Commercial Premises definition

Commercial Premises means all land and premises, on or within which any interchange of commodities, or any dealing or trading in any article of commerce or other thing is carried on as a business, and shall include all premises in which any service, professional or otherwise is provided, given, or made available and for which any fee, charge, rent or commission is payable, and without limiting the foregoing shall include auto courts, hotels, lodging houses, boarding houses, offices, theatres, bowling alleys, billiard rooms, places of entertainment or amusement, tent camping grounds and dependent mobile homes.
Commercial Premises means any premises used for the purpose of carrying on or exercising any trade, business, profession, vocation, commercial or charitable activity, including but not limited to laundries, hotels, motels and food or restaurant establishments.
Commercial Premises means any lot of land which contains one or more commercial enterprises.

Examples of Commercial Premises in a sentence

  • It is understood by the City, CURA and CDA that this Agreement, after completion of the Project and transfer of title to the Property by CURA to CDA, may not be assigned in its entirety by CDA to another entity, without the express written consent of the City; provided, however, that CDA may lease the EDGE Program Premises and the Commercial Premises in accordance with Section 5.01(b) and (c).

More Definitions of Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises means a building or part of a building used or designed for use as an office or for the conduct in such building or any business but does not include a petroleum filling station or an industrial building;
Commercial Premises means premises where goods or services are sold or which are used for the purposes of any business.
Commercial Premises. ’ means a building or place used as an office or for other business or commercial purposes, but does not include a building or place elsewhere specifically defined in this clause or a building or place used for a purpose elsewhere specifically defined in this clause.
Commercial Premises means a place of trade or premises operated for financial gain, including but not limited to, a retirement village or a block of flats that has a common facility; a place of trade where the manufacture and production of products or produce takes place; a site where renovation, restoration and refurbishment work as described in Part B takes place.
Commercial Premises means premises that are not residential premises;
Commercial Premises means all premises except residential premises.
Commercial Premises means Premises located within the boundaries of the City, occupied or used for any purpose other than residential uses. It includes premises upon which business activity is conducted, including but not limited to retail sales, services, wholesale operations, manufacturing and industrial operations, but excluding Residential Premises upon which business activities are conducted when such activities are permitted under applicable zoning regulations and are not the primary use of the property. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary herein in the Norwalk Municipal Code or otherwise, for purposes of this Agreement, Premises upon which the following uses are occurring shall be deemed to be Commercial Premises: Assisted Living Facilities, Convalescent Homes, Dormitories, Extended Stay Motels, Group Residential Facilities, Group Care Facilities, Hotels, Hostels, and Motels.