Expansion Space definition

Expansion Space means any space in the Building which, at any time during the Lease Term, is occupied by a Person other than Landlord under a written lease with Landlord, and the term “Tenant’s Expansion Space” means Expansion Space which Tenant has elected to lease as provided in this paragraph. Landlord agrees to notify Tenant promptly after Landlord learns that any Expansion Space is or will become available. Subject to the prior rights of other tenants to whom Landlord has granted substantially similar rights, Tenant has the option to lease any Expansion Space which Landlord notifies Tenant is or will become available. If Tenant gives Landlord notice of its exercise of this option within thirty (30) days after notification from Landlord of the availability of the Expansion Space and if no Event of Default exists when Tenant’s notice is given, this Lease will be deemed to be amended to include Tenant’s Expansion Space as part of the Premises for the remainder of the Lease Term upon all of the same terms contained in this Lease except that (i) the Rentable Area of the Premises will be amended to include Tenant’s Expansion Space; (ii) Tenant’s Share will be increased to include the rentable area of Tenant’s Expansion Space; (iii) the Term Commencement Date with respect to Tenant’s Expansion Space will be the earlier of sixty (60) days after the date on which Tenant’s Expansion Space becomes vacant and ready for occupancy (provided that date is at least sixty (60) days after Tenant exercises its option to lease the Expansion Space), or the date on which the Expansion Space is first occupied by Tenant; (iv) if Tenant’s Expansion Space contains a rentable area of 10,000 square feet or more, and if there are less than three (3) Lease Years remaining in the Lease Term, the Lease Term will be extended to include three (3) full years from the Term Commencement Date with respect to Tenant’s Expansion Space; and (v) subject to adjustment during each Fixed Rental Period as provided in Exhibit E, Basic Rent for each year of the remaining Lease Term (as it may be extended) will be the greater of (a) the Basic Rent last paid by the Person most recently occupying Tenant’s Expansion Space or (b) Market Rent determined as provided in the Rent Rider attached as Exhibit E. If Tenant exercises this option, Tenant’s Expansion Space will be leased to Tenant in its “as is” condition and Tenant will, at its expense and in compliance with the provisions of Section 7.06, design and construct all...
Expansion Space shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 10.4.
Expansion Space means a portion of the Building, containing approximately 6,481 rentable square feet of area, and more particularly shown on Exhibit “B-1” attached hereto.

Examples of Expansion Space in a sentence

  • The Expansion Space is subject to all the terms and conditions of the Lease except as expressly modified herein and except that Tenant shall not be entitled to receive any allowances, abatements or other financial concessions granted with respect to the Original Premises unless such concessions are expressly provided for herein with respect to the Expansion Space.

  • Tenant has inspected the Expansion Space and agrees to accept the same “as is” without any agreements, representations, understandings or obligations on the part of Landlord to perform any alterations, repairs or improvements, except as may be expressly provided otherwise in this Amendment.

  • Effective as of the Expansion Commencement Date, all references to the “Premises” shall mean and refer to the Existing Premises as expanded by the Expansion Space.

  • Accordingly, effective upon the Expansion Commencement Date, the Existing Premises shall be increased to include the Expansion Space.

  • From and after the Expansion Effective Date, the Expansion Space shall be subject to all the terms and conditions of the Lease except as provided herein.

