Leased space definition

Leased space means a self−service storage unit or a space located within a self−service storage facility that a lessee is enti- tled to use for the storage of personal property on a self−service basis pursuant to a rental agreement and that is not rented or pro- vided to the lessee in conjunction with property for residential use by the lessee.

Examples of Leased space in a sentence

  • JMRC shall not be responsible in any way for loss or damage by any means caused to the Lessee‟s Leased space or goods.

  • The Lessee shall vacate the Leased space by taking away all his articles and hand over the Leased space to authorised officer of JMRC before last date of termination notice otherwise JMRC shall have the right to seize these material.

  • The Lessee shall ensure that proper care is taken under skilled supervision during installation / maintenance of Leased space so that no damage is caused to JMRC assets or spaces.

  • JMRC Employees and / or personnel authorised by it / Fire Officer / Electrical Inspector/ authorized personnel will have unfettered access to the Leased space for inspection / checking of electrical safety, fire detection and suppression measures etc.

  • That the Lessee shall bear the cost of day-to-day repairs and maintenance at the Leased space.

More Definitions of Leased space

Leased space means the storage space or spaces at the
Leased space means the total amount of gross rentable area at all of the Properties, taken together, and is conclusively agreed to by the parties for purposes of this Agreement to be 462,763 square feet.
Leased space means the use and acquisition of office facilities and office and parking space pursuant to a rental agreement. No funds shall be expended for leased space except pursuant to a specific appropriation for such purpose. The provisions of this subsection (7) shall not apply to the board of regents of the university of Colorado; the state board of agriculture; the board of trustees of the Colorado school of mines; the board of trustees of the university of northern Colorado; the trustees of the state colleges in Colorado; the state board for community colleges and occupational education (except for administration and the division of occupational education); the board for the Auraria higher education center; the state historical society; the Colorado council on the arts; the division of wildlife; the water conservation board; the county departments of social services; and the low-income energy assistance block grant.
Leased space means the aggregate amount of gross rentable area that is occupied by Tenants at all of the Properties, taken together.
Leased space means individual storage space at a
Leased space means the individual storage space at the self-service facility which is