Additional Business Sample Clauses

Additional Business. 1. The Chairman of the Management Board will devote his skills and knowledge only to the Company. During the employment relationship, he is not allowed to engage in any profit-orientated additional business without the prior written consent of the shareholders. Any publications and lectures, which refer to the business of the Company but are not in the direct interest of the Company, also require the prior written consent of the shareholders.
Additional Business. 6.1 Business transacted by Xxxxxxx Xxxxx & Partners Ltd following a referral from our client will not be subject to this Agreement.
Additional Business. 12.1 HFH must obtain the consent of the Council before they bid for any contract to deliver services to a third party, either in their own name or through any subsidiary. Any such initiative on the part of HFH or their subsidiaries must either be agreed as part of the annual business plan, or be officially commissioned by the Council in year, by the commissioning process.
Additional Business. On or before August 30, 2006, Seller will deliver to Purchaser a copy of Exhibit B indicating for each Product on the Exhibit the date when Seller anticipates it will be ready to commence production for such Product (the “Additional Business Commencement Date”). Commencing on the Additional Business Commencement Date for plastic bottles of the type, with the specifications and at the specific plant designated for such bottle on Exhibit B (“Additional Business Products”) and continuing through the remainder of the Term, Purchaser will purchase such Additional Business Products for use in Purchaser’s operations at its plants identified on Exhibit B hereto. If Seller does not identify an Additional Business Commencement Date for any Additional Business Product, such Product shall no longer be an Additional Business Product nor will it be a New Bottle (as defined below). Seller will provide notice not less than thirty (30) days prior to each Additional Business Commencement Date confirming that Seller will be able to commence production of the applicable Product on the Additional Business Commencement Date for such Product or on a date not later than thirty (30) days after the Additional Business Commencement Date identified on Exhibit B. If Seller is not able to commence production of the applicable Product by the Additional Business Commencement Date or within thirty (30) days after this date, * . Seller shall notify Purchaser if it will be ready to commence production of the Product * . If Seller fails to provide notice in accordance with this paragraph with respect to a given Additional Business Product, such Product will no longer be considered an Additional Business Product nor will it be a New Bottle.
Additional Business. Notwithstanding anything contained herein in this Agreement to the contrary, if ZTHI desires to transact any business with Loeb after the date hereof, ZTHI shall make an additional payment to Loeb on account of the outstanding Patent Litigation Invoices, as negotiated by the Parties prior to any additional goods or services being provided to ZTHI by Loeb.
Additional Business. It is envisioned that as the PF Database grows Greenfield and CP may create additional research products beyond those outlined by this Agreement (e.g., Syndicated Research and household panel cells within Pulsefinder). Depending on the type of research products the additional business encompasses, revenue will be allocated using the formula for either the Syndicated Revenue or Custom Revenue in either case to be mutually agreed upon by the parties.
Additional Business. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement CLENERGEN agrees to pay to those shareholders, and investors, as identified in Schedule Three, attached hereto and made a part therof, who have transferred certain assets and loaned and/or advanced and retained funds for operational purposes to CLENERGEN UK, the total sum of GBP(pound)910,053.00 (USD$1,480,684.00 Exchange rate as of 08/30.2009) on or before sixty days from the date of the execution of this Agreement, unless another time schedule is agreed to by the Parties..
Additional Business. If a Transaction is consummated and if, in connection with the matters contemplated by this engagement or otherwise relating to, or following consummation of, a Transaction, the Company or any acquisition vehicle or surviving entity resulting from a Transaction is considering any other transaction, including any financing, refinancing, acquisition, divestiture, restructuring, repurchases of securities, foreign exchange or derivatives transaction, the Company agrees to cause Credit Suisse to be offered the relevant lead roles commonly performed by banks, investment banks and financial advisors in connection with such transactions, including those of lead agent and lead arranger, bookrunning lead managing underwriter or initial purchaser (as the case may be), exclusive placement agent, exclusive financial advisor, principal counterparty and dealer manager, as applicable; provided, however that Credit Suisse shall be offered such role with respect to the two subsequent transactions, if any. As compensation for any of the foregoing services, Credit Suisse will be paid ifees to be mutually agreed upon for performing comparable roles in connection with comparable transactions.
Additional Business. 6.1 Business transacted by Construction Bond Ltd following a referral from a Client will not be subject to this Agreement.

