Work Sites Sample Clauses

Work Sites a. The Agency has multiple work sites throughout the general San Diego area to fulfill its responsibilities under the Head Start and Early Head Start programs.
Work Sites. Establishment of new or substantially expanded work sites (3) Discipline Regulations. Implementation of revised Department of Justice or INS regulations governing the administration of discipline
Work Sites. The selected Contractor shall perform services at various Park & Ride Lots or other locations to be designated by SRTA Project Manager. SRTA does not intend to station security guards at all its Park & Ride Lots and reserves the right to transfer security guards among different locations. SRTA will coordinate security schedules for each location with the selected Contractor. SRTA initially intends to station security guards at five (5) Park & Ride Lots. SRTA reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of Park & Ride Lots at which security guards will be stationed. The initial 5 lots for which services are being requested are: o Panola Road o Jonesboro Road o Riverdale o Union City o Stockbridge Additional P&R lot information is available in Appendix A, attached hereto. SRTA’s Park and Ride lots do not have restroom facilities, a break room or any other amenities on site; therefore, SRTA will allow security guards to leave their designated Park & Ride lot for up to 30 minutes during each 4-hour period worked. Thirty-minute breaks may not be combined to allow for early departure or late arrival. Thirty-minute breaks must be scheduled with the Xpress Project Manager. The selected Contractor shall have a separate security guard or supervisor to relieve the guard on duty at each site for each 30-minute break. Contractor must provide continuous coverage at each designated Park and Ride lot for the entire duration of each 8-hour shift
Work Sites. When an employee is requiredto performwork at other than his normalwork place and the employee’s status is such that the employee is not entitled to claim expensesfor lodging and meals, the Employer shall providetransportation, or mileage allowance in lieu, for travel between the employee’s normalworkplace and any other work
Work Sites. When an employee is required to perform work at other than his normal work place, as defined in the Treasury Board and the employee's status i s such that the employee is not entitled to claim expenses for lodging and meals, the Employer shall provide transportation, or mileage allowance in lieu, for travel between the employee's normal workplace and any other work Transfer a t Sea Except for AIM helicopter personnel (Appendix when an employee is required to transfer to a ship, or barge (not berthed) from a helicopter, boat, yardcraft or auxiliary vessel, employee shall be paid a transfer allowance of five dollars except when transferring between vessels and/or work which a secured state to each other for the purpose of performing a specific task such as deperming. If the employee leaves the ship. or barge by a similar transfer, the shall be an additional dollars ARTICLE
Work Sites. When an is required to work at other than work place, as defined In the Board Travel Directive, and the status is such that is not entitled to expenses for and meals, the shall provide or mileage allowance for travel the workplace and any other work e t Except for AIM when an or (not (Appendix to a the do ($5.00) to other for as work If the of a secured transfer, the dollars shall be paid an by a I . . . . parties have agreed that cases where
Work Sites. The Services shall be provided to Oncor at the Work Sites that are designated by Oncor within Oncor’s then-current service territory. The addition, deletion, replacement or relocation of any Work Site shall be subject to the express prior approval of Oncor, to be given in Oncor’s sole discretion. Contractor shall not conduct any activities not directly supporting the Services at any Work Site. The Change Control Procedures shall address Contractor’s provision of Services at [*****].
Work Sites. City of Mesa Public Pools and Park Amenities: Location Address Kiddie Slide Full Size Slide Pool Feature Xxxxxxxx Jr. High Pool 0000 X. Xxxxxxxx Xxx 1 Cementous/ Vinyl Slide 2-full-size slides @ 5,184 sq. ft. Water Features Xxxxxx Xx. High Pool 525 N. Westwood 1 2-full size slides @ 5,236 sq. ft. Fremont Jr. High Pool 00000 X. Xxxxx Xx. 1-full size slide @ 3,720 sq. ft. Kino Jr. High Pool 848 X. Xxxxx 1-full size slide @ 4,751 sq. ft. Water Features Mesa High Pool 0000 X. Xxxxxxxx Xxx 1 Shepherd Jr. High Pool 1407 N. Xxxx Xxxx Dr. 1-full size slide @ 2,240 sq. ft. Water Features Skyline High Pool 000 X. Xxxxxxx Rd 1-full size slide @ 4,465 sq. ft Water Features Xxxxxxx Jr. High Pool 0000 X. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Dr. 1-full size slide @ 2,240 sq. ft. Water Features Riverview Park 0000 X. Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Splash Pad Xxxxxx Jr. High 1860 X. Xxxxxxxx Splash Pad, Water Features EXHIBIT B PRICING EXHIBIT C MESA STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Work Sites. The Contractor will be required to perform Work at any County owned or controlled facility. It is anticipated that the Work will be distributed randomly throughout the geographic area comprising the County and the Contractor may be required to perform Work at multiple sites simultaneously.
Work Sites. 1. Fire Xxxxxxx 00 - 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx