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Applicable Codes a) The initial Logistic Swap Provider’s Applicable Code at PSV and at DPA are the ones set out herebelow. [insert PSV and the delivery point that is DPA] Logistic Swap Provider’s Applicable Code PSV ENI S.p.A. – (00018) NCG VTP H-Gas NCHB400111750000 XXX Xxxx H GFENIG
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Applicable Codes. The latest edition of the regulations, rules, and codes listed below, with all amendments as of the date of permitting for construction, shall govern all Work. The following codes, rules, and regulations are adopted and incorporated into the Contract Documents, and it shall be the responsibility of CM/GC to familiarize itself with the requirements of these codes, rules, and regulations as applied to the performance of the Work.
Applicable Codes. The customer's installation must meet all applicable national, state, and local construction and safety codes.
Applicable Codes. Include, but are not limited to, applicable laws, statutes, regulations, rules, building and other codes, ordinances, rulings, and lawful orders of all public authorities having jurisdiction over the Judicial Council, the CMR, Subcontractors, the Project, the Work, or the prosecution of the Work.
Applicable Codes. All materials and workmanship shall conform to the Uniform Building Code, applicable State and Federal safety orders.
Applicable Codes. The following Indian Standard Codes, unless otherwise specified herein, shall be applicable. In all cases, the latest revision of the Codes shall take precedence.
Applicable Codes. The manufacturing, testing, supplying, laying, jointing and testing at work sites of HDPE pipe shall comply with all currently applicable statutes, regulations, standards and Codes. In particular, the standards listed in Table below shall be referred to, unless otherwise specified herein. In all cases the latest revision of the Codes shall be referred to. If requirements of this Specification conflict with the requirements of the standards / Codes, this Specification shall govern. Table 4-5 Design Codes Applicable to HDPE Pipe Code No. Title/Specification IS 4984 High Density Polyethylene Pipes for Water Supply IS 2530 Methods of test for polyethylene molding materials and polyethylene compounds GRP Pipes, Joints and Fittings for use for Potable Water Supply IS 5382 Rubber sealing rings for gas mains, water mains and sewers. IS 4905 Methods for random sampling IS 7328 High density polyethylene materials for molding and extrusion IS 7634 Laying & Jointing of Polyethylene (PE) Pipes IS 9845 Method of analysis for the determination of specific and/or overall migration of constituents of plastics material and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs IS 10141 Positive list of constituents of polyethylene in contact with food stuffs, pharmaceuticals and drinking water. IS 10146 Polyethylene for its safe use in contact with foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals and drinking water. Other Codes not specifically mentioned here but pertaining to the use of HDPE pipe shall form part of these Specifications.
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Applicable Codes. California Building Code (CBC) California Electrical Code (CEC) California Mechanical Code (CMC) California Plumbing Code (CPC) California Fire Code (CFC) California Energy Code (CEC) California Green Building Standards Code (GBC) Accessibility Regulations as Prescribed by the 2013 California Building Code Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines (ADA) All Codes and Ordinances Adopted by the City of San Diego
Applicable Codes. Federal, State, County or Municipal codes or regulations are applicable to the use and operation of the Facility. SIEMENS will maintain the current level of Facility compliance relative to applicable codes for work being performed unless specifically outlined to the contrary below. Unless specifically set forth in the Scope of Work and Services, Exhibit A, nothing herein should be construed as to require SIEMENS to provide additional work or services in the event that the current applicable code or regulation is modified.
Applicable Codes. The Service Instruments will conform to the generally accepted codes and regulations applicable to the Project at the time of performance.
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