More Definitions of Expansion Space

Expansion Space means all other space now leased or held for lease in the Building, Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or elsewhere in this Lease, all of Tenant’s rights to lease and Landlord’s obligations to Tenant in connection with the Expansion Space pursuant to this Addendum are subject and subordinate to: any rights in that space that already have been granted to existing tenants in the Project who currently lease or have otherwise been granted rights in connection with the Expansion Space (including, without limitation, rights of first offer, expansion rights and other rights), and tenants who lease all or any portion of the Expansion Space after Tenant fails to validly exercise its right to lease that Expansion Space hereunder, or their respective sublessees, successors or assigns (singularly or collectively, the “Other Tenants”), Landlord will have the right to permit the exercise of any or all of the rights in the Expansion Space that have been granted to the Other Tenants, and/or to renew, extend or modify any lease(s) with the Other Tenants and/or all other leases validly entered into, in each case without being subject to Tenant’s rights in this Addendum and without incurring any Liabilities to Tenant hereunder or otherwise All rights of the Other Tenants may be exercised by or for their benefit or the benefit of their sublessees, successors and assigns,
Expansion Space as defined in Section 36.1.
Expansion Space means that certain space in the Building commonly known as: (1) Suite 200, containing approximately 9,143 rentable square feet; (2) Suite 205, containing approximately 6,291 rentable square feet; (3) Suite 210, containing approximately 7,007 rentable square feet; and (4) Suite 215, containing approximately 8,385 rentable square feet, all as more specifically described on Exhibit K attached hereto, to the extent each such space is not occupied by a tenant or which is occupied by a then-existing tenant whose lease is expiring within 9 months or less and such tenant does not wish to renew (whether or not such tenant has a right to renew) its occupancy of such space. If all or a portion of the Expansion Space becomes available, Landlord shall, at such time as Landlord shall elect so long as Tenant’s rights hereunder are preserved, deliver to Tenant written notice (the “Expansion Notice”) of the availability of such Expansion Space, together with the terms and conditions on which Landlord is prepared to lease Tenant such Expansion Space. For the avoidance of doubt, Tenant shall be required to exercise its right under this Section 39(a) with respect to all of the space described in the Expansion Notice (“Identified Expansion Space”). For the avoidance of any doubt, Tenant shall continue to be entitled to an Expansion Notice pursuant to this Section 39(a) with respect to any portion of the Expansion Space which has not previously been identified in an Expansion Notice as Identified Expansion Space (for example, if Landlord delivers an Expansion Notice identifying Suite 200 and 205 as the Identified Expansion Space, Tenant shall continue to be entitled to an Expansion Notice with respect to Xxxxx 000 xxx Xxxxx 000). The term of this Lease with respect to the Identified Expansion Space may not be co-terminous with the Term of this Lease with respect to the then-existing Premises. Tenant shall have 5 business days following receipt of the Expansion Notice to deliver to Landlord written notification of Tenant’s exercise of the Expansion Right (“Exercise Notice”) with respect to the Identified Expansion Space. If Tenant does not deliver an Exercise Notice to Landlord within such 5 business day period, then Tenant shall be deemed to have waived its rights under this Section 39(a) to lease the Identified Expansion Space, and Landlord shall have the right to lease the Identified Expansion Space to any third party on any terms and conditions acceptable to Landlord.
Expansion Space means rentable space, if any, in other buildings in the Project which Landlord may, but shall have no obligation to, construct from time to time.
Expansion Space. A” is the part of Building Number 27 located at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx City, as shown on Exhibit A‑1 to this Amendment. Landlord and Tenant hereby agree that (i) Expansion Space A is conclusively presumed to be 24,448 rentable square feet; and (ii) this Amendment provides all rights and obligations of the parties with respect to expansion of the Existing Premises, whether or not in accordance with any other expansion rights previously granted to Tenant; and upon execution hereof, any and all other rights to expand are null, void and of no force or effect, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Tenant and Landlord acknowledge and agree that the Right of First Offer set forth in Section 5 of Rider 2 to the Existing Lease is hereby deleted as of the Execution Date.
Expansion Space. C” is the part of Building Number 12 located at 000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx City, as shown on Exhibit A‑3 to this Amendment. Landlord and Tenant hereby agree that Expansion Space C is conclusively presumed to be 7,767 rentable square feet.
Expansion Space as used herein shall mean any space located on the 10th floor of the Building which becomes available for lease and under the control of Landlord. The phrase “available for lease and under the control of Landlord” shall mean that any existing tenant has confirmed that it does not intend to renew or extend its lease for such Expansion Space and that any and all existing or prior rights of expansion, negotiation, offer or other options or rights which any third parties may have with respect to such Expansion Space as of the date of this Lease have either expired or have been waived in writing. During the Initial Term, if any bona fide third party requests a written proposal from Landlord, or delivers a written proposal to Landlord which Landlord is willing to accept, to lease an Expansion Space, then prior to leasing the Expansion Space to such third party, Landlord shall first offer to lease the Expansion Space to Tenant in writing (herein, the “Expansion Offer”), pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth below.