Bermuda Sample Clauses

Bermuda. Chargor incorporated in Bermuda
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Bermuda. Approval from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, dated March 3, 2004, for the transfer of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Brookfield from GEFAHI to Genworth. Approval from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, dated March 3, 2004, for the transfer of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Viking from GELCO to Genworth.
Bermuda. In relation to the Company and any Subsidiary incorporated in Bermuda, discontinue to a jurisdiction outside of Bermuda;
Bermuda. There are no country-specific provisions. BRAZIL Terms and Conditions Compliance with the Law In accepting the grant of the Option, the Optionee acknowledges his or her agreement to comply with applicable Brazilian laws and to pay any and all applicable tax associated with the Option and the sale of the Shares acquired under the Plan. Notifications Exchange Control Information If the Optionee holds assets and rights outside Brazil with an aggregate value exceeding US$100,000, he or she will be required to prepare and submit to the Central Bank of Brazil an annual declaration of such assets and rights, including: (i) bank deposits; (ii) loans; (iii) financing transactions; (iv) leases; (v) direct investments; (vi) portfolio investments, including Shares acquired under the Plan; (vii) financial derivatives investments; and (viii) other investments, including real estate and other assets. Please note that foreign individuals holding Brazilian visas are considered Brazilian residents for purposes of this reporting requirement and must declare at least the assets held abroad that were acquired subsequent to the date of admittance as a resident of Brazil. Individuals holding assets and rights outside Brazil valued at less than US$100,000 are not required to submit a declaration. Please note that the US$100,000 threshold may be changed annually. CANADA Terms and Conditions Manner of Exercise The following provision supplements Section 4.3 of the Agreement: The Optionee is prohibited from paying the Exercise Price or any Tax-Related Items with Shares that have been previously owned by the Optionee or by withholding the Exercise Price or any Tax-Related Items in Shares to be issued at exercise. Commencement of Vesting and Exercisability This provision supplements Section 3.1 of the Time-Based Share Option Agreement and Section 3.2 of the Performance-Based Share Option Agreement: In the event of the Optionee’s Termination of Service (whether or not in breach of contract or local labor laws), the Optionee’s right to receive and vest in the Option under the Plan, if any, will terminate effective as of the date that is the earlier of: (1) the date the Optionee receives notice of the termination of the Optionee’s employment from the Company or the Employer, or (2) the date of Termination of Service (the “Termination Date”) regardless of any notice period or period of pay in lieu of such notice required under Canadian provincial employment law or under any employment agr...
Bermuda. There are no country-specific provisions. BRAZIL
Bermuda. Parent confirms its statements made to the board of directors of the Company that it: (a) will cause the Amalgamated Company to continue to use for at least five years following the Effective Time the name “The Bank of Bermuda Limited”, used as appropriate with Parent’s logo; (b) concurs with the continued support, at current levels as Previously Disclosed by the Company, by the Amalgamated Company of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation and the Company’s local sponsorship of events and (c) will, promptly following the Effective Time, apply for a secondary listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange for Parent ordinary shares.
Bermuda. As a holding company, Platinum Holdings is not subject to Bermuda insurance regulations. The Insurance Act, which regulates the insurance business of Platinum Bermuda, provides that no person may carry on any insurance business in or from within Bermuda unless registered as an insurer under the Insurance Act by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, which is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of insurers. Under the Insurance Act, insurance business includes reinsurance business. The Authority, in deciding whether to grant registration, has broad discretion to act as the Authority thinks fit in the public interest. The Authority is required by the Insurance Act to determine whether the applicant is a fit and proper body to be engaged in the insurance business and, in particular, whether it has, or has available to it, adequate knowledge and expertise. The registration of an applicant as an insurer is subject to its complying with the terms of its registration and such other conditions as the Authority may impose from time to time. Platinum Bermuda has been registered with the Authority. An Insurance Advisory Committee appointed by the Bermuda Minister of Finance advises the Authority on matters connected with the discharge of the Authority's functions and sub-committees thereof supervise and review the law and practice of insurance in Bermuda, including reviews of accounting and administrative procedures. The day-to-day supervision of insurers is the responsibility of the Bermuda Registrar of Companies. The Insurance Act imposes on Bermuda insurance companies solvency and liquidity standards and auditing and reporting requirements and grants to the Authority powers to supervise, investigate and intervene in the affairs of insurance companies. Certain significant aspects of the Bermuda insurance regulatory framework are set forth below.
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Bermuda. Registration with Registrar of Companies under Section 61 of the Companies Act for the security interest granted by CP2 under the Deed of Covenants.
Bermuda. There are no country-specific provisions.
Bermuda. To the extent that the Company or any of its subsidiaries or any of their respective assets or revenues may have or may hereafter have immunity from any such court, the Company has, pursuant to Section 15(c) of this Agreement, waived, and it will waive, or will cause its subsidiaries to waive, such immunity to the extent permitted by law.
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