The Investments Sample Clauses

The Investments. The Chargor further covenants and agrees with the Security Trustee that:
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The Investments. The Mortgagor covenants with the Security Trustee that it will:
The Investments. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, MONY wishes to purchase from AEGON at the Closing (as defined below) (i) up to $150 million aggregate principal amount of the Series A Notes (as defined below) and (ii) $50 million aggregate principal amount of the Series B Notes (as defined below).
The Investments. 7.1 All Authorised Investments are made on your instructions unless you hold an DAA with us.
The Investments. On the terms and conditions set forth herein the Subscriber, from time to time, on any Banking Day, prior to the Completion Date, Agrees, at its sole discretion, to make Investments to the Company ("INVESTMENTS"). Each Investment shall be in an aggregate amount of not more than $40,000.
The Investments 

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  • The Investment 1.1 The Feeder Fund will invest all of its investable assets in the Master Portfolio and, in exchange therefor, the Master Portfolio agrees to issue to the Feeder Fund a beneficial interest in the Master Portfolio equal in value to the net value of the assets of the Feeder Fund conveyed to the Master Portfolio (the "Account"). The Feeder Fund may add to or reduce its investment in the Master Portfolio in the manner described in the Master Portfolio's registration statement on Form N-1A, as it may be amended from time to time (the "Master Portfolio's N-1A"). The Feeder Fund's aggregate interest in the Master Portfolio would then be recomputed in accordance with the method described in the Master Portfolio's N-1A.

  • The Investment Account; Eligible Investments (a) Not later than the Withdrawal Date, the Master Servicer shall withdraw or direct the withdrawal of funds in the Custodial Accounts for P&I, for deposit in the Investment Account, in an amount representing:

  • Other Investments Other than equity securities held in the ordinary course of business for cash management purposes, the Company does not own or hold the right to acquire any equity securities, ownership interests or voting interests (including voting debt) of, or securities exchangeable or exercisable therefor, or investments in, any other Person.

  • Investments of a Restricted Subsidiary of the Company acquired after the Issue Date or of an entity merged into or consolidated with a Restricted Subsidiary of the Company in a transaction that is not prohibited by Section 5.01 after the Issue Date to the extent that such Investments were not made in contemplation of such acquisition, merger or consolidation and were in existence on the date of such acquisition, merger or consolidation;

  • The Investment Adviser The Investment Adviser shall provide the staff and personnel necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement, shall assume and pay or cause to be paid all expenses incurred in connection with the maintenance of such staff and personnel, and, at its own expense, shall provide the office space, facilities, equipment and necessary personnel which it is obligated to provide under Article I hereof. The Investment Adviser shall pay, or cause affiliates to pay, compensation of all officers of the Fund and all Directors of the Fund who are affiliated persons of the Investment Adviser or any sub-adviser, or an affiliate of the Investment Adviser or any sub-adviser.

  • Permissible Investments The assets of the Plan shall be invested only in those investments which are available through the Custodian in the ordinary course of business which the Custodian may legally hold in a qualified plan and which the Custodian chooses to make available to Employers for qualified plan investments. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, the Prototype Sponsor may, as a condition of making the Plan available to the Employer, limit the types of property in which the assets of the Plan may be invested.

  • Eligible Investments The following are Eligible Investments:

  • Trust Account Investments The Company shall cause the proceeds of the Offering and the sale of the Private Placement Warrants to be held in the Trust Account to be invested only in United States government treasury bills with a maturity of 185 days or less or in money market funds meeting certain conditions under Rule 2a-7 under the Investment Company Act as set forth in the Trust Agreement and disclosed in the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus. The Company will otherwise conduct its business in a manner so that it will not become subject to the Investment Company Act. Furthermore, once the Company consummates an initial Business Combination, it will not be required to register as an investment company under the Investment Company Act.

  • Acquisitions and Investments The Borrower will not, nor will it permit any Subsidiary to, make or suffer to exist any Investments (including without limitation, loans and advances to, and other Investments in, Subsidiaries), or commitments therefor, or become or remain a partner in any partnership or joint venture, or to make any Acquisition of any Person, except:

  • Purchase and Sale of Investments of the Fund 1. Promptly after each purchase of securities by the Fund, the Fund shall deliver to the Custodian (i) with respect to each purchase of securities which are not money market securities, a certificate signed in the name of the Fund by any two officers as defined in Article IX and (ii) with respect to each purchase of money market securities such a certificate or oral instructions from an authorized person, specifying with respect to each such purchase: (a) the name of the issuer and the title of the securities, (b) the number of shares or the principal amount purchased and accrued interest, if any, (c) the dates of purchase and settlement, (d) the purchase price per unit, (e) the total amount payable upon such purchase, (f) the name of person from whom or the broker through whom the purchase was made, (g) whether such purchase is to be settled through the Book-Entry System or the depository, and (h) whether the securities purchased are to be deposited in the Book-Entry System or the depository. The Custodian shall upon receipt of securities purchased by or for the Fund pay out of the moneys held for the account of the Fund, the total amount payable upon such purchase, provided that the same conforms to the total amount payable as set forth in such certificate or such oral instructions.

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