Applicant Sample Clauses

Applicant a medical student, medical school graduate, or physician-in-training who has registered or is eligible to register for the current Main Residency Match.
Applicant individual(s), organization(s) or trusts who decide to purchase a Contract.
Applicant. A Commission licensee, per- mittee, or registration holder, or an appli- cant or prospective applicant for a wireless or broadcast license, authorization or an- xxxxx structure registration, and the duly authorized agents, employees, and contrac- tors of any such person or entity.
Applicant. A. In the event that the Applicant terminates this Agreement without the consent of the District, except as provided in Section 7.1 of this Agreement, the Applicant shall pay to the District liquidated damages for such failure within thirty (30) days after receipt of the notice of breach.
Applicant. The natural person or Legal Entity that applies for (or seeks renewal of) a Certificate. Once the Certificate issues, the Legal Entity is referred to as the Subscriber. For Certificates issued to devices, the Applicant is the entity that controls or operates the device named in the Certificate, even if the device is sending the actual Certificate Request.
Applicant. An individual for whom the Contractor is performing a Determination.
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Applicant. Owners or operators of an eligible vessel may apply to MARAD for inclusion of that vessel in the MSP Fleet pursuant to the provisions of the MSA 2003. Applications shall be ad- dressed to the Secretary, Maritime Ad- ministration, Room 7218, Maritime Ad- ministration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX., Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000. Subpart C—Priority for Granting Applications § 296.20 Tank vessels.
Applicant and its successors and assigns hereby agree to defend and indemnify the District, its officers, agents and employees, and hold them harmless from any and all claims, actions, proceedings, liability, or damages, including any attorneys’ fees, resulting from or arising out of any of the following: (1) the design and/or construction of the Improvements, including any claims relating to the products used or materials furnished in constructing such Improvements; (2) the District’s approval of this Agreement; (3) the approval process for the Project pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (hereinafter “CEQA”), any environmental issues arising under CEQA with respect to the design, construction and/or approval of the Improvements, including any and all challenges brought against the Improvements by any third party pursuant to the provisions of CEQA. This indemnification shall extend to any and all claims, actions, proceedings, or liability, including any attorneys’ fees and court costs, arising out of the acts or omissions of Applicant, its agents, employees, or contractors, or seeking to attack, set aside, void or annul a District approval concerning the Improvements. This indemnification obligation shall apply regardless of whether the District prepared, supplied, or approved Plans and Specifications for the Improvements. This indemnification obligation shall also extend to any contention that the approval of the Applicant’s construction of the Improvements by District is defective because a District Ordinance, Resolution, Policy, Standard or Plan is not in compliance with local, state or federal law. If the defense right is exercised, District Counsel shall have the absolute right to approve any and all counsel employed to defend the District. To the extent the District uses any of its own resources to respond to such a claim, action or proceeding, or to assist in the defense of District, the Applicant hereby agrees to reimburse District such costs upon demand. Such costs include, but are not limited to, staff time, court costs, District Counsel’s time at its regular rate, or any other direct or indirect costs associated with responding to, or assisting in defense of, the claim, action, or proceedings. For any breach of this indemnification obligation by Applicant, its officers, agents or employees, the District may, with notice, terminate this Agreement, rescind its approval of the Applicant’s Project and construction of the Improvements, and ref...
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