The Parties expressly agree that the cost of construction of the Project, as on the Bid Date, which is due and payable by the Authority to the Concessionaire, shall be deemed to be Rs. ………..(Rupees……………) (the “Project Cost”).£1The Parties further agree that the Project Cost specified hereinabove for payment to the Concessionaire shall be inclusive of the cost of construction, interest during construction, working capital, physical contingencies and all other costs expenses and charges for and in respect of construction of the Project, save and, except any additional costs arising on account of variation in Price Index, Change of Scope, Change in Law, Force Majeure or breach of this Agreement, which costs shall be due and payable to the Concessionaire in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Project Cost specified herein represents the amount due and payable by the Authority to the Concessionaire and may be less than equal to, or more than the Total Project Cost.
Project Cost. The estimated cost of the Project is $  . This amount is based upon the Schedule of Financial Assistance in Exhibit "B", attached to and incorporated in this Agreement. Exhibit “B” may be modified by mutual execution of an amendment as provided for in paragraph 5.i. The Department agrees to participate in the Project cost up to the maximum amount of $  and as more fully described in Exhibit "B". This amount includes Federal-aid funds which are limited to the actual amount of Federal-aid participation. The Department’s participation may be increased or reduced upon determination of the actual bid amounts of the Project by the mutual execution of an amendment. The Recipient agrees to bear all expenses in excess of the total cost of the Project and any deficits incurred in connection with the completion of the Project. Project costs eligible for Department participation will be allowed only from the date of this Agreement. It is understood that Department participation in eligible Project costs is subject to: Legislative approval of the Department's appropriation request in the work program year that the Project is scheduled to be committed; Availability of funds as stated in paragraphs 5.l. and 5.m. of this Agreement; Approval of all plans, specifications, contracts or other obligating documents and all other terms of this Agreement; and Department approval of the Project scope and budget at the time appropriation authority becomes available.
Project Cost. The estimated cost of the Project is $  (Project Cost), which the Parties shall share as set out below. If the final cost of the Project is less than this estimated Project Cost, the final amounts owed will be adjusted based on the percentages.
Project Cost a. The estimated total cost of the Project is $ . This amount is based upon the schedule of funding in Exhibit "B", Schedule of Financial Assistance. The schedule of funding may be modified by mutual agreement of the Parties.
Project Cost. The Parties estimate the total cost to design and construct the Xxxxxxx-Columbia Roundabout will be $2,100,000, if procured in conjunction with the Columbia-Colorado Roundabout.