Commercial Terms Sample Clauses

Commercial Terms. Instead of paying StreamSets, Customer will pay applicable amounts to the Reseller as agreed between Customer and the Reseller. Customer’s order details (e.g., Scope of Use and fees) will be as stated in the Order placed by Reseller with StreamSets on Customer’s behalf. The Reseller is responsible for the accuracy of such Order. StreamSets may suspend or terminate Customer’s rights to use the Products if it does not receive the corresponding payment from the Reseller. If Customer is entitled to a refund under this Agreement, StreamSets will refund any applicable fees to the Reseller and the Reseller will be solely responsible for refunding the appropriate amounts to Customer, unless otherwise specified.
Commercial Terms. Seller: PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY, limited for all purposes hereunder to its electric procurement and electric fuels functions Buyer: [Buyer to insert its full name here in all caps] Product: The Product shall consist of Electric Energy and associated Green Attributes from the Project, as further described and subject to the provisions herein.
Commercial Terms. 2.1 RETAILER and SHIMANO acknowledge and agree that the commercial terms applicable to the sale of Products by SHIMANO to RETAILER (payment terms, returns, warranty, etc.) shall be governed by purchase order(s) placed for such Products by RETAILER and as accepted by SHIMANO with terms for payment and any other relevant terms as agreed by the parties at the time of such sale.
Commercial Terms. There are connection and rental charges associated with Symmetric Ethernet Service Products. Once an order is completed, billing shall commence in the next billing cycle. All prices for the various products are provided in the SES Price List as detailed in Schedule 5 of this document. The terms and conditions associated with SES are detailed in the InterConnect and SES Reference Offer. Schedule 3 – InterConnect and SES Product Billing Connection, rental and one-off charges exist for all NBI InterConnect and SES Products. All details of the relevant charges are outlined in the InterConnect and SES price lists which are available on the website, within Schedules 4 and 5 of this Reference Offer or directly from the Service Provider’s NBI Account Manager . Rental charges are billed annually in advance and include any broken period rentals (charged on a pro-rata basis) from the time of installation. A one-year minimum period of service is applicable to all InterConnect and SES orders. Invoices are issued annually detailing connection, one-off, Managed Service (if applicable) and rental charges payable. The InterConnect and SES Billing details are described in full as part of the NBI Process Manual and are published on the NBI Website. Schedule 4 – InterConnect Price List This Price List sets out the charges applicable to the InterConnect product only. The Price List is also published on the NBI website. For information on pricing for other NBI product sets, please visit the NBI website or consult with your NBI Account Manager. The prices may increase or decrease in accordance with the provisions of this Reference Offer. All pricing changes go through the defined NBI change management process in accordance with the rules of the Project Agreement in place between NBI and the DCCAE and are reflected in the published NBI InterConnect Products Price List. All InterConnect types can be ordered via the NBI order form and are available in three variants: • Third Party Premises (TPP) Handover, also called Customer Sited Handover (CSH) • In-Building Handover (IBH) • In-Span Handover (ISH) All charges in this Price List are exclusive of VAT and are listed in EURO. Table A – InterConnect Product pricing Charge Ref Charge Description Effective From Effective To Wholesale Price IC1.0 10 Gbit/s InterConnect Annual Rental IBH & ISH 01/04/2020 - €195 IC1.1 10 Gbit/s InterConnect Setup IBH & ISH 01/04/2020 - €2,000 IC2.0 10 Gbit/s InterConnect Annual Rental CSH 01/04/2020 - €2,1...
Commercial Terms. 2.1. Prices and other commercial terms shall be specified in Purchase Order and Quotation.
Commercial Terms. 2.1. Prices for the Services shall be specified in the Proposal.
Commercial Terms. Should CERES desire to use one of more of the MATERIALS or DERIVATIVES for commercial purposes, CERES will notify SYSTEM of its interests and the Parties will enter into diligent negotiations in good faith for a commercial license for the subject MATERIAL and/or DERIVATIVE of interest (“License Agreement”). Terms and conditions for a commercial license will be determined at the time of such negotiations. Notwithstanding the above, nothing in this Agreement should be construed to grant to CERES a commercial license or right from SYSTEM to use the MATERIAL, KNOW-HOW, or DERIVATIVES.
Commercial Terms. 1. Type of loan: þ Short term working capital loan x Medium to long term working capital loan
Commercial Terms. 5. The Acquiring Party owns and is at risk for Equipment in transit. If crane and/or rigging or any other equipment is required to dismantle and/or load the Equipment for removal, all charges associated with dismantling, loading and removal, including equipment hire, labour and freight charges will be to the account of the Acquiring Party. If the Acquiring Party brings equipment onto a mine site operated for the purposes of dismantling and/or loading the Equipment for removal, such equipment must:
Commercial Terms. Osm Kft commits to work diligently and in good faith to progress validation and transition to Methylphenidate HC1 (New Chemistry) code 0570 as soon as possible, and Mallinckrodt commits to providing Osm Kft with all the relevant technical support and provide sufficient Methylphenidate HC1 (Old Chemistry) code 1571 while such transition work is progressed.