DISTRIBUTIONS AND. ADVANCES BY THE SERVICER Section 4.01 Advances 87 Section 4.02 Priorities of Distribution Section 4.03 Monthly Statements to Certificateholders


  • Distributions and Payments So far as the Warrantors are aware, each Group Company has deducted and properly accounted to the appropriate Tax Authority for all amounts which it has been obliged to deduct in respect of Taxation, has complied in all material respects with all reporting requirements relating to all such amounts and has (where required by the applicable Taxation Statute) duly provided certificates of deduction of tax to the recipients of payments from which deductions have been made.

  • Distributions and Allocations All distributions of cash or other property (except upon the Company's dissolution, which shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Act and Article IX hereof) and all allocations of income, profits, and loss shall be made 100% to the Member in accordance with its Membership Interest. All amounts withheld pursuant to the Code or any provisions of state or local tax law with respect to any payment or distribution to the Member from the Company shall be treated as amounts distributed to the Member pursuant to this Section 7.3. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Company shall not be required to make a distribution to the Member on account of its interest in the Company if such distribution would violate Section 18-607 of the Act or any other applicable law.

  • Distributions, Etc The Seller will not declare or make any dividend payment or other distribution of assets, properties, cash, rights, obligations or securities on account of any shares of any class of capital stock of the Seller, or return any capital to its shareholders as such, or purchase, retire, defease, redeem or otherwise acquire for value or make any payment in respect of any shares of any class of capital stock of the Seller or any warrants, rights or options to acquire any such shares, now or hereafter outstanding; provided, however, that the Seller may declare and pay cash dividends on its capital stock to its shareholders so long as (i) no Liquidation Event or Unmatured Liquidation Event shall then exist or would occur as a result thereof, (ii) such dividends are in compliance with all applicable law including the corporate law of the state of Seller’s incorporation, and (iii) such dividends have been approved by all necessary and appropriate corporate action of the Seller.

  • Distributions of Cash Flow Cash flow for each taxable year of the Company shall be distributed to the Member at such times and in such amounts as the Member shall determine.

  • Allocations and Distributions The LLC's profits and losses shall be allocated to the Member. At the time determined by a majority of the Managers, the Managers may cause the LLC to distribute to the Member any cash held by it which is neither reasonably necessary for the operation of the LLC nor the performance of its contractual obligations, nor which is in violation of Sections 18-607 or 18-804 of the Act or any contractual agreement binding on the LLC.

  • Distributions of Cash (a) The Partnership shall distribute cash on a quarterly (or, at the election of the General Partner, more frequent) basis, in an amount determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion, to the Partners who are Partners on the Partnership Record Date with respect to such quarter (or other distribution period) in the following manner: (i) first, to the General Partner in an amount equal to the GP Minimum Return with respect to the fiscal year of the General Partner; (ii) second, to the Limited Partners pro rata among them in proportion to the their respective Unpaid Return, if any, owing to each such Limited Partners with respect to prior fiscal years, in an amount equal to their respective Unpaid Return for such prior fiscal years owing to each such Limited Partner; (iii) third, after the establishment of reasonable cash reserves to meet REIT Expenses and other obligations of the Partnership, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the General Partner, to the General Partner and the Limited Partners in such aggregate amount as may be determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion to be allocated among the General Partner and the Limited Partners such that each Limited Partner will receive an amount equal to its LP Return for such fiscal year; and (iv) finally, to the Partners in accordance with and in proportion to their respective Percentage Interests; provided, however, that if a new or existing Partner acquires an additional Partnership Interest in exchange for a Capital Contribution on any date other than a Partnership Record Date, the cash distribution attributable to such additional Partnership Interest relating to the Partnership Record Date next following the issuance of such additional Partnership Interest shall be reduced to the proportion thereof which equals (i) the number of days that such additional Partnership Interest is held by such Partner divided by (ii) the number of days between such Partnership Record Date and the immediately preceding Partnership Record Date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the Original Limited Partner may, in its sole and absolute discretion, elect to defer any distribution to be made to it, in which case the amount so deferred shall be deemed to be an additional Capital Contribution made on behalf of the Original Limited Partner under Section 4.02(c) hereof, to be distributed to the Original Limited Partner upon liquidation of the Partnership under Section 5.06 hereof, or at such time as the Original Limited Partner may otherwise be allowed to withdraw from the Partnership after the Transfer Restriction Date.

  • Distributions in General (a) Unless otherwise specified in the applicable Series Supplement, on each Quarterly Payment Date, the Paying Agent shall pay to the Noteholders of each Series of record on the preceding Record Date the amounts payable thereto (i) by wire transfer in immediately available funds released by the Paying Agent from the applicable Series Distribution Account no later than 12:30 p.m. (New York City time) if a Noteholder has provided to the Paying Agent and the Trustee wiring instructions at least five (5) Business Days prior to the applicable Quarterly Payment Date or (ii) by check mailed first-class postage prepaid to such Noteholder at the address for such Noteholder appearing in the Note Register if such Noteholder has not provided wire instructions pursuant to clause (i) above; provided that the final principal payment due on a Note shall only be paid upon due presentment and surrender of such Note for cancellation in accordance with the provisions of the Note at the applicable Corporate Trust Office.

  • Distributions Other Than Cash Whenever the Depositary shall receive any distribution other than cash on the deposited Preferred Stock, the Depositary shall, subject to Section 3.02, distribute to record holders of Receipts on the record date fixed pursuant to Section 4.04 such amounts of the securities or property received by it as are, as nearly as practicable, in proportion to the respective numbers of Depositary Shares evidenced by the Receipts held by such holders, in any manner that the Depositary and the Company may deem equitable and practicable for accomplishing such distribution. The Depositary shall not make any distribution of securities to the holders of Receipts unless the Company shall have provided to the Depositary an opinion of counsel stating that such securities have been registered under the Securities Act or do not need to be registered.

  • Capital Contributions and Distributions The Member may make such capital contributions (each a “Capital Contribution”) in such amounts and at such times as the Member shall determine. The Member shall not be obligated to make any Capital Contributions. The Member may take distributions of the capital from time to time in accordance with the limitations imposed by the Statutes.

  • Distributions; Investments (a) Pay any dividends or make any distribution or payment or redeem, retire or purchase any capital stock provided that (i) Borrower may convert any of its convertible securities into other securities pursuant to the terms of such convertible securities or otherwise in exchange thereof, (ii) Borrower may pay dividends solely in common stock; and (iii) Borrower may repurchase the stock of former employees or consultants pursuant to stock repurchase agreements so long as an Event of Default does not exist at the time of such repurchase and would not exist after giving effect to such repurchase, provided such repurchase does not exceed in the aggregate of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) per fiscal year; or (b) directly or indirectly make any Investment other than Permitted Investments, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to do so.