The phrase definition

The phrase. Employment Term" shall mean the entire period of Executive's employment by Employer hereunder, whether for the periods provided above, or whether terminated earlier as hereinafter provided or extended by mutual agreement between Employer and Executive.
The phrase. Cause" means any of the following:
The phrase. For Cause" means: (a) the Executive's willful breach of this Agreement or Section 5.4 of the Stock Purchase Agreement, (b) the Executive's failure to adhere to any reasonable written Employer policy established by the Board of Directors if the Executive has been given a reasonable opportunity for a ten day period to comply with such policy or cure his failure to comply; (c) the appropriation (or attempted appropriation) of a opportunity of the Employer, including attempting to secure or securing any personal profit in connection with any transaction entered into on behalf of the Employer or in the Employer's line of business; (d) the misappropriation (or attempted misappropriation) of any of the Employer's funds or property; (e) substance abuse; or (f) the conviction of, the indictment for (or its procedural equivalent), or the entering of a guilty plea or plea of no contest with respect to any crime with respect to which imprisonment is a possible punishment.

Examples of The phrase in a sentence

  • The phrase " when practicable" is used in the FPP to describe Project actions for fish that may vary on a case-by-case basis and thus require the exercise of professional judgment by Project staff.

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The phrase made available" in this Agreement shall mean that the information referred to has been made available if requested by the party to whom such information is to be made available. The phrases "the date of this Agreement", "the date hereof," and terms of similar import, unless the context otherwise requires, shall be deemed to refer to November 17, 1997. The words "agreement," "contract" or "commitment" when used in this Agreement shall mean a legally binding agreement, contract or commitment.
The phrase. Just Cause" as used herein, shall exist when there has been a good faith determination by the Board that there shall have occurred one or more of the following events with respect to Executive: (i) the conviction of Executive of a felony; (ii) the willful commission by Executive of a criminal or other act that, in the reasonable judgment of the Board will likely cause substantial economic damage to the Company or substantial injury to the business reputation of the Company; (iii) the commission by Executive of an act of fraud in the performance of his duties on behalf of the Company; (iv) the continuing willful and material failure of Executive to perform his duties to the Company (other than any such failure resulting from Executive's incapacity due to physical or mental illness) after written notice thereof (specifying the particulars thereof in reasonable detail) and a reasonable opportunity to be heard and cure such failure are given to Executive by the Board; or (v) an order of a federal or state regulatory agency or a court of competent jurisdiction requiring the termination of Executive's employment by the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Just Cause shall not be deemed to exist unless there shall have been delivered to Executive a copy of a resolution duly adopted by the affirmative vote of not less than three-fourths of the entire membership of the Board at a meeting of the Board called and held for the purpose (after reasonable notice to Executive and an opportunity for Executive and his counsel to be heard before the Board prior to the time the Board decision is made), finding that in the good faith opinion of the Board Executive was guilty of conduct described above and specifying the particulars thereof. Prior to holding a meeting at which the Board is to make a final determination whether Just Cause exists, if the Board determines in good faith at a meeting of the Board, by not less than a majority of its entire membership, that there is probable cause for it to find that Executive was guilty of conduct constituting Just Cause as described above, the Board may suspend Executive from his duties hereunder for a reasonable period of time not to exceed fourteen (14) days pending a further meeting at which Executive shall be given the opportunity to be heard before the Board. Upon a finding of Just Cause, the Board shall deliver to Executive a Notice of Termination, as more fully described in Section 11 below.
The phrase made available" when used in this Agreement shall mean that the information referred to has been made available if requested by the party to whom such information is to be made available. As used in this Agreement, the terms "affiliate(s)" and "associates" shall have the meaning set forth in Rule 12b-2 promulgated under the Exchange Act. The article and section headings contained in this Agreement are solely for the purpose of reference, are not part of the agreement of the parties hereto and shall not in any way affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. Any matter disclosed pursuant to any Schedule of the Company Disclosure Schedule or the Buyer Disclosure Schedule shall not be deemed to be an admission or representation as to the materiality of the item so disclosed. SECTION 8.4
The phrase laid out” means specifically ‘laid out’ in schools admissions guidance published by the religious authority – ie ‘specifically provided for in or authorised by’ such guidance.”
The phrase. MADE available" in this Agreement shall mean that the information referred to has been made available if requested by the party to whom such information is to be made available. As used in this Agreement, the term "SUBSIDIARY" of any person means another person, an amount of the voting securities, other voting ownership or voting partnership interests of which is sufficient to elect at least a majority of its Board of Directors or other governing body (or, if there are no such voting interests, 50% or more of the equity interests of which) is owned directly or indirectly by such first person, and the term "AFFILIATE" shall have the meaning set forth in Rule 12b-2 promulgated under the Exchange Act. As used in this Agreement, "MATERIAL ADVERSE CHANGE" or "MATERIAL ADVERSE EFFECT" means, any change or effect (or any development that, insofar as can reasonably be foreseen, is likely to result in any change or effect) that, individually or in the aggregate with any such other changes or effects, is materially adverse to the business, prospects, assets (including intangible 34 36 assets), financial condition or results of operations of the Company and its subsidiaries taken as a whole. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a material adverse change or material adverse effect:
The phrase sale or exchange of services' means the performance of all kinds of services in the Philippines for others for a fee, remuneration or consideration, including those performed or rendered by construction and service contractors; stock, real estate, commercial, customs and immigration brokers; lessors of property, whether personal or real; warehousing services; lessors or distributors of dnematographic films; persons engaged in milling, processing, manufacturing or repacking goods for others; proprietors, operators or keepers of hotels, motels, resthouses, pension houses, inns, resorts; proprietors or operators of restaurants, refreshment parlors, cafes and other eating places, including clubs and caterers; dealers in securities; lending investors; transportation contractors on their transport of goods or cargoes, including persons who transport goods or cargoes for hire and other domestic common carriers by land, air, and water relative to their transport of goods or cargoes; services of franchise grantees of telephone and telegraph, radio and television broadcasting and all other franchise grantees except those under Section 117 of this Code; services of banks, non- bank financial intermediaries and finance companies; and non-life insurance companies (except their crop insurances) including surety, fidelity, indemnity and bonding companies; and similar services regardless of whether or not the performance thereof calls for the exercise or use of the physical or mental faculties. The phrase 'sale or exchange of services' shall likewise include: