Income Sample Clauses

Income. In determining individual “income,” Subscriber should add to Subscriber’s individual taxable adjusted gross income (exclusive of any spousal income) any amounts attributable to tax exempt income received, losses claimed as a limited partner in any limited partnership, deductions claimed for depletion, contributions to an IXX or Kxxxx retirement plan, alimony payments, and any amount by which income from long-term capital gains has been reduced in arriving at adjusted gross income.
Income. Record all income that is earned by member and used in the care of or equipment needed for their project dog (s). Include any show/award premiums at local County Dog Show. Write: No Income if there were no earnings. List chores or outside jobs done to earn money to help pay for all dog related expenses. List amount earned per chore or job. Date Describe income source or chores Amount Total (Add additional pages as needed. SHOW/EVENT LOG List all show or exhibition activities including non-4-H events that you and your dog participated in. Date (mm/dd/yy) Dog(s) Name Event (fun show, fair, etc.) Class Name Number in Class Score Placing (Add additional pages as needed.) Activity Log/Learning Experiences
Income. It is the responsibility of the individual or household to demonstrate eligibility under the requirements of the Income-Restricted Unit program. In order to verify that an individual or household satisfies these requirements, Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing & Development, Housing Division, requires the property owner to obtain third party verification of income. Such documentation includes, but is not limited to, copies of Federal and State income tax returns, W-2 forms, pay stubs, and statements from employers. Income includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following sources. Please check “yes” or “no” to indicate all sources of income for all household members. Yes   No   1. Wages and salary, gross amounts (full and part-time employment) 2. Child support   3. Alimony
Income. If we are required to pay income in respect of any Equity Securities subject to a Short Sale to any person from which such Equity Securities have been borrowed on your behalf, we shall debit a sum of money from your account equivalent to the amount necessary to enable us to make an equivalent payment to such person in relation to the applicable loan of the Equity Securities together with such expenses or fees as may apply.
Income. Except as otherwise provided by federal or state law, all items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit of the Company (including, without limitation, items not subject to federal or state income tax) shall be treated for federal and state income tax purposes as items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit of the Member.
Income. Income" means the sum of Maine adjusted gross income determined in accordance with Title 36, Part 8, the amount of capital gains excluded from adjusted gross income, alimony, support money, nontaxable strike benefits, the gross amount of any pension or annuity including railroad retirement benefits, all payments received under the Federal Social Security Act, state unemployment insurance laws and veterans' disability pensions, nontaxable interest received from the Federal Government or any of its instrumentalities, workers' compensation and the gross amount of "loss of time" insurance, cash public assistance and relief. It does not include gifts from nongovernmental sources or surplus foods or other relief in kind supplied by a governmental agency or property tax relief for the elderly. [PL 1987, c. 769, Pt. A, §79 (AMD).]
Income. Any natural or legal person may become part of the WINGS MOBILE marketing network and for this the future INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE must:
Income. (a) Do you reasonably expect either your own income from all sources during the current year to exceed $200,000 or the joint income of you and your spouse (if married) from all sources during the current year to exceed $300,000? ☐ Yes ☐ No If no, please specify amount: _______________