Administrative Service Sample Clauses

Administrative Service. Administrative services to Contract owners and participants shall be the responsibility of the Company and shall not be the responsibility of the Trust or PFD. The Company will provide properly registered and licensed personnel, as necessary, and any systems needed for all Contract owners servicing and support - for both fund and annuity and life insurance information and questions, including: § Communicate all purchase, withdrawal, and exchange orders it receives from its customers to PFD; § Respond to Contract owner and participant inquires; § Delivery of both Trust and Contract prospectuses as required under applicable law; § Entry of initial and subsequent orders; § Transfer of cash to Portfolios; § Entry of transfers between Portfolios; § Portfolio balance and allocation inquires; and § Mail Trust proxies.
Administrative Service. For a period of up to six (6) months following the Effective Date, Service Providers shall assign the Dedicated Personnel to provide Administrative Services to the Company, at Service Providers' actual cost of providing such Services including, but not limited to, an allocation of general and administrative costs and expenses, employee and employee benefit costs and expenses, and any out-of-pocket cost and expenses. If the Company hires any of the Dedicated Personnel, the Service Providers shall have no further obligation to provide the Administrative Services that were being performed by such Dedicated Personnel. The Company shall have the option, by providing at least thirty (30) days' prior written notice to Service Providers, to cease receiving Administrative Services from any Dedicated Personnel.

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  • OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES 1. Coordinate the layout, printing and electronic delivery of publicly disseminated prospectuses and shareholder reports, make recommendations to improve their effectiveness or reduce expenses.