Related to Additional Business

  • Personal Business Personal business up to a maximum of three (3) days per fiscal year by employees with less than twenty (20) years employment with the Board, and up to a maximum of four (4) days per fiscal year by employees with twenty (20) years or more employment with the Board. Temporary leave days for personal business shall be granted as long as regular work assignments can be carried on. However, temporary leave days for personal business shall not be used to extend vacation and/or to extend adopted Board approved holidays, conference release days, or non-working days. Personal business leave is provided for the employee who is confronted with serious and urgent individual or family problems, emergency situations, or legal demands which cannot be attended to at any time other than through the employee's duty day. Personal business leave may be used in the event of the illness or death of a friend or any other relative not identified as a member of the immediate family. Personal business leave is not provided for recreation or avocational activities. The employee is not required to give the specific reason or nature of the personal business but must state that it falls within the above definition. The immediate supervisor must be notified as soon as the employee knows of the need for personal business leave in order for the necessary arrangements to be made. Repetitive use of personal business leave without proper notice, normally at least 24 hours in advance, will be cause for review.

  • Personal Business Leave Each teacher shall be entitled to three (3) days for the transaction of personal business and/or the conduct of personal or civic affairs during each year of employment. The Parties strongly urge teachers not to take Personal Leave on the day before or the day after any breaks in the regular school schedule. To provide the building principal a better opportunity to secure a qualified substitute, a request for Personal Leave should be presented to the building principal no later than the day before the leave is to be taken. In the event of an emergency where prior notice is not possible, teachers may make this request verbally. The Personal Leave form must be submitted on the day he/she returns to work. One unused personal day from the prior school year will automatically be added to the current year for a total of four (4) personal days. If no personal days are available for retention, then only three (3) days of personal business would be available for the current school year. Any other unused personal days roll into sick days. The statement “personal business” is sufficient reason to warrant use of this leave.

  • Personal Business Days a. The Building Principal shall approve an absence not to exceed two (2) days per year for personal business which by its nature cannot be scheduled outside of school hours, upon application in writing by the teacher, provided that in the event the teacher does not use the personal days provided for, such days shall be converted to additional sick leave days. Personal business days will not be used for the purpose of extending vacation or holiday periods except as follows:

  • General Business Expenses The Company shall pay or reimburse the Executive for all expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred by the Executive during the Term in the performance of the Executive's services under this Agreement. Such payment shall be made upon presentation of such documentation as the Company customarily requires of its senior executive employees prior to making such payments or reimbursements.

  • Competitive Business Activities The term "Competitive Business Activities" as used herein shall be deemed to mean the Business.

  • Principal Business Office The principal business office of the Company shall be located at such location as may hereafter be determined by the Member.

  • Annual Business Plan The Company shall develop a detailed proposed annual business plan and budget for each upcoming fiscal year, beginning with January 1, 2016 (“Annual Business Plan”). The CEO shall submit such proposal for the consideration of the Board and the Board shall cooperate to set a schedule with management to approve such proposal. After the Board approves the Annual Business Plan for a given fiscal year, the Company and other members of the Group shall conduct their respective business, including its capital and other expenditure programs, in accordance therewith. After the Board’s approval, for so long as Univar NV or the CD&R Investor (together with its Permitted Transferees), as applicable, owns at least 5% of its Original Shares and for so long as Temasek Investor (together with its Permitted Transferees) owns 10% or more of the outstanding Shares, the Company shall make available to Univar NV, CD&R Investor and Temasek Investor the Annual Business Plan, no later than thirty days before the beginning of the Company’s next fiscal year, in such manner and form as approved by the Board, which shall include at least a projection of income and a projected cash flow statement for each fiscal quarter in such fiscal year and a projected balance sheet as of the end of each fiscal quarter in such fiscal year, in each case prepared in reasonable detail, with appropriate presentation and discussion of the principal assumptions upon which such budgets and projections are based, which shall be accompanied by the statement of the CEO or CFO or equivalent officer of the Company to the effect that such budget and projections are based on reasonable and good faith estimates and assumptions made by the management of the Company for the respective periods covered thereby; it being recognized that such budgets and projections as to future events are not to be viewed as facts and that actual results during the period or periods covered by them may differ from the projected results.

  • Services to Other Clients; Certain Affiliated Activities (a) The relationship between the Asset Manager and the Series is as described in this Agreement and nothing in this Agreement, none of the services to be provided pursuant to this Agreement, nor any other matter, shall oblige the Asset Manager to accept responsibilities that are more extensive than those set forth in this Agreement.

  • Competitive Business “Competitive Business” shall mean each of the following entities: X.X. Penney Company, Inc., Macy’s, Inc., The Gap, Inc., Target Corporation, Sears Holdings Corporation, and any successors, subsidiaries or affiliates of these entities engaged in the operation of national retail department stores.

  • Local Business Day The definition of Local Business Day in Section 14 is hereby amended by the addition of the words “or any Credit Support Document” after “Section 2(a)(i)” and the addition of the words “or Credit Support Document” after “Confirmation”.