Other Premises definition

Other Premises means premises in the Building other than the Premises;
Other Premises means any building or place, including the land upon which the premises are located, which is occupied or used for
Other Premises means all premises other than Dwellings, including the land upon which the premises is located, which is used for other than residential purposes.

Examples of Other Premises in a sentence

  • Industrial appliances—NFPA 54A– 1969, Standard for the Installation of Gas Piping and Gas Equipment on In- dustrial Premises and Certain Other Premises.

  • Landlord shall give Tenant at least one day prior notice of the substitution of the Other Premises for the original or previously substituted premises, which notice shall describe the location of the Other Premises.

  • If required BPCL shall be entitled to employ Inspector(s), (including Inspectors(s) of Third Party Inspection Agencies) of our selection at Supplier’s Factory or Other Premises where the said materials are manufactured.

  • Provisions Memo 1 - Benefits from Other Premises If during the indemnity period goods are sold or services are rendered else where than at the Premises for the benefit of the Business either by the Insured or by others acting on his behalf, the money paid or payable in respect of such sales or services shall be taken into account in arriving at the Turnover during the Indemnity Period.

  • SUBDIVISION FIVEHouse and Personal Search, Search of Other Premises and Parcels, Entry to Residence, Other Premises and Parcels Section 82 Reasons for House and Personal Search and Search of Other Premises and Parcels (1) House search may be performed only if there is a reasonable suspicion that in an apartment or in other premises serving as a residence or in appertaining premises (house) is an item or a person essential for criminal proceedings.

More Definitions of Other Premises

Other Premises means the following two facilities, to the extent space is rented by Seller at such facilities: Facility located at 0000 X. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx 00000 (space rented by Seller from Estes Innovative and Warehousing) and facility located at 0000 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx 00000 (space rented by Seller from North State Express, Inc.).
Other Premises means the premises relating to the Other Loans.
Other Premises means any co-working or serviced office center of JustCo or any Group Company other than the Premises;
Other Premises is defined in Paragraph 6.f.i hereof.
Other Premises shall have the meaning ascribed to the term “Premises” in the Building Ground Lease.
Other Premises means any land, improvements, vegetation, animal life, water or air (excluding the Premises), whether publicly or privately owned (and including without limitation any disposal facilities such as sewers or landfills) which have become contaminated by Hazardous Materials placed thereon by Tenant, its agents and employees. The term "Premises" includes, in addition to the real property and improvements, the airspace above the Premises, all substrata, and all groundwater located underneath the Premises.
Other Premises means all premises within the Building, with the exception of the Premises, that are, or are available to be, leased to tenants or prospective tenants, respectively.