Accreditation Sample Clauses

Accreditation. The School shall be accredited as provided by rule of the state board of education.
Accreditation. The Organiser shall establish an accreditation system including the standard access zones or similar set forth in Exhibit 3. The Organiser shall grant corre- sponding access (i.e. corresponding accreditation) to the bearers of FIS sea- son accreditations (according to special rules for the disciplines respectively ICR art. 220 and following). Further, special access cards issued by the FIS (e.g. restricted area within the finish area) shall be accepted. The Organiser shall issue accreditation with appropriate access zones for the various groups that include athletes, team officials, service personnel, NSA of- ficials, sponsors, partners, VIPs, special guests, etc. according to the WCR and the accreditation matrix in Exhibit 3. The Organiser shall also issue accreditation with appropriate access zones to specified personnel of the equipment providers. The names of the persons to be accredited and the required access shall be provided to the Organiser by the FIS. As a matter of principle, service personnel of the equipment providers shall be given the same access rights as the service personnel entered by a National Ski Association (including access to lifts serving the Jumping Hill). In all cases, access to the Jumping Hill is restricted and subject to additional on-course-permits issued under the control of the FIS Technical Delegate and/or Race Director Ski Jumping «DISCIPLINES». The Organiser may also grant accreditation to persons who are not bearers of a FIS season accreditation. The issuance of such an accreditation is however subject to the explicit consent of the recipient to comply with the FIS Rules as well as instructions of the Jury according to art. 211.1.3 ICR and/or the Organ- ising Committee. No accreditation may be granted to a person that is currently serving a period of ineligibility because of a decision of the FIS or another competent authority.
Accreditation. (a) With a view to performing its dispute resolution functions in terms of section 51 (3) of the Act only, the Council shall by decision apply to the governing body of the CCMA for accreditation to perform these functions, as appropriate.
Accreditation. The Department is committed to ensuring provision of the highest quality services to the persons we serve. Accordingly, the Department has expectations that where accreditation is generally accepted nationwide as a clear indicator of quality service, the majority of the Department’s providers will either be accredited, have a plan to meet national accreditation standards, or will initiate a plan within a reasonable period of time.
Accreditation. Both parties agree that failure to maintain regional accreditation will be grounds for termination of the agreement. Failure to maintain accreditation required by the specific academic program(s) referenced in this agreement will be grounds for exclusion of that program from the agreement.
Accreditation. If the Charter School serves grades 8-12, the Charter School shall seek accreditation from an approved accrediting agency pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-3-519(6.1)(A) within the first three years of the initial charter term or prior to the graduation of the Charter School’s first graduating class and shall retain accredited status thereafter. If applicable, a Charter School may use system accreditation to satisfy this requirement.
Accreditation. SCC and N.C. A&T will ensure that they maintain accreditation with the appropriate regional accrediting agency and ensure that all operations will be in keeping with accreditation requirements of the two institutions.
Accreditation. The Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries has obtained and maintains accreditation in good standing and without limitation or impairment by all applicable accrediting organizations, to the extent prudent and customary in the industry in which it is engaged or required by law (including any foreign law or equivalent regulation), except where the failure to have or maintain such accreditation in good standing or imposition of limitation or impairment would not have, in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect.
Accreditation. (a) With a view to performing its dispute resolution functions in terms of section 51
Accreditation. You must obtain and maintain accreditation under the Bega Cheese On-Farm Quality Assurance Program: