New Equipment Sample Clauses

New Equipment. Where new types of equipment and/or operations, for which rates of pay are not established by this Agreement, are put into use after the ratification date of this Agreement within operations covered by this Agreement, rates governing such operations shall be subject to negotiations between the parties. This paragraph shall apply to all new types of equipment including office and clerical equipment. In the event agreement cannot be reached within sixty (60) days after the date such equipment is put into use, the matter may be submit- xxx to the National Grievance Committee for final disposition. Rates agreed upon or awarded shall be effective as of the date equipment is put to use.
New Equipment. Spansion shall bear sole responsibility for all sales, use, gross receipts, excise, value-added or personal property taxes attributable to New Equipment and any third party maintenance thereon procured by AMD on behalf of Spansion (with the consent of Spansion in connection with the Change Order Procedures) in connection with AMD’s performance of Services under this Agreement (provided Spansion obtains unencumbered title to such equipment). With respect to any Software to be delivered to Spansion within the State of California, for so long as there is a tax benefit to Spansion in the delivery methods hereinafter described, AMD shall use commercially reasonable efforts to, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause any third party vendor to, deliver any Software by means that minimize the tax attributable to the delivery of such Software to Spansion.
New Equipment. In the event of the introduction of new equipment for use in the Editorial departments covered by this Agreement or replacing equipment currently being used by bargaining unit employees, the Employer will give the Union thirty (30) days' notice. Present employees will be given up to three (3) months' training in order to become proficient on the new equipment.
New Equipment. Company shall advise Buyer, through its Corporate Purchasing Department of any new Equipment that is similar to the Equipment covered by this Agreement that Company develops and/or receives appropriate regulatory approval to market during the term of this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended in accordance with Paragraph 18F hereof to include any new equipment Buyer desires to purchase from Company.
New Equipment. Whenever a piece of power equipment is purchased, the question of whether or not a bonus shall be paid shall be negotiated by the Union and the Corporation.
New Equipment. Crane operator: An employee who is assigned to operate a new type of crane or a crane with a new type of attachment shall receive the wage provided for his trade during the period required by his employer for his training or retraining. Division V TRADE JURISDICTION DISPUTES
New Equipment. 38.01 In the event of the installation of new presses in pressrooms covered by this Agreement which are the general type of equipment as any covered herein, but which are not specifically mentioned, the xxxxxxx and rates of such equipment shall be subject to negotiations.
New Equipment. New Case, CaselH, New Holland and New Holland Construction brand equipment or other equipment with brands owned by or licensed to CNHi America will be eligible for wholesale financing in an amount equal to the invoice price thereof plus freight and/or sundry charges.
New Equipment. In accordance with Spirit’s needs, Flight Operations can provide on-site assistance in the training of operations personnel and help in solving engine operational problems that might arise during the initial commercial service period. Such assistance can, if requested by Spirit, include participation in initial delivery flights, engine operational reviews, and flight crew training activity.
New Equipment. Unless specifically requested in this IFB, all equipment furnished under this solicitation shall be new equipment and in current production.