Distributions Sample Clauses

Distributions. If, at any time after the Issue Date, the Company declares or makes any distribution of cash or any other assets (or rights to acquire such assets) to holders of Common Stock, including without limitation any dividend or distribution to the Companys stockholders in shares (or rights to acquire shares) of capital stock of a subsidiary) (a Distribution), the Company shall deliver written notice of such Distribution (a Distribution Notice) to the Holder at least fifteen (15) days prior to the earlier to occur of (i) the record date for determining stockholders entitled to such Distribution (the Record Date) and (ii) the date on which such Distribution is made (the Distribution Date)(the earlier of such dates being referred to as the Determination Date). Upon receipt of the Distribution Notice, the Holder shall promptly (but in no event later than three (3) Business Days) notify the Company whether it has elected (A) to receive the same amount and type of assets (including, without limitation, cash) being distributed as though the Holder were, on the Determination Date, a holder of a number of shares of Common Stock into which this Warrant is exercisable as of such Determination Date (such number of shares to be determined without giving effect to any limitations on such exercise) or (B) upon any exercise of this Warrant on or after the Distribution Date, to reduce the Exercise Price applicable to such exercise by reducing the Exercise Price in effect on the Business Day immediately preceding the Record Date by an amount equal to the fair market value of the assets to be distributed divided by the number of shares of Common Stock as to which such Distribution is to be made, such fair market value to be reasonably determined in good faith by the independent members of the Companys Board of Directors. Upon receipt of such election notice from the Holder, the Company shall timely effectuate the transaction or adjustment contemplated in the foregoing clause (A) or (B), as applicable. If the Holder does not notify the Company of its election pursuant to the preceding sentence on or prior to the Determination Date, the Holder shall be deemed to have elected clause (A) of the preceding sentence.

Distributions. Pay any dividends or make any other distribution or payment on account of or in redemption, retirement or purchase of any capital stock, except that Borrower may (i) repurchase the stock of former employees pursuant to stock repurchase agreements as long as an Event of Default does not exist prior to such repurchase or would not exist after giving effect to such repurchase, and (ii) repurchase the stock of former employees pursuant to stock repurchase agreements by the cancellation of indebtedness owed by such former employees to Borrower regardless of whether an Event of Default exists.

Distributions. Holders shall receive Distributions in accordance with the applicable terms of the relevant Holders Securities. Distributions shall be made on the Capital Securities and the Common Securities in accordance with the preferences set forth in their respective terms. If and to the extent that the Debenture Issuer makes a payment of Interest or any principal on the Debentures held by the Institutional Trustee, the Institutional Trustee shall and is directed, to the extent funds are available for that purpose, to make a distribution (a Distribution) of such amounts to Holders.

Distributions. The Participants Employer(s), or the trustee of the Trust, shall withhold from any payments made to a Participant under this Plan all federal, state and local income, employment and other taxes required to be withheld by the Employer(s), or the trustee of the Trust, in connection with such payments, in amounts and in a manner to be determined in the sole discretion of the Employer(s) and the trustee of the Trust.

Distributions. The Member shall be entitled to receive, out of the assets of the Company legally available therefor, distributions payable in cash in such amounts, if any, as the Managers shall declare. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Company shall not make a distribution to the Member on account of its interest in the Company if such distribution would violate the LLC Act or any other applicable law or any Basic Document.

Distributions (a) On each Distribution Date, to the extent of the Available Funds for such Distribution Date, the Certificate Administrator shall be deemed to transfer the Lower-Tier Distribution Amount from the Lower-Tier REMIC Distribution Account to the Upper-Tier REMIC Distribution Account in the amounts and priorities set forth in Section 4.01(c) with respect to each Class of Lower-Tier Regular Interests, and immediately thereafter, shall make distributions thereof from the Upper-Tier REMIC Distribution Account in the following order of priority, satisfying in full, to the extent required and possible, each priority before making any distribution with respect to any succeeding priority:

Distributions. If the Company or any of its subsidiaries, at any time while the Note is outstanding, shall distribute to all holders of Common Stock evidences of its indebtedness or assets or cash or rights or warrants to subscribe for or purchase any security of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, then concurrently with such distributions to holders of Common Stock, the Company shall distribute to holder of the Note the amount of such indebtedness, assets, cash or rights or warrants which the holder of Note would have received had all the Note then held been converted into Common Stock at the applicable Conversion Price immediately prior to the record date for such distribution.

Distributions (a) On each Determination Date, the Servicer shall calculate all amounts required to determine the amounts to be deposited in the Note Distribution Account, the Certificate Distribution Account and the Spread Account. (b) On each Payment Date, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee (based on the information contained in the Servicers Certificate delivered on the related Determination Date pursuant to Section 4.8) to make from the Collection Account the following deposits and distributions for receipt by the party as provided below or deposit in the applicable Trust Account or Certificate Distribution Account, as applicable, by 10:00 a.m. (New York time), to the extent of the Total Distribution Amount, in the following order of priority:

Distributions. At least monthly (commencing with the first full calendar month after the receipt by the Partnership of its first revenues other than Capital Contributions and proceeds of loans to the Partnership), all cash funds of the Partnership (exclusive of Capital Contributions or proceeds of loans) which the General Partner reasonably determines are not needed for the payment of any existing or reasonably foreseeable Partnership obligations and expenditures shall be distributed to the Partners. All such cash funds of the Partnership shall be distributed to the Partners in the same respective percentages as the revenues to which such cash funds are attributable were allocated to the Partners pursuant to Section 6.02 (after deducting therefrom the costs and expenses charged to the Partners pursuant to Section 6.01 and elsewhere herein); provided, however, that if Payout would occur as a result of a distribution of cash funds to the General Partner, such distribution shall be deemed to constitute two distributions: (i) the first distribution shall consist of the amount of cash funds necessary to cause Payout to occur, and (ii) the second distribution shall consist of the balance of the funds then distributed.

Distributions. Distributions upon capital stock of the Corporation, subject to the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, if any, may be declared by the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting, pursuant to law. Distributions may be paid in cash, in property or in shares of capital stock, subject to the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation.