Decreased by Sample Clauses

Decreased by. (A) All distributions, whether of the capital or income, to or for the account of the Member (other than payments received by the Member in repayment of any loan);
Decreased by. (i) All losses and deductions that, as of the end of the applicable fiscal year, are reasonably expected to be allocated to such Partner in years subsequent to the applicable fiscal year under Code Section 704(e)(2) and 706(d)
Decreased by. (i) The amount of Net Loss and other items of loss and deduction computed as provided in Section 8.2 and allocated to such Member pursuant to Sections 8.3 and 8.4 hereof,
Decreased by. (a) non-cash gains increasing Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period, excluding any non-cash gains to the extent they represent the reversal of an accrual or reserve for a potential cash item that reduced Consolidated EBITDA in any prior period; and
Decreased by. (a) The amount of cash distributed to such Partner by the Partnership, including the amount of liabilities of such Partner assumed by the Partnership or secured by any property contributed by such Partner to the Partnership;
Decreased by. (1) an amount equal to the costs, expenses, and other expenditures (whether capitalized or expensed) relating to the Assets that are unpaid as of the Closing Date and assessed for or attributable to periods of time prior to the Closing Date regardless of how such costs, expenses, and other expenditures are calculated, provided that, to the extent the actual amounts cannot be determined prior to the Closing, a reasonable estimate of such costs, expenses, and other expenditures will be used (and for any such costs, expenses, or other expenditures that Buyer receives a decrease to the Purchase Price, Buyer will assume the liability and responsibility for payment thereof at Closing to the extent of such downward adjustment);
Decreased by. (1) The amount of cash distributed to the Member; and
Decreased by. The amount of cash distributed to such Member by the Company, including the amount of liabilities of such Member assumed by the Company or secured by any property contributed by such Member to the Company;
Decreased by. (i) the amount of cash and the Agreed Value of property distributed to such Owner,

Related to Decreased by

  • Decreases Seller shall provide Agent with an irrevocable prior written notice (a “Reduction Notice”) of any proposed reduction of the Aggregate Capital from Collections no later than three (3) Business Days prior to the proposed reduction date and Agent will promptly notify each Purchaser of such Reduction Notice after Agent’s receipt thereof. Such Reduction Notice shall designate (i) the date (the “Proposed Reduction Date”) upon which any such reduction of the Aggregate Capital shall occur (which date shall be a Settlement Date), and (ii) the amount of the Aggregate Capital to be reduced that shall be applied ratably to the aggregate Capital of the Conduits and the Financial Institutions in accordance with the amount of Capital (if any) owing to the Conduits (ratably to each Conduit, based on the ratio of such Conduit’s Capital at such time to the aggregate Capital of all the Conduits at such time), on the one hand, and the amount of Capital (if any) owing to the Financial Institutions (ratably to each Financial Institution, based on the ratio of such Financial Institution’s Capital at such time to the aggregate Capital of all of the Financial Institutions at such time), on the other hand (the “Aggregate Reduction”), without regard to any unpaid RPA Deferred Purchase Price. Only one (1) Reduction Notice shall be outstanding at any time. Concurrently with any reduction of the Aggregate Capital pursuant to this Section, Seller shall pay to the applicable Purchaser all Broken Funding Costs arising as a result of such reduction. No Aggregate Reduction will be made following the occurrence of the Amortization Date without the prior written consent of Agent.

  • Market Adjustments 22. Neither this Article nor any other in this Collective Agreement prevents the Employer from using other funds to increase a Member’s salary in response to offers received from other employers or to accommodate other market forces.

  • Cost Adjustments Both parties agree that contracted prices shall be fixed for the first 12 months of this Contract. Contractor must submit to District any proposed cost adjustments at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of such increases with a detailed explanation for each adjustment. District alone reserves the right to reject any changes to this Contract it deems unacceptable.

  • Tax Adjustments The Company may make such reductions in the Purchase Price, in addition to those required by Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, as the Board of Directors considers to be advisable to avoid or diminish any income tax to holders of Common Stock or rights to purchase Common Stock resulting from any dividend or distribution of stock (or rights to acquire stock) or from any event treated as such for income tax purposes.

  • Market Adjustment The parties to this Agreement recognize the appropriateness of market pay adjustments in rare instances for compelling reasons. To effectuate judgments in such cases, the President and AAUP Chapter President, in consultation, shall each name three (3) individuals to a university Market Evaluation Committee. Deans may submit recommendations for market pay adjustments with supporting written reasons to the Committee. Said Committee shall consult with the President concerning proposed market pay adjustments reporting its advice not later than May 15 in each year. Upon the favorable recommendation of the President and the BOR President, market pay adjustments may be approved effective at the beginning of that pay period including September 1 of the following year. Not more than one (1) market pay adjustment per one hundred (100) full-time members, or fraction thereof, may be recommended in any contract year. A member’s salary may not be increased beyond the maximum for the rank. Funding for this program shall be governed by Article 12.10.2.

  • Annual Adjustments Base Rent shall be increased on each annual anniversary of the first day of the first full month during the Term of this Lease (each an “Adjustment Date”) by multiplying the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date by the Rent Adjustment Percentage and adding the resulting amount to the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date. Base Rent, as so adjusted, shall thereafter be due as provided herein. Base Rent adjustments for any fractional calendar month shall be prorated.

  • No Adjustment of Exercise Price in Certain Cases No adjustment of the Exercise Price shall be made:

  • Salary Adjustments The Employer may increase an employee’s step within the salary range to address issues related to recruitment, retention or other business needs. Such an increase may not result in a salary greater than the range maximum.

  • CPI Adjustment The basic rent provided in Paragraph 4 shall be increased each year by a percentage equal to the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index statistics published by the United States Bureau of Labor. Comparisons shall be made using the index entitled, “U.S. City Average/All Items and Major Group Figures for all Urban Consumers Xxxxxxxx Xxxx (0000-00 = 100),” or the nearest comparable data on changes in the cost of living, if such index is no longer published. The change shall be determined by comparison of the figure for the previous January 1, with that of January 1 of the current year. In no event shall this calculation cause a reduction in base rent below that payable during the preceding year. The proposed adjustment shall be presented to Lessee by Lessor thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the assessment.

  • Capital Adjustments If the Company shall at any time prior to the expiration of this Warrant subdivide the Common Stock, by split-up or stock split, or otherwise, or combine its Common Stock, or issue additional shares of its Common Stock as a dividend, the number of Warrant Shares issuable upon the exercise of this Warrant shall forthwith be automatically increased proportionately in the case of a subdivision, split or stock dividend, or proportionately decreased in the case of a combination. Appropriate adjustments shall also be made to the Exercise Price, Market Price (in the event of a cashless exercise), and other applicable amounts, but the aggregate purchase price payable for the total number of Warrant Shares purchasable under this Warrant (as adjusted) shall remain the same. Any adjustment under this Section 5.1 shall become effective automatically at the close of business on the date the subdivision or combination becomes effective, or as of the record date of such dividend, or in the event that no record date is fixed, upon the making of such dividend.