Ireland Sample Clauses

Ireland. The liability of each Guarantor incorporated under the laws of Ireland under this Article VII and under any indemnities contained elsewhere in this Agreement shall not include any liability or obligation which would, if incurred, constitute the provision of unlawful financial assistance within the meaning of section 60 of the Companies Act 1963 of Ireland (as amended).
Ireland. The Guarantee by a Guarantor organized under the laws of Ireland shall not be lawful if it constitutes financial assistance to any person for the purpose of an acquisition by subscription, purchase, exchange or otherwise of any shares in such Guarantor or a holding company of such Guarantor contrary to Section 82 of the Companies Act 2014.
Ireland. Each Underwriter represents and agrees that it has not and will not, directly or indirectly, offer or sell in Ireland any Dollar Notes other than to persons whose ordinary business it is to buy or sell shares or debentures whether as principal or agent.
Ireland. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Indenture, the obligations and liabilities of any Guarantor incorporated and existing under the laws of Ireland under this Article XI do not extend to any obligation or liability to the extent that it would result in this Article XI constituting:
Ireland. Except as expressly provided in the Agreement and without limiting the generality of the disclaimer of implied warranties in Section 4.2, all statutory conditions, including warranties implied by the sale of Goods Act of 1893 or the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act of 1980 are hereby excluded. LifeSize’s entire liability and your sole remedy, whether in contract or in tort, in respect of any default will be limited to damages.