Application and Agreement Sample Clauses

Application and Agreement a) Application to the plan is voluntary. A faculty member who wishes to be considered for an early retirement incentive shall do so in keeping with the procedures and dates described in the Employer's annual "letter of interest" sent to eligible employees. Such application would then be considered a standing application for the following twelve-month period. Applications must be submitted annually in response to the Employer's "letter of interest". The Union shall be advised in writing of all applications made by faculty members.
Application and Agreement. (1) An employee who wishes to be considered for an early retirement incentive must make the necessary application by November 1st the year prior to intended retirement. The College will consider all applications. Offers or rejections will be made to employees by the following March 31st.
Application and Agreement c) Notwithstanding the possibility of effecting an early retirement, advance notification of layoff or transfer pursuant to Article 11 Reduction, Severance Pay and Recall may be given to the affected regular employee while the employee to whom early retirement has been offered is considering that offer.
Application and Agreement. An individual or organization (the "Applicant") seeking to use HawaiiUSA's Diamond Head and/or Ewa Community Rooms (the "Community Rooms") shall carefully review the terms set forth in this Community Room Usage Agreement (the "Agreement") and complete the attached Community Room Usage Application (the "Application"). The completed Application shall be submitted to HawaiiUSA for approval in any of the following ways: • Send via electronic mail to
Application and Agreement. 1. At any time, an employee may request to telework by submitting a telework application to the immediate supervisor. If the employee requests a meeting, such meeting will be held with the supervisor to discuss the request.
Application and Agreement. Applicant affirms that it has fully read and agrees to this Application and Agreement. In consideration of Bank’s issuance of the Credit, Applicant agrees to be bound by the agreements set forth in this Application and Agreement and the terms and conditions of any credit agreement, reimbursement agreement or other agreement between Bank and Applicant with respect to the issuance of letters of credit and the reimbursement of amounts drawn thereunder.
Application and Agreement. As a condition of the Bank's obligation to issue a particular Letter of Credit, Borrower, through the Authorized Borrower Representative, shall notify the Bank of the particulars of the Letter of Credit not less than three (3) business days in advance, and Borrower shall provide such borrowing resolutions and information, and execute such applications, documents and agreements as are required by the Bank, including without limitation, the Bank's standard form of application and credit agreement. ("LC Documents").
Application and Agreement. 1.1. By making application, the Applicant offers to enter into a Facility Agreement with Shoprite. Shoprite has no obligation to accept such offer.
Application and Agreement. After the initial fiscal year of par- ticipation each State agency desiring to take part in the Program shall enter into a written agreement with the De- partment for the administration of the Program in accordance with the provi- sions of this part. The State agency shall execute Form FNS–74, which shall constitute the written agreement. (Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0584–0062) (44 U.S.C. 3506) [44 FR 28282, May 15, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 746, Jan. 2, 1982]