BLENDING Sample Clauses

BLENDING. In order to meet the requirements of BEG(UK) with regard to Fuel Assay, BNFL may have to undertake isotopic blending of UO2 powder. This requirement may arise as a result of one of the following circumstances:-
BLENDING. Because of impurities which may be present in sulphur produced from the Main Pass Mine, it may be necessary from time to time to blend higher quality sulphur with Felmont Main Pass Sulphur in order for Felmont Main Pass Sulphur to meet commercial specifications. Freeport agrees to use its best efforts, and in the order of priority provided in Sections 7.1 through 7.3 below (unless transportation charges can be reduced by altering the order of priority), to obtain recovered sulphur or other higher quality sulphur for purposes of such blending in a manner to minimize the cost thereof. The following provisions shall apply from time to time in determining Operating Cost Reimbursement under Article VI, the quality of Felmont Sulphur sold and the quantity of Felmont Tonnage for the purposes of Schedule C. Freeport agrees that in allocating blending sulphur Felmont Sulphur will be treated on a parity with Freeport Sulphur in priority of allocation of sulphur under Section 7.1 through 7.3.
BLENDING. If work is transferred to or integrated with work in another department or division, employees may follow the work by seniority choice and will have their ATU seniority blended with seniority in the department or division to which the work is transferred. The number of employees permitted to transfer will be the number required to perform the additional work in the department after the transfer or integration is completed.
BLENDING. The JSMA Output is meant for blending into other products by Bunker One for the pur- pose of being transformed into bunker suitable fuel for a marine vessel's propulsion system and/or marketable wholesale products in various other markets for sale by Bunker One to cus- tomers in the Area. Bunker One will be solely responsible for the blending, marketing, sale and delivery of the Product in the Area. The JSMA Output may also be sold as is without any blending.
BLENDING. The proper blend to meet specifications will be determined by the Department and, once established, not altered unless authorized by the Department.
BLENDING. Charterer has the option to blend the cargo on board the Vessel, provided always that such blending is;
BLENDING. From time to time, and as directed by User, Statia shall blend Commodities of User with other Commodities owned by User. The blending ratio shall be supplied to Statia in writing or telex by User.
BLENDING. [**], meters be used to measure product blending of Blend Stocks and Bunker Fuels.
BLENDING. Change to blending premium gasoline instead of reformate to make the higher octane products. Total Estimated Costs: $25,000 Estimated Costs Remaining To Be Paid: $25,000
BLENDING. Williams shall Blend Product for the benefit of Customer in accordance with Customer's instructions, which Williams may require to be in writing, and which are subject to change at any time. At the time of this Agreement Williams shall have the capability of Blending Customer's Product at the rate of no less than 1,000 bbl per hour of sour crude with no less than 1,500 bbl per hour of sweet crude. Williams' responsibilities set forth in this Section 3 are qualified by Customer having provided adequate volumes of Product Blend stocks to Williams.