Allocations and Distributions Sample Clauses

Allocations and Distributions. The LLC's profits and losses shall be allocated to the Member. At the time determined by a majority of the Managers, the Managers may cause the LLC to distribute to the Member any cash held by it which is neither reasonably necessary for the operation of the LLC nor the performance of its contractual obligations, nor which is in violation of Sections 18-607 or 18-804 of the Act or any contractual agreement binding on the LLC.
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Allocations and Distributions. Distributions of cash or other assets of the Company shall be made at such times and in such amounts as the Members may determine. Distributions shall be made to (and profits and losses of the Company shall be allocated among) Members pro rata in accordance with each of their Profit Sharing Interests, or in such other manner and in such amounts as all of the Members shall agree from time to time and which shall be reflected in the books and records of the Company.
Allocations and Distributions. (Check One) ☐ - Partnership: A majority of the Partners shall vote to determine the timing and amount of any distribution and such determination shall be binding on all partners. ☐ - Limited Partnership: The General Partner shall determine the timing and amounts of distributions and such determination shall be binding on all Partners.
Allocations and Distributions. 35 Section 5.1 Allocations for Capital Account Purposes............35 Section 5.2 Allocations for Tax Purposes........................44 Section 5.3
Allocations and Distributions. Subject to applicable Regulations, upon the transfer of all the Partnership Interests of a Partner as herein provided, the Profit or Loss of the Partnership attributable to the Partnership Interests so transferred for the Fiscal Year in which such transfer occurs shall be allocated between the transferor and transferee as of the effective date of the assignment, and such allocation shall be based upon any permissible method agreed to by the Partners that is provided for in Code Section 706 and the Regulations issued thereunder.
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Allocations and Distributions. Except as may be required by section 704 (b) and (c) of the Code and the applicable Treasury Regulations, all items of income, gain, loss, deduction, and credit of the Company shall be allocated among the Members, and distributions shall be made, in accordance with this Article 6.
Allocations and Distributions. All Profit and Loss shall be allocated to the Member. Cash shall be distributed to the Member as the Member shall determine from time to time.
Allocations and Distributions. All allocations of profits and losses and all distributions of cash shall be made in accordance with the PartnersPercentage Interests. The Percentage Interest of the General Partner shall be one percent (1%), and the Percentage Interest of the Limited Partner shall be ninety-nine percent (99%). Distributions out of funds legally available therefor shall be made at such times as the General Partner determines.
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