Allocations Sample Clauses

Allocations. Collections of Finance Charge Receivables and Principal Receivables and Defaulted Receivables allocated to Series 1997-1 pursuant to Article IV of the Agreement (and, as described herein, Collections of Finance Charge Receivables reallocated from other Series in Group I) shall be allocated and distributed or reallocated as set forth in this Article.
Allocations. If any Partnership Interest is transferred during any quarterly segment of the Partnership’s fiscal year in compliance with the provisions of this Article XI or redeemed or transferred pursuant to Section 8.6, Net Income, Net Losses, each item thereof and all other items attributable to such interest for such fiscal year shall be divided and allocated between the transferor Partner and the transferee Partner by taking into account their varying interests during the fiscal year in accordance with Section 706(d) of the Code and corresponding Regulations, using the interim closing of the books method (unless the General Partner, in its sole and absolute discretion, elects to adopt a daily, weekly, or a monthly proration period, in which event Net Income, Net Losses, each item thereof and all other items attributable to such interest for such fiscal year shall be prorated based upon the applicable method selected by the General Partner). Solely for purposes of making such allocations, each of such items for the calendar month in which the transfer or redemption occurs shall be allocated to the Person who is a Partner as of midnight on the last day of said month. All distributions of Available Cash attributable to any Partnership Unit with respect to which the Partnership Record Date is before the date of such transfer, assignment or redemption shall be made to the transferor Partner or the Redeeming Partner, as the case may be, and, in the case of a transfer or assignment other than a redemption, all distributions of Available Cash thereafter attributable to such Partnership Unit shall be made to the transferee Partner.
Allocations. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Article VI, in accordance with Treasury Regulations Code Section 704(c), income, gain, loss and deduction with respect to any property contributed to the Company shall, solely for tax purposes, be allocated among the Members so as to take account of any variation between the adjusted basis of such property to the Company for federal income tax purposes and its fair market value on the date of contribution. This shall be solely for tax purposes and shall not affect a Member’s Capital Account, share of profits, losses or other items of distributions.
Allocations. The Trustees shall have power to determine whether moneys or other assets received by the Trust shall be charged or credited to income or capital, or allocated between income and capital, including the power to amortize or fail to amortize any part or all of any premium or discount, to treat any part or all of the profit resulting from the maturity or sale of any asset, whether purchased at a premium or at a discount, as income or capital, or to apportion the same between income and capital, to apportion the sale price of any asset between income and capital, and to determine in what manner any expenses or disbursements are to be borne as between income and capital, whether or not in the absence of the power and authority conferred by this Section 3.4 such assets would be regarded as income or as capital or such expense or disbursement would be charged to income or to capital; to treat any dividend or other distribution on any investment as income or capital, or to apportion the same between income and capital; to provide or fail to provide reserves, including reserves for depreciation, amortization or obsolescence in respect of any Trust Property in such amounts and by such methods as they shall determine; to allocate less than all of the consideration paid for Shares of any Series to surplus with respect to the Series to which such Shares relate and to allocate the balance thereof to paid-in capital of that Series, and to reallocate such amounts from time to time; all as the Trustees may reasonably deem proper.
Allocations. Finance Charge Collections, Principal Collections and Charged-Off Receivables allocated to Series 2012-1 pursuant to Article VIII of the Indenture shall be allocated and distributed as set forth in this Article. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Section 4.3(b), during any period when the Issuer is permitted by Section 8.4 of the Indenture to make a single monthly deposit to the Collection Account, amounts allocated to the Noteholders pursuant to Section 4.3(b) with respect to any Monthly Period need not be deposited into the Collection Account or any Series Account prior to the related Payment Date, and, when so deposited, (x) may be deposited net of any amounts required to be distributed to Transferor and, if GE Capital or an Affiliate thereof is Servicer, any amounts owed to the Servicer, and (y) shall be deposited into the Finance Charge Account (in the case of Collections of Finance Charge Receivables) and the Principal Account (in the case of Collections of Principal Receivables (not including any Shared Principal Collections allocated to Series 2012-1 pursuant to Section 8.5 of the Indenture)).
Allocations. Allocations of the Partnership's items of income, gain, loss and deduction shall be allocated among holders of Series A Preferred Units in accordance with Article VI of the Partnership Agreement.
Allocations. The Net Income, Net Loss and other Partnership items shall be allocated pursuant to the provisions of Exhibit B.