Access to Sites Sample Clauses

Access to Sites. Hastings will allow the Contractor reasonable access to the Project sites and to any other location at which work for the Project is being carried out. Contractor will comply with the conditions imposed by any Health and Safety Plan and any codes affecting the Project. Contractor will also comply with any access conditions imposed by the City of San Francisco, as well as those conditions imposed by Hastings, and prior to entry in the Project sites. If requested by Hastings, Contractor will execute any appropriate access agreements.
Access to Sites. Only the Company Administrators may grant or terminate Usersaccess to, or other authorities for, MOO and ECE. Company Administrators must keep Password Information secure from unauthorized access.
Access to Sites. Following the Closing Date, NT Retail shall permit reasonable access to SSA and its employees, agents and contractors at each site and at no cost where any SSA Controlled Remediation Activity is being or is to be conducted for such time as is reasonably required for SSA to meet all its obligations contemplated by this Article 5. Such access shall include the right to use electricity and other utilities, to conduct such tests, to take such groundwater or soil samples, to excavate, remove, dispose of or treat the soil or groundwater, and to undertake such other actions as are required by the applicable Governmental Authorities or Environmental Laws in connection with the Remediation Activities; provided that SSA and NT Retail shall cooperate in obtaining any Environmental Authorizations required for such SSA Controlled Remediation Activity, the costs of which will be borne in accordance with the indemnification provisions of this Article 5. The rights of access accorded to SSA in this Section 5.3(i) shall not confer a right upon SSA to stage or place machinery or equipment on a site in a manner which would unreasonably interfere with the use or the business conducted on such site, in any case where there is a reasonable alternative to accomplish the required Remediation Activities.
Access to Sites. Service Provider shall ensure that the XXX has unimpeded access to each service site as determined by the XXX for the purpose of monitoring compliance with requirements of the Mental Health Code, administrative rules and Authority XXX policies. Service Provider shall further ensure that the identified, certified volunteer monitors of the XXX shall have access to each service site, and to Members and employees according to the policies of the XXX. Additionally, Service Provider shall ensure that, as applicable, the Authority has access, to the extent legally permissible, to both licensed and unlicensed group and individual homes of Members.
Access to Sites. In accessing a Site the Supplier must comply with the Customer's policies and procedures applicable to access to that Site. The Supplier acknowledges that it will not have possession, lease or licence to any Site. At all reasonable times the Supplier must permit the Principal or any Customer (including its authorised employees and agents) to have access to the Services and to the premises of the Supplier and its Subcontractors. This may include for the purpose of surveillance, audit, inspection, testing, certification and recording of information in any form or for any other reasonable purpose required by the Principal and the Customers in connection with the Customer Contract. Subject to compliance by the Supplier with clause 1.6.1(a), the Customer must give the Supplier sufficient access to the Site to allow the Supplier to perform the Services.
Access to Sites. 12.1 Client shall grant OMX reasonable access to use its premises for the purposes of the provision of the Services to the extent reasonably necessary. Client shall free of charge give access to OMX or sub-contractors to all equipment, hardware and software reasonably required by OMX in order to provide the Services.