Account Adjustments Sample Clauses

Account Adjustments. Any payments due under this clause 5 will, subject to clause 10 of this Agreement, be made by us debiting or crediting the Account with effect immediately after the relevant Valuation Time.
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Account Adjustments. We reserve the right to make adjustments to your account, in our sole discretion, to reflect corrections or changes to your account balance. Adjustments might occur, by way of example and not limitation, if deposits or withdrawals are posted for the wrong amount, or to the wrong account, if you are subject to income tax back-up withholding tax but the appropriate amount was not withheld, or if items are returned unpaid. In the event of an error that has caused an overstated balance, you agree to reimburse the overstated amount. (c)
Account Adjustments. The Municipality agrees to notify the State within seven days of the date that a debt has been settled through payment in full or compromise. The Municipality agrees to advise the State at least one time per calendar year of payments received and applied to debts placed with the Setoff Program, and of debt interest accumulations occurring since the last account adjustment report. The annual account adjustments may be provided upon return of the master listing to the Setoff Program, which master listing will be provided to the Municipality during the last quarter of each calendar year. The Municipality is not precluded from making more frequent reports of account adjustments. Upon notification that a match has been made against a debt owed to a Municipality, the Municipality shall notify the Setoff Program in writing within 10 days of any necessary adjustments to the account.
Account Adjustments. If a Participant or Beneficiary requests and is granted a loan, principal and interest payments with respect to the loan shall be credited solely to the Account of the borrowing Participant from which the loan was made. In addition, all repayments of principal and interest shall be reinvested in the Plan in the same manner and in the same proportion as all other Participant contributions would otherwise be invested, based on the Participant’s current investment election. Any loss caused by nonpayment or other default on a Participant’s loan obligations shall be charged solely to his or her Account. Any other loan shall be treated as an investment of the Trust Fund and interest and principal payments on account thereof shall be credited to the Trust Fund. The Plan Administrator shall determine the order of Subaccounts from which a loan may be made.
Account Adjustments. At the end of every month, each Account shall be increased or decreased by (a) in the case of each investment actually made directly or indirectly by the Employer with respect to such Account, the net amount of all income, gain or loss earned or sustained, whether realized or unrealized, with respect to such investment, and (b) in the case of each deemed investment with respect to such Account, the net amount of all income, gain or loss which would have been earned or sustained, whether realized or unrealized, had the balance in the Account in fact been invested and reinvested in such investment. Each Account shall also be charged with all payments or other distributions with respect to such Account and with all fees and expenses (including brokerage fees) with respect to such Account, in the case of investments actually made, at the rates actually paid and, in the case of investments deemed to have been made, at the rates which would have been paid had the investments actually been made.
Account Adjustments. During the deferral period, balances in the account will be adjusted with deemed investment returns based on Executive’s selection from a menu of available deemed investment choices selected by the Board.
Account Adjustments. We may make adjustments to your Account from time to time to reflect corrections or changes to your balance. Adjustments might occur, for example, if deposits are posted for the wrong amount, or to the wrong account, or if deposited items are returned unpaid. If funds are deposited or transferred into your Account by mistake or otherwise, we may correct the situation by deducting the amount of the deposit or transfer from your Account without prior notice to you. In the event of an error that caused an overstated balance, you agree to reimburse us for the overstated amount. If there are not enough funds in your Account at that time, your Account could become overdrawn. See the "Overdrafts" section above for more information about what could occur if your Account has a negative balance.
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Account Adjustments. You accept that changes, delays, and adjustments to your PYGG Client Statement and account balance may occur due to PYGG reconciliation and internal audit processes and you acknowledge that your Monthly Account Statement (as produced in 5 or more business days after each month end) shall override any interim statements to the extent of any inconsistencies. PYGG retains the right to enter pricing, trade, and reconciliation adjustments to your Account as necessary and appropriate.
Account Adjustments. 1. The BANK may charge back any spurious, defective, erroneous, or lost check credited to the relevant Account regardless of the time that has elapsed, whether or not the check can be returned.
Account Adjustments. In our sole discretion, we may deduct Points from Participant accounts to make adjustments for returns and cancellations with respect to Reward redemptions. Any such adjustments will be made in accordance with this Agreement and any applicable Company policies and terms. If you believe that an adjustment has not been correctly credited to your account, you must contact Company Member Services within sixty (60) days of the transaction. In addition, Company may make account adjustments for any Points that Company, in its sole discretion, deems as fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious, or otherwise inconsistent with the Referral Program Terms, this Agreement or any other applicable law or regulation. Company decisions are final. Should you disagree with any adjustments made to your account, your sole remedy is to withdraw from the Program.
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