Contracting Company definition

Contracting Company means a company in the construction industry working on construction projects.
Contracting Company means each Company who is party to the relevant Statement of Work.
Contracting Company means any company described as constituting Contractor in the recital of Parties to this Agreement or their respective permitted successors and assignees of interest pursuant to Article VII to this Agreement.

Examples of Contracting Company in a sentence

  • Seller shall obtain and provide evidence satisfactory to Buyer of customary extended reporting endorsements, or “tail coverage,” on any “claims made” insurance covering professional and general liability of the Business, with such tail coverage insuring all claims arising out of events occurring prior to the Closing Date and having the same coverage limits and deductibles as in effect prior to the date hereof.

  • The state-owned wholesale company Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Company (TETAŞ) merged into EÜAŞ in 2018.

  • Currently, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (“TEIAS”) is responsible for the transmission of electricity, the Electricity Generation Company (“EUAS”) is responsible for the generation of electricity, and the Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Company (“TETAS”) is responsible for the trading of electricity.EUAS operates most of the electricity generating power plants.

  • Turkish Electricity Generation and Transmission Company was divided into three separate entities as Electricity Generation Company (“EUAS”), Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (“TEIAS”) and Turkish Electricity Trading And Contracting Company (“TETAS”) in 2001.

  • The Letter of Credit to be used for business purposes only and specifically, the Letter of Credit will be used to support funding for the preliminary site development to be performed by Xxxxxx Contracting Company prior to the commencement of construction of a 100 million gallon per year dry mill corn-processing ethanol plant.

More Definitions of Contracting Company

Contracting Company. – means any company that accepts a contract to do a specified service by the Licensee or its employees;
Contracting Company means a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, joint venture, government, or government subdivision or agency, or other organization which executes a contract with Elan pursuant to which Elan issues Business Card Accounts or Business Reward Card Accounts to and in the name of individuals designated by that entity.
Contracting Company means Curoil N.V. and/or its chartered vessel (party), subsidiaries and affiliates, servants, agents, assigns, subcontractors and other persons duly authorized by the Company to fulfill its obligations under the agreement with the Buyer.
Contracting Company means a company in the construction 38
Contracting Company means each insurance company designated by the Council from which an employee may purchase an individual deferred compensation contract.
Contracting Company means a corporation, partnership, or duly constituted individual proprietorship which contracts to install or repair UST systems for third parties.
Contracting Company means the Special Purpose Vehicle / SPV (Societe Anonyme), governed by Greek law, which shall be set up by the Highest Bidder after his nomination as such by the Fund, according to paragraph 12 of this Request for Proposal, for the purpose of signing the Property Lease Agreement.