Collocation Space Sample Clauses

Collocation Space. As used herein, “T-Mobile Collocation Space,” as to each Site, means:
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Collocation Space. As used herein, “AT&T Collocation Space,” as to each Site, means:
Collocation Space. As used herein, “Verizon Collocation Space,” as to each Site, includes all of the following spaces described in the following clauses (i) – (iv).
Collocation Space. To the extent that we need space in and around your place of business to provide you Fiber Services, including, but not limited to, any necessary easements, licenses, permits and building entrance rights required to connect our Equipment from the public right of way to your place of business (“Collocation Space”), you agree to provide us such Collocation Space and hereby grant us an irrevocable license to use, occupy and maintain the Collocation Space until the Agreement is terminated. You also agree to provide us with power, not to exceed 30 amps of power, for our Equipment. With the exception of any power usage that exceeds 30 amps of power a month, you will not charge us for the Collocation Space or the power usage of our Equipment. Additionally, you hereby grant us a license to access the Collocation Space on a 24 hour/7 day per week basis, subject to any reasonable rules and regulations promulgated by you for the use and maintenance of the Collocation Space. We are not responsible for any delays in provisioning the Fiber Services or interruptions to the Fiber Services caused by your inability or failure to secure, maintain or give us access to the Collocation Space.
Collocation Space. Nettaxi shall provide Customer with shared or ------------------- dedicated Rack Space as indicated in the DCSO.
Collocation Space. 3.1.1. stc will provide Customer with the Rack sizes as specified in the Order From in a conditioned Environment with controlled access for operation on a shared, no-wall basis, including Power Supply, generator-backed electricity and air-conditioning capable of maintaining proper operating temperature. The Rack is located in the Datacenter and is provided for the installation, operation, repair, replacement and removal of Communication Equipment. Customer may request to increase the Rack size for adding more Communication Equipment after the parties have signed an additional Order Form to this Agreement.
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Collocation Space. 5.1 If Windstream determines it necessary for XxXxxx’x Collocation Space to be moved within the building in which the Collocation Space is located (“Building”) or to another Windstream Wire Center, XxXxxx is required to do so. XxXxxx shall be responsible for the preparation and all costs associated with the new Collocation Space at the new location, if such relocation arises from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Windstream, including condemnation or government order or regulation that makes the continued occupancy of the Collocation Space or Building uneconomical in Windstream’s sole judgment. Otherwise Windstream shall be responsible for any such preparation and costs.
Collocation Space. If contracted for, Alchemy shall provide Customer with shared or private data center space as indicated in the GDCSO(s). ________ Initial Alchemy Gigabit Data Center Agreement - Confidential Service Agreement
Collocation Space. The collocation space (the Space) which is in premises leased by Provider is described on Exhibit A. Provider agrees to allow Client to place certain equipment (the "Equipment) as defined in Exhibit A, subject and subordinate to the terms and provisions of the applicable lease or leases (the Lease) between Provider or its affiliates and the landlord or landlords of the Space. The Equipment shall be approved by Provider prior to installation in the Space and shall not exceed the standard dimensions identified in the service fee structure. Client hereby accepts the Space in its as is condition and acknowledges that US Net Solutions has no obligation to make alterations, improvements, additions, decorations or changes within the leased premises, Space or any part thereof. In connection with the provision of the Space, Provider shall provide to Client the installation services, remote hand services and other space services set forth on Exhibit A hereto.
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