Consent and Agreement Sample Clauses

Consent and Agreement. An original of a Consent and Agreement duly executed by such Subsidiary, pursuant to which such Subsidiary consents and agrees to become a “Credit Party” hereunder and to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all other Loan Documents;
Consent and Agreement. The undersigned is a Guarantor, as that term is defined in that certain securities purchase agreement by and between the Company and the Holder and, as such, the undersigned hereby consents and agrees to the payment of the amounts contemplated in the senior secured, convertible, redeemable debenture, documents contemplated thereby and to the provisions contained therein relating to conditions to be fulfilled and obligations to be performed by the Company pursuant to or in connection with said senior secured, convertible, redeemable debenture to the same extent as if the undersigned were a party to said senior secured, convertible, redeemable debenture.GUARANTOR EPINEX DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORIES, INC.By: /s/ Seamus Lagan Name: Seamus Lagan
Consent and Agreement. A Consent and Agreement with respect to each Contract Station as of the Fourth Restatement Effective Date, duly executed and delivered by each of the parties thereto (subject to clause (c)(vi) below).
Consent and Agreement. Any and all consents, agreements and/or correspondence will be forwarded, in writing, to either party at its last known address.
Consent and Agreement. Each Credit Party hereby expressly (i) acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Amendment, (ii) ratifies and affirms its obligations under the Credit Documents (including guarantees, security agreements and pledge agreements) executed and delivered by such Credit Party, and (iii) acknowledges, renews and extends its continued liability under all such Credit Documents and agrees such Credit Documents remain in full force and effect, including with respect to the obligations of the Borrowers as modified by this Amendment.
Consent and Agreement. Each Member hereby consents to each of the Restructuring Transactions and ratifies all actions previously taken by or on behalf of the Alpha Entities and each of their respective managers, members, officers and directors in connection with the execution of those steps of the Restructuring Transactions which were undertaken or completed prior to the date hereof. Each Member agrees that the receipt by it of the consideration described in Article 2 is the entirety of the consideration, value or benefit to which it is entitled as a Member of Holdings (or, in the case of Fund IX, an indirect Member of Holdings) and/or as a member of Alpha Management, as the case may be, in connection with the Restructuring Transactions. Each Member waives any right to any further allocations or distributions under the LLC Agreement or the Management LLC agreement, as the case may be.
Consent and Agreement. Each of the undersigned consents and agrees that:
Consent and Agreement. SDG&E and the Assignor hereby agree that, so long as any obligations of the Assignor under the Credit Agreement and the Security Agreement remain outstanding:
Consent and Agreement. Each of the Company and each Guarantor, by signing the Consent and Agreement attached hereto, agrees that each Lender so purchasing a participation from another Lender pursuant to Section 2 or 3 hereof may, to the fullest extent permitted by law, exercise all its rights of payment (including rights of setoff) with respect to such participation as fully as if such Lender were the direct creditor of the Company and such Guarantor in the amount of such participation. By its execution of the Consent and Agreement, the Company hereby agrees that it shall cause each Additional Guarantor and each Additional Pledgor to execute and deliver to Lenders a Consent and Agreement substantially in the form attached hereto concurrently with the delivery of its respective Additional Guaranty or Additional Pledge Agreement, as applicable.