Bureaus Sample Clauses

Bureaus. For purposes of Sections 14.6 and 14.7, an employee regularly assigned to a Bureau which is within 35 miles of the Station's transmitter shall be deemed to be employed at the Bureau.
Bureaus. It shall be a condition of employment for all employees assigned to work in any of the bureau offices to provide a vehicle for use in the service of the Employer. Any employee required to provide a vehicle for use in the service of the Employer shall maintain a valid driver’s license and carry at least the minimum insurance required by law. The employee shall provide the Employer proof of such insurance at the time of each policy renewal. Failure to meet or maintain any of the above requirements may result in termination. The Employer shall compensate all employees for the use of their personal vehicle in the service of the Employer as follows:
Bureaus. The information w.r.t. Bureaus of the Council at the HQ New Delhi .

Related to Bureaus

  • TEACHER PROTECTION A. If a teacher, in connection with his employment, is subjected to assault or battery, he shall immediately report the incident and the circumstances to his Principal. The Principal shall forward the report to the Executive Director of Elementary/Middle or Secondary Schools, as appropriate, with a copy to the Union.

  • Department of Transportation 4. Time Limitation for Submittal of a Complaint - A complaint may not be brought under this subsection more than three years after the date on which the alleged reprisal took place.

  • Integrity We believe fidelity to our values builds credibility, trust, fairness and consistency.

  • Whistleblower Protections The Party shall not discriminate or retaliate against one of its employees or agents for disclosing information concerning a violation of law, fraud, waste, abuse of authority or acts threatening health or safety, including but not limited to allegations concerning the False Claims Act. Further, the Party shall not require such employees or agents to forego monetary awards as a result of such disclosures, nor should they be required to report misconduct to the Party or its agents prior to reporting to any governmental entity and/or the public.

  • Utility RELOCATION A-E may be required to perform engineering services related to: determination of utility disposition, ownership, and superior rights for all utilities within project area; determination of utility location and depth including conducting pot-holing operations if necessary; and design and/or coordination of utility relocations within the project area. The task may include, but not be limited to research, pot-holing, surveying, design, cost estimates, permits, agreements, PS&E (portion related to the relocations), coordination with utility companies and other agencies. If COUNTY and/or DISTRICT determines that such utility services are required, A- E may perform such work or employ special consultants to accomplish the work. All utility services obtained from outside sources shall conform to the standards.

  • Malicious Use of Orphan Glue Records Registry Operator shall take action to remove orphan glue records (as defined at http://www.icann.org/en/committees/security/sac048.pdf) when provided with evidence in written form that such records are present in connection with malicious conduct.